Lesbian and Gay Law Association

Law School

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Purpose: The Lesbian & Gay Law Association (LGLA) members are supportive of gay and lesbian rights in general and interested in the interplay of sexual orientation and the law in particular. Recent speakers sponsored or co-sponsored by LGLA include Jerome Culp of Duke University and Bill Eskridge of Georgetown University. Also, in 1995-96, the LGLA hosted the regional conference of the National Lesbian & Gay Law Association. Locally, LGLA takes an active role in promoting gay-rights issues to the Law School and University administrations. The LGLA sponsors the annual "Gay Bash" party in the fall and co-hosts a semi-annual function with the Mary & William Feminist Law Society, the Black Law Students Association, and other law student organizations. The group is open to all law students regardless of their sexual orientation.
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/lgla}}