W&M Digest

The W&M Digest provides an avenue of communication for faculty and staff at William & Mary. The digest email is distributed Monday - Friday, between 8:30 and 9:00 AM as a moderated and digested list. This means all announcements are approved by a moderator and combined into one email message that is sent out daily.

To ensure an announcement will appear in the W&M Digest on a specific day, it should be posted via the W&M Digest submission form no later than 8:30 AM of the desired day.

Posting of announcements to the W&M Digest is limited to William & Mary faculty and staff and should be university-related/sponsored.

Announcements that do not follow the guidelines below will not appear in the W&M Digest.

  1. Use concise language in the Subject field but be descriptive.
  2. Keep messages as short as possible. Detailed information related to an announcement should be posted on a webpage and the related URL for more information included in the digest announcement.
  3. Topics in the digest generally include:
    • announcements from IT, HR, Parking and other university offices
    • meeting notes and agendas
    • promotions of university events (e.g., workshops, seminars and brown bags)
      W&M Events is an official and effective way to promote an event! We recommend that digest messages include a link to the event details in W&M Events.
    • new instructional resources
    • general campus service announcements (parking, construction and utilities)
    • other university-related announcements
  4. Topics such as the following are not acceptable for the digest:
    • confidential information (e.g., Social Security Numbers)
    • events not sponsored by the university
    • advertising items for sale or rent (I'm selling . . .)
    • inquiries about items for sale or places for rent (I'm looking for . . .)
    • offers to transfer state assets from one department to another without the permission of Procurement
    • job postings
    • other similar "classified ad"-type postings
    • commercial or partisan political announcements
    • announcements of a personal nature
    • announcements that are not W&M-related/sponsored

Announcements related to parking notifications, system alerts, university policies and procedures, benefit management, and public safety and security will be highlighted as primary announcements.