Group Fitness Class Descriptions

All of our classes are open to different fitness levels,  from those who are new to group fitness programs and/or exercising to those who are active in group fitness programs or another type of exercise program. Fitness Instructors will provide optional modifications, to make the workout more or less challenging. It is the responsibility of patrons to choose the modifications that will give them the safest, most effective workout.

*It is recommended that individuals who are new to exercise consult with their physician before participating in group fitness classes. Individuals who have been cleared by a physician but have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, etc. should make their fitness instructor(s) aware of their condition in case the instructor has any advice for modifications during the class.

Barre: Come try out the fun and effective workout that celebrities are raving about! The Barre workout combines fitness techniques from Yoga, Pilates and Dance, and stresses core and total body conditioning. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles while working to the beat of the music. If you are looking to build body awareness, self-confidence and strength while having fun, this class is for you!
Get a great cardio workout with a 30 min. Spinning class and then a toning workout with a 30 min. Barre class.
BODYCOMBATTM: The empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai.
This is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This strength training workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.
Boot Camp:  This  group workout combines cardio interval training, weight lifting, and conditioning, all into one choreography-free and easy to follow class. Don’t let the name intimidate you! This class is fun, only 30 minutes, and made for all fitness levels.
Candlelight Yoga: Enjoy a gentle yoga practice to the ambience of candlelight. You will move at a slower pace than a vinyasa-style class and spend more time in postures. The room will be darkened to encourage a focus on breathing, intentional movement, and attentive linking of the mind, body, and spirit.
Cardio Dance: Using all of your favorite dance moves, this class will take your workout and level of exhilaration through the roof! No dance experience is needed to take the class, just be prepared to cut loose and have a great time!
Cardio Hip Hop - Using hip hop music and dance moves, this class will take your workout and level of exhilaration through the roof! You don't have to have any dance experience to take the class, just be prepared to cut loose and have a great time!
Core Fusion: Take your core strength to the next level with this challenging yet enjoyable class. The class utilizes stability balls and light weights to provide an engaging total body workout designed to strengthen and tone muscles while improving balance and stability.
Fac/Staff/Grad Classes: An energizing break for faculty, staff, and graduate students during the lunch hour. These classes are open to faculty, staff, and graduate students only and are 50 minutes long. 
Gentle Yoga: This class is a slower paced class than our vinyasa-style Yoga class, great for beginners and those wanting to spend more time in yoga postures. This practice includes a focus on breathing and connecting breath to the movement to release tension and reconnect with the mind, body, and spirit. 
Happy Hour: T.G.I.F.! It's the end of the week and time to let loose and have some fun. Get your weekend off to a great start with a fun exercise class! Workouts and instructors vary weekly. Check online or studio postings for a schedule.
Meditative Yoga: This gentle vinyasa flow will settle your mind and prepare you for the week ahead. A marriage between vinyasa-style yoga and gentle yoga, you will deliberately move through your practice while being sweet to your body and mind. This class will be tailored to help foster introspection and awareness of both movement and sensation. A 10-minute meditation will be offered at the end.
Pilates: A mat-based workout that uses movements to improve posture, flexibility, strength, and body awareness. Pilates integrates body and mind to create a balanced form, while focusing on the body's core area: abs, glutes, hips and lower back.
PilatesBarre: Combining the elements of Pilates and the rising fitness trend Barre, this class stresses core conditioning as we work on strengthening and lengthening our muscles to upbeat music. For those looking to build body awareness, self-confidence and strength while having fun, this class is for you!
Restorative Yoga: This class is designed to help you unwind from your busy life with deep breathing, easy movement, gentle stretching, and guided relaxation to refresh your body and mind. Prop-supported poses will be held between 3-10 minutes in order to help the body completely release and relax. For any level student who wants a healing class and ideal for stress reduction.
Spinning®:  An aerobic exercise performed on a stationary bike. Spinning® is the global leader in indoor cycling and the W&M Rec Center is an official Spinning® Facility. Come experience this adrenaline pumping workout! 
Step: Otherwise known as “Freestyle Step”, this is a high-intensity workout using an adjustable platform with simple basic footwork. A fun and effective workout for all fitness levels!
TRX Spin®: A great cardio workout, spinning, with intense toning exercises using TRX suspension trainers, the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises.
Yoga: An intermediate yoga class with a vinyasa flow, focusing on linking traditional postures to the breath to build internal heat. This flowing style of yoga promotes flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Challenges such as arm balances will be offered as options occasionally, for those interested in trying new things!
YoSpin®: An innovative approach to total body conditioning - starting with spinning to give a great cardio workout, followed by a yoga to stretch the muscles used during the spinning workout, in addition to poses focused on muscle conditioning. 
Zumba: Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout system that will get you hooked! Come try this total body cardio and toning workout that is more fun than it is work! Join the party!