William and Mary

Student Government Organizations

Graduate CouncilStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|gradcouncil]]
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Graduate Education AssociationStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|gea]]
Purpose: To provide for a sharing of information regarding different programs in the School of Education and in other elements of William & Mary and to better communications among the administration, the faculty, and the graduate students of the School of Education.

Master of Business Administration AssociationStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|mbaa]]
Purpose: To serve and promote without profit the Business school and those directly associated with same, be they students, faculty, administration, or alumni.

Student AssemblyStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|studentassembly]]
Purpose: To provide representative government for undergraduate students, encourage academic growth, protect the integrity of student opinion, and insure the students' right of self-governance.
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Twitter: {{!/WM_SA}}

Student Bar AssociationStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|studentbar]]
Purpose: To develop and further scholastic achievement, to increase knowledge of the law, to foster professional ideals; to promote understanding among alumni, faculty, and students, and to coordinate the activities of the law school and the surrounding town.
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