William and Mary

RAIL Leadership Award

The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership Award, established by the Office of Student Leadership Development at the College of William & Mary, seeks to recognize those students and organizations who contribute significantly to campus life.  Be it through an ongoing dediciation to a campus activity/organization or exemplary impact during the recent month, we seek to recognize those who add depth and breadth to the College.

For this monthly award, we wish to recongize a student or organization who embodies the mission of the Office of Student Leadership Development by taking positve action based on their values; working effectively with others; problem solving and finding creative solutions; and/or making contributions to the College or community.

Please complete the form and return it to Jess Hench via email [[jwhench]] or send it to the Office of Student Leadership Development, Campus Center 203.  Thank you!

How to Nominate an Oustanding Student Leader

 Nominations  are available in both pdf and Microsoft Word format. Completed nomination forms can be returned to Jess Hench, via email [[jwhench]].

Monthly Nomination Deadlines for 2013-2014: (due by 5pm)
  • August/September                              Tuesday, October 8
  • October                                                  Tuesday, October 22
  • November                                              Tuesday, November 26
  • December/January/February           Tuesday, February 25
  • March                                                      Tuesday, March 25
  • April                                                         Tuesday, April 22