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The TRAIN Leadership team is a peer leadership team that will provide workshops and programs to enhance the leadership skills of the William & Mary student body.  The TRAIN Leadership team also selects one student each month as the recipient of the Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Outstanding Student Leader of the Month award.

The Mission and Vision of TRAIN:

Our commitment to leadership drives us to serve as a resource for our peer student organizations as they seek to refine and develop their own potential.  As stakeholders in the William & Mary community, it is our hope that the work we do serves to inspire the next generation of leaders on campus.

Apply to be a member of TRAIN

Each spring, students are invited to apply to be TRAIN Facilitators.  Selected students will learn how to facilitate programs and workshops for other students at the College, enhancing leadership skills of those students in organizations and clubs.  Applications are now available and are due on Wednesday, March 13th at 5:00pm.  Each applicant will participate in an interview on Sunday, March 17th.  Notifications will be sent out on Monday, March 25th. 

TRAIN Leadership Workshops and Programs

To schedule a TRAIN Leadership workshop or program, please submit a TRAIN Program Request.  Please submit your request at least 10 business days in advance.  All programs are designed to be 50-60 minutes in length, however, if you need a shortened version please specify that in the request and we will work with you to try and meet your request.

Laying the Tracks: Defining a Mission and a Vision

A train can't move until the tracks are laid.  This workshop will help your organization lay the tracks that will allow future leaders to continue the forward motion of the organization.

Planning your Route: Where We Are and Where We're Going

Before heading out on any journey, you must first decide where you want to go.  This workshop will help your organization assess its current state and set goals for the future. 

Getting on Board: Icebreakers and Teambuilding

Building a cohesive team, whether it is a committee, executive board, or the whole organization, can be challenging.  Let us help you get everyone on board through a variety of activities. 

Avoiding Train Wrecks: Conflict and Confrontation

Often conflict and confrontation are seen as negative experiences.  Through this workshop participants can understand how conflict can help an organization and learn strategies to effectively engage in confrontation. 

Connecting Your Cars: Working with Different Leadership Styles

An essential piece of leadership is working with other leaders.  This workshop will help participants understand their own preferred style of leadership and how to effectively work with leaders who prefer other styles.

A Message from your Conductor: Effective Group Communication

When messages are lost, what the organization is working towards can derail.  Effective communication can help ensure that everyone stays on track. 

Changing Conductors: Officer Transition and Training

By thinking through officer transition as a group in advance, leaders will develop a plan for transition and current officers will know what steps they need to take to create a seamless transition. 

Full Steam Ahead: Motivation and Delegation

 Keeping members excited is vital to the success of an organization. This workshop teaches leaders how to use members' interests to encourage involvement in and contribution to the group.

TRAIN Leadership Team Members:
Megan Brew '15 JT Cobb '13 Katelin Cosner '15
Stephen D'Alessio '15 Colin Danly '15 Danielle Dwyer '14
Pete Garambone '13 Amber Irvin '14 Mark Kendrick '15
Nicholas Messinger '14 Delaney Osborn '13 Samantha Phillips '14
Madelyn Smith '13 Catherine Wood '14