William & Mary

Media Organizations

Email: [[e|acropolis]]
Purpose: To publish scholarly papers, articles and creative responses to issues and/or themes in art and art history. To publish articles assessing and responding to the Art & Art History department at William and & Mary. To publish articles about the opportunities and resources available to William & Mary students interested in art and art history (e.g. lectures, exhibitions, etc.). To provide the William & Mary community with an informative, entertaining, interesting publication that addresses themes and issues in art and art history.

Bill of Rights Journal
Email: [[e|wmborj]]
Purpose: A law school journal with articles focusing on issues related to the Bill of Rights written by William & Mary law students and outside contributors.
Website: {{http://wm.billofrightsjournal.org/}}

Botetourt Squat Newspaper
Email: [[e|botetourtsquat]]
Purpose: A monthly parody newspaper that satirizes current events on campus and around the world.

Bullet Quarterly
Email: [[e|bulletquarterly]]
Purpose: This is a creative non-fiction testament to our individuality thought the written word and photography. Bullet brings honesty to the forefront. All pieces are anonymous so students can express themselves without being fettered by identity; instead identities are constructed by the content and the connect5ion made with the reader. Bullet gives students a medium to tell their stories on a safe but candid platform. Bullet publishes twice per semester.
Website: {{http://www.bulletquarterly.com}}

Colonial Echo
Email: [[e|colonialecho]]
Purpose: A prize-winning yearbook published by students
Website: {{http://colonialecho.wordpress.com/}}

Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal of The College of William & Mary
Email: [[E|comphumanjournal]]
Purpose: The purpose of the Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal is to produce a publication that will provide an outlet for undergraduate students in the Humanities to have their work published. The W&M Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal is a student-run academic journal for undergraduate work at W&M in the Humanities. The papers presented will be in conversation with one or more of the following interdisciplinary academic fields: cultural studies, critical theory, comparative literature, gender studies, media studies, film studies, sociology, and English literature. Works that could be critically examined by authors include literature, film, television, video games, photography, and other cultural texts.

DoG Street Journal
Email: [[e|dogstreetjournal]]
Purpose: A publication that provides the College community with a reliable, objective, and enthusiastic source of news pertaining to the campus and local events relevant to the College
Facebook: {{https://www.facebook.com/The-Dog-Street-Journal-790117091080200/}}

Flat Hat
Email: flathat.editor@gmail.com
Purpose: The twice-weekly newspaper of the College — written, edited, and managed by students since 1911
Website: {{http://flathatnews.com}}
Facebook: {{http://www.facebook.com/theflathat}}

Email: [[e|gallery]]
Purpose: A magazine that publishes creative writing and artistic works of the students and faculty in an attempt to stimulate literary and artistic activity at the College. One issue will be released each semester; each issue will include prose, poetry and art.

Green and Gold Dispatch
Email: [[e|greenandgolddispatch]]
Purpose: The organization will be an online publication submitting weekly articles through a website medium. This organization will also be creating weekly video news headlines.

James Blair Historical Review
Email:: [[e|jbhr]]
Purpose: An undergraduate journal dedicated to the publication of student research in various historical fields.
Website: {{http://publish.wm.edu/jbhr}}

Journal of Women and the Law
Email:: [[e|wmjowl]]
Purpose: A serious legal review of national scope that fouses solely on isues concerning women and the law.
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/wmjowl}}

Email: [[e|jump]]
Purpose: A magazine that contains reviews, essays, and feature articles of interest to William and Mary students.
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/jump}}

Media Council
Email: [[e|mediacouncil1]]
Purpose: Funding and supervisory body for all W&M student publications, spanning print, digital and broadcast.

Monitor-Journal of International Studies
Email: submit@monitorjournal.org
Purpose: A Journal of International Studies whose aim is to promote and publish student work that contributes a varying perspective and insight into multicultural understanding and awareness.
Website: {{http://www.monitorjournal.org}}

Email: [[e|pillory]]
Purpose: A humor and satire magazine dealing with topics of College, national, and international interest.
Website: {{http://wmpillory.org}}

Rocket Magazine
Email: [[e|rocket]]
Purpose: Rocket Magazine is the premiere art and fashion publication at The College of William & Mary. The purpose of this publication is to provide an outlet for student artistic expression primarily through art and design, fashion, photography, and feature.
Website: {{http://wmrocketmagazine.com}}

Virginia Informer
Email: [[e|virginiainformer]]
Purpose: Campus media whose mission is to inform students of the stories that are important to them and go unheard because other media outlets are dependent on their institutions; the best common sense news for all campuses across the state of Virginia
Website: {{http://thevirginiainformer.com}}
Twitter: {{http://twitter.com/#!/VAInformer}}

W&M Business Law Review
Purpose: A scholarly publication of professional articles and student notes dedicated to the nexus between business, law and ethics.
Website:: {{http://wmblr.wordpress.com}}

W&M Educational Review
Email: wmer.submissions@gmail.com
Purpose: The purpose of The William & Mary Educational Review is to create a student publication for those enrolled in the School of Education at The College of William & Mary. It will provide a venue for School of Education students to publish their original work; give students the opportunity to be a part of the process of publishing works in a peer-reviewed journal; and share with the community the work being done to enhance education and scholarship at The College of William & Mary School of Education.All students enrolled in the School of Education, including full-time, part-time, graduate, undergraduate, and unclassified (post-baccalaureate) students, are eligible to participate in The William & Mary Educational Review.
Website: {{http://wmedreview.blogs.wm.edu}}
Facebook: {{https://www.facebook.com/groups/376240212468850/}}

W&M Policy Review
Purpose: The WMPR is the student-run academic journal based at the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy.
Email: wmpolicyreview@gmail.com
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/as/publicpolicy/wm_policy_review/}}

W&M Review
Email: [[e|review]]
Purpose: The College literary magazine published twice a year by students.
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/wmreview}}

W&M Television
Email: [[e|wmtelevision]]
Descripton: Responsible for managing and overseeing student television productions, broadcasting student productions on the Campus Cable System, and managing the Student Television Studio and equipment.
Website: {{http://williamandmarytv.wix.com/wmtv/}}
Facebook: {{http://www.facebook.com/WMtelevision}}

WCWM 90.9 FM
Email: [[e|wcwm01]]
Description: The campus radio station for William & Mary. We are a group of students (and some faculty) who love music and care about promoting those artists who do not receive the airplay and support that we think they deserve. We play all genres, including rock, electronic, jazz, classical, and anything else you can think of. We also sponsor concerts several times a year and write a 'zine at least once a year. To become a DJ or just get more information, Emily at wcwmxx@wm.edu.
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/wcwm/index.html}}
Twitter: {{http://twitter.com/#!/WCWM}}

Winged Nation
Email: [[e|wingednation01]]
Description: : "An annual literary arts magazine showcasing the diverse individual perspectives of the students of William & Mary."
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/wingednation}}