William and Mary

Fall 2010

September 2010

The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Committee is pleased to announce that Sarah Browne '11 is the recipient of the September 2010 Outstanding Student Leader of the Month Award.

 Sarah Browne is the Fellowship chairperson of Catholic Campus Ministry and an Orientation Aide. Sarah led a her fellowship team in welcoming students to campus through letter writing, help with move-in and other events for the incoming freshmen, while also being active in the other Orientation activities.

Nominator Beth Zagrobelny said, “No matter how stressful her life and her work gets, she always has a smile and a laugh for whoever comes her way. She has incredible organizational skills, holding together complex ideas and systems to turn them into reality.”

October 2010

 The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Committee is pleased to announce that Brittney Calloway'11 and Stephanie McGuire ’12 are the recipients of the October 2010 Co-Outstanding Student Leaders of the Month.

Brittney Calloway, co-October recipient, was the chair for the Diversity Extended Orientation Program, and is the co-president of the W&M NAACP, among many other activities. This year, Brittney worked to restructure the process of Extended Orientation, to improve the experience for all involved.

Nominator Naci Kapoor said, “People always say I’m so busy or I’m so tired and I laugh at them because until you have lived a day in the life of Brittney Calloway’s shoes-you honestly don’t even know what tired is. Not only is she passionate about everything she does, but she is unbelievably optimistic and smiles all the time.”

 Stephanie McGuire, co-October recipient is the Student Assembly Vice President of Social Affairs for the Class of 2012. Stephanie was a driving force in the homecoming activities sponsored by the SA. Additionally, she has been deeply involved in the volunteering campaign of the class of 2012, to complete two thousand and twelve volunteer hours.

Nominator Stef Felitto said,  “The special thing about Stephanie is, that even though she is the moving force behind a lot of action at the College (ie. Homecoming events, volunteer campaigns etc), she has never once asked for recognition or portrayed herself in a non-modest manner. She is also the first person to volunteer for any activity where help is needed, regardless of how trivial the event is or how busy she may be.”

November 2010

The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Committee is pleased to announce that Melissa Kessler '11 (Law)  is the recipient of the November 2010 Outstanding Student Leader of the Month Award.

Melissa Kessler is the president of the Law School’s Bone Marrow Society, the Developmental Justice of the Moot Court Team as well as a part of the William & Mary Business Law Review. Melissa helped provide the students enrolled in the Advanced Brief Writing class with an oral advocacy component to the class in order to promote William & Mary.

Nominator, Brit Mohler said, “Melissa doesn’t lead just to lead, she works to make a difference, and to perform excellently wherever she is involved. She finds a need in the law school community and then develops a way to fulfill that need.”