Private Group Classes

Great opportunities for an athletic team, organization, sorority, fraternity, or residence hall!


Private Group Fitness Classes

Every class we offer can be taught as a private fitness class, led by nationally certified instructors. The most popular classes are kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, Yogilates, and hip hop. If there is minimal equipment required, we can bring the class to you! $30 for a one-hour class.

Private Group Fitness Classes for Athletes

These classes offer varsity athletes an opportunity to improve their posture, power, core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility, which can enhance performance. They are also great ways to cross-train, prevent injury, and encourage team bonding outside of practice. $30 for a one-hour class.


To schedule a class email [[slfreeburn, Samantha Freeburn]], Graduate Assistant for Fitness & Wellness, or call at
(757) 221-3319.