Hurricane Network

Law School

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Purpose: The legal questions and problems facing the individuals and communities throughout the Gulf Coast region are monumental in scale, and will remain for months and years to come. The enormity and longevity of this crisis demand the long-term attention of all facets of our nation’s legal community. In addition, based on the government’s incomplete response to the hurricanes, future disasters will create similar large scale legal disadvantages. In order to address this need, law students from across the country formed the Student Hurricane Network (“SHN”), a national association dedicated to providing long-term assistance to communities affected by Hurricane Katrina SHN worked with law students and administrators to create and coordinate volunteer opportunities for law students to get involved in relief efforts and the rebuilding process, streamlining the process for students and the public interest organization in need of assistance. SHN also sought to educate members of the legal community about the legal crises in the region in the hopes of obtaining additional support. We seek to form W&M SHN to address legal problems arising from Katrina, Rita, and any future disasters.
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