Student Leadership Foundation

Student Leadership Foundation (SLF) is an intensive semester-long leadership program for Freshmen and Sophomore leaders on campus.  This selective program is designed to support rising campus leaders as they build a strong network with fellow leaders on campus.  We believe that student leadership development is a cornerstone in supporting our students to become engaged citizens.  Student leadership involves cultivating a frame of mind for exploring self, others and community.  Leaders develop a skill set to adapt to change, craft creative solutions, and seize opportunities. Leaders are moved by what they care about to make the world a better place.  SLF sessions will forward these topics to improve both the capacity and efficacy of W&M students to be engaged in positive change.  Participants in SLF will engage in “The SLF Project” which is an individual blueprint for forwarding positive change in an organization, cause or initiative of interest to you.  In addition, each participant in SLF will be provided the opportunity to work with a volunteer mentor invested in supporting your leadership experience on campus.

"The SLF surpassed any images that I had entering the program. Each member had the opportunity to gain as much or as little from each topic discussed."

"SLF has been an incredible opportunity."

"The experience gained from the SLF supersede those of any other experience I have had in leadership training."

Participation in Student Leadership Foundation is based on application.  For more information, contact Anne Arseneau at [[aharse]]  (757) 221-3300.

Sample Schedule (pdf)

Past Participant Remarks (pdf)