If you have been hired by Steer Clear you must complete the payroll process BEFORE you begin working.  YOU CANNOT GET ON PAYROLL UNLESS YOU HAVE TAKEN THE VAN CERTIFICATION COURSE and have scheduled your first work shift. To get on payroll, please follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Contact the Financial Operations Specialist and make an appointment to come in and complete the hiring process prior to your first working shift.
  • Step 2: Before your appointment complete the I-9 OnLine Registration - access the Online I-9 site and enter 14621 as the Employer Code for W&M. Complete the required information.
  • Step 3: Complete and sign the following forms and bring to your appointment: Please complete forms on computer and print out.  HANDWRITTEN FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  (These forms may not work with Mozilla Firefox, please try Explore or Chrome to complete forms using computer, handwritten forms are not accepted)
Complete part I (use pull down to select your student status), part II ( for international students only) part III (males only).  In the section Action Requested: THIS FORM MAY NOT WORK WITH FIREFOX, USE EXPLORER OR CHROME TO COMPLETE. Type of Action (use the pull down and select New Hire)  Effective Date (enter the date you will work your first shift), sign, date and enter your phone number at bottom.
* If you are already employeed with the College somewhere else on campus and are receiving a payroll check, this is the only form you will have to complete. 
State Tax Forms VA-4 This is a required form.
Direct Deposit Form You will also need to bring along a cancelled check.

  • Step 4: You will need to bring your original identification documents to your appointment.  (LIST OF APPROVED DOCUMENTS)
  • Step 5: Federal Tax Form: W-4  you will complete this form at a later date as it is unavalable until you are entered into the employment system. You will be notified to complete the form via self-service.