William & Mary

Video Cassette and Videodisc Copyright Policy

The College of William and Mary recognizes and complies with the Federal Copyright Act which governs how copyrighted materials, such as movies, may be used. Pre-recorded video/media are for HOME USE ONLY. Public performances are not allowed by law. Sales of pre-recorded video/media do not confer any public performance right s upon the purchaser. "Even performances in 'semi-public' places such as clubs, lodges, factories, summer camps, and schools are 'public performances' subject to copyright control" (Senate Report No. 94-473,p60; House Report No. 94-1476,p64) For the College that includes residence hall lounges, any room in the Sadler Center, Campus Center, academic building (when not part of a class), etc.

It is a violation of Federal law to exhibit pre-recorded video/media beyond the scope of your private room or apartment - regardless of whether or not admission is charged. Ownership of pre-recorded video/media does not constitute ownership of a copyright.

If your group wishes to show video/media on campus, you must obtain a Public performance License. A fee is attaches to each license. These fees vary according to size of audience, what movie you choose, and how the video/media is shown. For more information, contact the Office of Student Leadership Development ext. 3300.