Technology Incubator Support

The Technology & Business Center has been appointed by the James City County Economic Development Authority to manage the James City County Business and Technology Incubator.  As a result of those efforts, we have developed a series of training modules to help small companies acquire the key skills required to survive and grow. In addition, we provide support to other facilities and are actively engaged with the Virginia Business Incubation Association.

The Technology Business Strategic Education Module Program (TESEMP) has been designed by the Technology & Business Center in conjunction with the Mason School of Business. The TESEMP provides a very high level educational program designed to maximize the growth potential and sustainability of early stage technology businesses with high growth potential.  

These technology businesses are generally pre-revenue start-ups or early stage companies founded by entrepreneurs who often have little business experience. While they may be technically brilliant, their real knowledge of critical business practices is limited. Unfortunately, their lack of knowledge greatly hinders their progress. This program is designed to provide a series of critical business education modules that will greatly enhance their knowledge of important business issues and processes.  

The TESEMP provides a very high-level educational program to early-stage technology companies. The program is particularly suitable for companies in SBIR programs. It is based on 5 educational modules taught by Mason School of Business professors with assistance from the Technology & Business Center.

The Modules include:

  • Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Analysis (M1)
  • Strategic Business Planning (M2)
  • Essentials of Finance (M3)
  • Sales and Marketing (M4)
  • Operations and Business Processes (M5) 

Module 1 is performed first for each client to establish a baseline of their status. Modules M2 - M5, can be run as a sequence, typically over a 4 - 5 month period, or can be provided individually for other requirements.  

Recent courses have been taught by the following Mason School of Business Professors:       

The upcoming schedule for the Technology Business Strategic Education Module Program is:

  • SWOT Analysis, Dr. Hector Guerrero
  • Business Strategy, Dr. Brent Allred
  • Business Finance, Dr. Vladimir Atanasov
  • Sales/Marketing, Dr. Ronald Hess
  • Business Processes and Operations, Dr. James Bradley

We can provide more information if you are interested in individual modules or the entire program.