Federal Funding

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs (STTR)

We have lots of experience with SBIR and STTR grants, and we can help work with you to identify the right opportunities and to explore ways in which our faculty can work with you. The law requires that federal agencies with large research and development budgets must offer a small percentage of contracts to small businesses. The grants are often an excellent way for companies to test the feasibility of their ideas.  

In the SBIR program a small company must take the lead, but universities can partner with them. Phase I grants, for testing the feasibility of a concept, are typically limited to $100,000 per grant. Phase II grants, for developing a prototype, are significantly larger. In the STTR program, a university researcher must take the lead, but companies partner on the proposals.  

William and Mary is very active in helping companies identify SBIR and STTR opportunities. In fact, William and Mary has been recognized as a leader in this field. Technology and Business Center Director Bill Bean was asked to Testimonyprovide testimony at the House of Representatives Small Business Committee hearing on the SBIR Program on January 29, 2008. His comments emphasized the value of having companies partner with universities. Small companies typically have lots of expertise in particular technology areas, but less experience with preparing proposals, business planning, finance, development of prototypes and manufacturing. University partners can help fill those gaps, assist in preparing better SBIR proposals, and increase the chances of moving from Phase I to Phase II and then pursuing larger commercial possibilities.  

In addition to SBIR and STTR programs, we routinely track other federal grant and contracting opportunities, particularly in defense and homeland security applications and in the sensor, modeling and simulation and bioscience technology areas. The W&M Grants Office can help us track other federal grant opportunities that may be appropriate for your company.