Mark Windley

Mark Windley

Associate Director of Technology

Office: Discovery 2, room 133
Email: [[mcwind]]
Phone: (757) 221-7622

  • B.A. Fine Arts, College of William & Mary, 1992. Concentration in sculpture with a minor in anthropology.
  • B.S. Computer Science, Christopher Newport University, 2000. At CNU, I was a few credits shy of a teacher's certificate in high school art education and middle school mathematics before an Introduction to Computers class piqued my interest.

I have never quite settled into either side of my brain. Before my current profession, I worked several jobs including park ranger, tree crew member, wait staff, art teacher assistant, and hammock weaver.

My professional career began as a contractor for NASA Langley Research Center in 2000. My first project was to rewrite a book of C++ classes feeding the scenario database for an experimental "free-flight" simulator. From there I moved into web development working on a variety of projects including:

  • Legacy web application support (Calendar and event management systems written in Perl, C)
  • Creating an internal request/ticket management system (Cold Fusion)
  • Serving as technical lead and creating a Perl search engine for the Langley Technical Reports Server
  • Technical lead of the Workforce Integrated Management System (a custom labor/financials system which has since been adopted by all NASA centers)

I joined the W&M Web Team in 2005 (now University Web & Design). Since coming on board I've been a programmer and manager of several exciting projects- Tribe Voices, Compliance, W&M Events, Tribe Responses and Cascade to name a few.


Jesse and I are blessed with two beautiful sons Thomas and Austin. When I am not playing "Uno" with my family, or testing yet another flavor of Linux OS, I enjoy fishing, reading, cooking, carpentry and Braves baseball. On nice days you might find me in the backyard roasting coffee beans in my popcorn popper.