Fall 2007

December 2007 Award Recipient: Jessica Kim

The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Committee would like to announce that Jessica Kim (Sophomore) has been named recipient of the December 2007 Outstanding Student Leader of the Month Award.

Serving as the Student Coordinator for the new campus organization, the Campus Kitchens Project, Jessica Kim has played an integral role in getting this organization 'off the ground'. Campus Kitchens utilizes the existing resources here at William and Mary, industrial kitchen, leftover food, etc., in order to serve some of the community's food and hunger needs. Through this organization, Jessica has helped bring the issues of hunger and homelessness to the attention of William and Mary students while providing an opportunity for students to have a hand in addressing this issue. "I had the opportunity to work closely with Jessica in planning the Campus Kitchens kick-off event. We worked together with the D.C. Office to plan the event in conjunction with a visit to campus by the organization's founder. Jessica performed well under a very tight timeline and pulled off a very well-run event. She handled details from organizing the food, to creating a powerpoint and speaking at the event, to arranging community partners to attend," states Lauren Grainger, Jessica's nominator.

November 2007 Award Recipient: Michelle Gannon

The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Committee would like to announce that Michelle Gannon (Senior) has been named recipient of the November 2007 Outstanding Student Leader of the Month Award.

Michelle Gannon is serviing as editor of the Colonial Echo, the College of William and Mary's yearbook, for the their year. As her junior year came to a close, Michelle was ready to transition a new editor into the position. However, when no one was willing to step up, Michelle decided to continue as editor rather than not publish a yearbook this year. Mark Constantine, Michelle's nominator, has this to say about her, "Michelle's spirit and dedication for a cause greater than herself should be recognized. You aren't the yearbook editor because you're looking for applause and admiration. You do it because of the love of your institution and your dedication to a product. That product is a compilation of memories, people, and events that effect many, many individuals."

October 2007 Award Recipient: Jim Donecker

The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Committee would like to announce that Jim Donecker (Senior) has been named recipient of the October 2007 Outstanding Student Leader of the Month Award.

Jim Donecker serves as co-leader of the Student Organization for Medical Outreach and sustainability (SOMOS), an international service learning project in the Dominican Republic. He has been  involved with the project since its inception three years ago; Jim will return for the fourth year in January. To prepare for the upcoming trip, Jim spent his summer in the Dominican Republic conducting research that has been used to plan an intervention project that will be implemented this year. To quote his nominator, David Aday, "Jim is not only the leader of the SOMOS project; he is its heart and soul. Rarely have I met a person with the depth of commitment that Jim displays daily.  It is too little to say that he leads by example; he embodies the aspirations of SOMOS, medical outreach, and the empowerment of the oppressed."

September 2007 Award Recipient: Colleen Murray

The Recognizing Achievement in Leadership (RAIL) Committee would like to announce that Colleen Murray (Senior) has been named recipient of the September 2007 Outstanding Student Leader of the Month Award.

Colleen Murray has been involved with College Partnership for Kids (CPK) since her freshman year and has served as program director for the past three years.  Murray has been a major contributor to the training and communications team by co-leading training sessions for new tutors.  Colleen was even able attend a literacy conference last year and return with information to educate her fellow program directors about ways to further enhance the training program for new tutors.  Colleen also serves with HOPE, where she has been described as a "default leader", has helped organize Green & Gold Affair, and participated in an International Service Trip to Kenya.  Among the many exceptional qualities mentioned, Colleen's commitment to CPK, her calming presence, and her ability to lead "by consistent example and encouragement" stood out to the RAIL Committee.  "I am afraid her leadership is of the variety that does not get recognized often because she is too modest to stand in the spotlight and draw attention to her contributions.  She is an invaluable asset to CPK though, and I know Sarah Irwin says the same about Colleen's involvement in HOPE," states Jodie Fisler.