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Directory of Recognized Student Organizations

The Office of Student Leadership Development continues to update Recognized Student Organization information.

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A cappella CouncilArts Email: [[e|acappellacouncil]]
Purpose: Foster good relations between all the a capella groups on campus
Website: {{}}

AccidentalsArtsEmail: [[e|accidentals]]
Facebook: {{}}

AcropolisMediaEmail: [[e|acropolis]]
Purpose: a. To publish scholarly papers, articles and creative responses to issues and/or themes in art and art history. b. To publish articles assessing and responding to the Art & Art History department oat William and & Mary. c. To publish articles about the opportunities and resources available to William & Mary students interested in art and art history (e.g. lectures, exhibitions, etc.) d. To provide the William & Mary community with an informative, entertaining, interesting publication that addresses themes and issues in art and art history.

Active MindsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|activeminds01]]
Purpose: To increase awareness among W&M students about issues of mental health, symtoms of mental illness, and available resources in and around the W&M community.

African American Male CoalitionInterest GroupEmail: [[e|aamc]]
Purpose: To provide support for the African American males on campus as well as promotes intellectual and spiritual growth among the African American male community.
Website: {{}}

African Cultural SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|africancultural]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of Africa from an African perspective by providing information about history, current events and culture. The group will also serve as a liason for African students at William & Mary.
Website: {{}}

AfsanaArtsPurpose: A fusion dance team used to promote the promulgation of Indian culture through different styles of dance and the use of different types of music therein. This will be done by the team's attendance at collegiate competitions as well as performance exhibitions.
Email: [[e|afsana]]

Agape Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|agape]]
Purpose: Provide Christian fellowship for Asian/International students through Bible study, prayer and worship

AIDS TanzaniaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|aidstanzania01]]
Purpose: Plans a yearly trip to Tanzania where the group will work with a local organization concerning community outreach. The goal is to increase awareness of the effects of nutrition and health on AIDS through educational sessions held in various rural communities of Tanzania
Twitter: {{!/AIDSTanzania}}

Alliance of Sexual Assault PreventionInterest GroupEmail: [[e|asap]]
Purpose: To provide a coordinating body for student organizations that are currently involved in preventing sexual assault at the College of William & Mary. Also provides resources and organizational support as well as encouraging communication among ASAP organizations
Website: {{}}

Alma Mater Productions (AMP)Interest GroupEmail: [[e|amp]]
Purpose: To offer a wide variety of activities in the Sadler Center and other campus locations including mainstream music, a weekly film series, lectures and debates, hypnotists, acoustic style music and comedians.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Alpha Chi OmegaSororityNickname: Alpha Chi or A-Chi-O
Chapter Name: Beta Delta
National Founding: October 15, 1885
Founding School: Depaw University, IN

Alpha Epsilon PiFraternityChapter Name: Tau Pi
National Founding: November 7th, 1913
Founding School: New York University, NY
Campus Founding: 2001

Alpha Kappa PsiHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|alphakappapsi]]
Purpose: Business honor society

Alpha Lambda DeltaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|alphalambdadelta]]
Purpose: Freshmen honor society
Website: {{}}

Alpha Phi AlphaFraternityChapter Name: Kappa Pi
National Founding: December 4, 1906
Founding School: Cornell University, NY
Campus Founding: 1975

Alpha Phi OmegaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|alphaphiomega]]
Purpose: For college students to gather together in an organization based on fraternalism and founded on the principles of the Boy Scouts of America to develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service to humanity.
Website: {{}}

Alpha Psi OmegaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|alphapsiomega01]]
Purpose: The National Theatre Honor Society, Alpha Delta Nu Chapter
Website: {{}}

Alpha Tau OmegaFraternityChapter Name: Kappa Kappa
National Founding: September 11, 1865
Founding School: Virginia Military Institute
Campus Founding: October 21, 2006

Alter EgoCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|alterego]]
Purpose: Fashion/entertainment/urban arts club which puts on a creative event each semester to give back to a charity.

Alternative Dispute Resolution SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|adrs]]
Purpose: To create and promote educational and practical opportunities involving the use of arbitration, negotiation and mediation while providing a forum to develop these skills

American Constitution SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|amcsxx]]
Purpose: To not serve as a counterbalance to conservatism, but to provide a forum for a more broadly representative discourse. We seek to restore balance, to expand and reinvigorate the marketplace of ideas, to draw the best from conservative, moderate, and progressive thought. By this we mean to provide our leaders with a full complement of tools with which to create an America that is better for us all. The Marshall-Wythe Law School, our nation's oldest institution of legal learning, should be at the front line of this vision of progressive legalism. In the tradition of George Wythe and John Marshall, we have educated generations of "citizen lawyers." As future citizen-lawyers, it is especially incumbent upon us to incorporate humanism and idealism into our scholastic experience. The mission of the Marshall-Wythe chapter of the American Constitution Society is to create for ourselves the more balanced legal education that we require, through organization and mobilization of like-minded students and faculty.
Website: {{}}

Americans ElectInterest GroupEmail: : [[e|americanselect]]
Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to revolutionize the political process by adding a third Presidential Candidate to the ballot in all fifty states, chosen by popular vote through online nominations across the country.

American Sign LanguageInterest GroupEmail: [[e|signlanguageclub]]
Purpose: The goal of this club is to raise awareness of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language (ASL) within the WM community by providing and promoting opportunities to improve language skills by offering outreach projects, and social events within the Williamsburg area.

Amnesty InternationalCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|amnesty]]
Purpose: To support the national and international Amnesty International organizations in their goals of working for the release of all "prisoners of conscience;" ending torture, including the death penalty worldwide; and promoting human rights awareness in the community.

Anime SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|animesociety]]
Description: WMAS meets weekly to watch Japanese animation and through it gain a greater understanding of Japanese language and culture. They also engage in translation of Japanese texts.
Website: {{}}

Anthropology ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|anthropologyclub]]
Purpose: To further undergraduates' interest in anthropology and enrich their experience in the discipline-- both in the classroom and in the field.
Advisor: Jonathan Glasser
Website: {{}}

Anthropology Graduate Student CollectiveAcademicEmail: [[e|anthropologygsc]]
Purpose: Promotes the unification of the anthropology graduate student body, promotes good relations and communication between graduate students and the anthropology faculty, and provides an open forum for the presentation of scholarly research and discussion. The AGSC also provides moral and professional support to its members and fosters a healthy and effective learning and socializing environment.

ApolisInterest GroupEmail: [[e|apolis]]
Purpose: The purpose of Apolis is to: • Educate the student body of national and international current affairs • Promote awareness for national and international current affairs • Fundraise for Apolis • React towards national and international issues by taking effective action • Encourage relations between Apolis and other social justice and service organization on campus • Build a sense of community with Apolis and the College of William & Mary

Applied Mathematics ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|appliedmath]]
Purpose: To help interested students learn how mathematics can be applied outside the classroom and facilitate their transition into jobs and careers that will require the mathematical skills they developed at W&M.

Architecture and Design ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|archdesign]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to hold weekly, in-depth discussions to share common interests in architecture and design In addition, we will strive to inform students about the educational and career options in architecture.

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps)Interest GroupEmail: [[e|armyrotc]]
Description: A program which offers college students the opportunity to graduate as officers and serve in the U.S. Army Reserve. In addition to the course offerings in Military Science, there are several organizations affiliated with the ROTC program.
Website: {{}}

Art CollaborativeArtsPurpose: To develop the talents of artists, art historians, and marketers through continual learning, practice, and experimentation.
Email: [[e|artcollaborative]]
Twitter: {{!/yourwamac}}

Art House Film ClubInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the organization is to bring together a dynamic group of students interested in serious films and thus, to bring about a greater understanding of art film on campus.
Email: [[e|arthousefilms]]

Asian Law Student AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|asianl]]
Purpose: To promote the academic and professional development of Asian students at the College of William and Mary. Additionally, ALSA reaches inward to provide more opportunities to build community at the law school while reaching out to Asians who are interested in a career in law.
Website: {{}}

Ask NotCommunity ServiceEmail:
Purpose: Ask Not at The College of William and Mary is organized and operated by students as a grassroots organization that seeks to challenge the students at the College to reimagine their responsibilities to their communities and to their country. We shall educate students on the many opportunities for national service, to advocate on behalf of the youth voice in the national conversation on service; and to create infrastructural change to connect the student desire to serve with the multiple of opportunities for service within the local communities of our students. Ask Not seeks to invest in and create opportunities for students to complete a Service Year either before, after, or during their college years.

Association for Computing MachineryAcademicEmail: [[e|compma]]
Purpose: Promotes an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, languages, and application of modern computing machinery and promotes a greater interest in computing machinery and its applications. Provides intellectual and social opportunities for people interested in the discipline of computer science.
Advisor: Debbie Noonan
Website: {{}}

Association for Information TechnologyAcademicEmail: [[e|itprof]]
Purpose: Provides experience and knowledge in the field of Information Technology through software demonstrations, speaker presentations and special projects. Members are also able to attend local chapter meetings and national conventions and are also eligible to join professional chapter after graduation.
Advisor: Gigi Kelly
Website: {{}}

Association of Computing MachineryInterest GroupEmail: [[e|computing]]
Purpose: The chapter is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes and in furtherance thereof. The group will promote an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, languages, and applications of modern computing machinery. We will promote a greater interest in computing machinery and its applications. We will provide a means of communication between persons having interest in computing machinery.

Astronomy ClubInterest GroupEmail:
Purpose: The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to foster an interest in astronomy on campus, to visit local sites of astronomical relevance, to hold regular observing sessions which members and non-members can attend to gain experience with observational astronomy, and to provide a series of lectures on astronomical topics outside the current William and Mary curriculum.

Aviation ClubInterest GroupPurpose: To foster a community of flyers and those interested in aviation.
Email: [[e|aviation]]
Website: {{}}

BadmintonSports ClubPresident: Naiwen Tian
Email: [[e|ntian]]

Ballroom DanceSports ClubPresident: [[e|vasavas, Victoriana Savas]]
Email: [[e|ballroomdance01]]
Website: {{}}
Purpose: Whether you're the next Fred Astaire or have two have two left feet, you're welcome at the WM Ballroom Dance Club! Come as often as little as you like (new members are welcome anytime). In addition to offering social dancing, regular practices, and free beginner lessons, our club also plans a variety of fun social events throughout the semester and travels to optional competitions together. For more information, check out our website!

BanaaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|banaa]]
Purpose: Provide a full, 4 year scholarship to a student from Sudan in an effort to prevent future conflict.

Bangladesh Relief Initiative for ChildrenCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bangladeshrelief]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of poverty, corruption, and the effects of natural disasters in Bangladesh, particularly as they relate to children. BRIC also aims to engage the community in non-profit work in the poverty relief sector by creating a service trip.
Website: {{}}

Bankruptcy Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|bankruptcylaw]]
Purpose: To promote knowledge and awareness of bankruptcy law issues and benefits the community through volunteerism and service

Baptist Collegiate MinistriesReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|baptist]]
Purpose: To grow in the Christian faith through Family Group Bible studies and larger group programs on Sunday evenings. "Stained Glass," a creative ministry of choir, drama and handbells, gives opportunities to use one's talents in worship services. Other opportunities are available to minister to the needs of others in the community through missions projects in the Williamsburg area.
Website: {{}}


BaseballSports ClubPresident: [[e|kclee, Kevin Lee]]
Email: [[baseballclub]]
Website: {{}}

Basketball-MenSports ClubPresident: [[e|sdmuldoon, Stephen Muldoon]]
Email: [[basketballclubm]]
Website: {{}}


Basketball-WomenSports ClubPresident: [[e|cnplunkett, Catherine Plunkett]]
Email: [[e|cnplunkett]]
Purpose: Women's Club Basketball is a step up from intramurals predominantly composed of old high school and AAU players. We play to represent the Tribe against other colleges in the region in the East Coast Women's Club Basketball League. Perhaps most importantly though, we’re here to keep up the love of the game and be able to continue to play the sport in college.
Website: {{}}

Bboy ClubArtsEmail: [[e|bboyclub]]
Purpose: To spread the hip hop culture through bboying, also known as breakdancing.

BelediArtsEmail: [[e|beledi]]
Purpose: To promote understanding and acceptance of Middle Eastern culture through the study and performance of Middle Eastern Dance, otherwise known as Bellydance.
Website: {{}}

Beta Theta PiFraternityChapter Name: Zeta Upsilon
National Founding: August 8, 1839
Founding School: Miami University, OH
Campus Founding: 2001

BhangraArtsEmail: [[e|bhangra]]
Purpose: A multicultural, co-ed dance group that seeks to represent the College by performing both on campus as well as intercollegiate competitions. The group also seeks to educate others about Bhangra and the culture of Punjab, India.

Big Brothers Big SistersCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bigbroandbigsis]]
Purpose: Helps young people in our community achieve their highest potential during their formative years by providing positive, caring mentor relationships.

Bill of Rights JournalMediaEmail: [[e|wmborj]]
Description: A law school journal with articles focusing on issues related to the Bill of Rights written by William & Mary law students and outside contributors.

Biology ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|biologyclub]]
Purpose: The purpose of the biology club is to advance awareness and appreciation of the biological sciences. Sponsoring lectures and interaction with faculty facilitates this objective. Also, recreational activities in ecological science such as hiking and kayaking are organized.
Website: {{}}

Bird Club of W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|birdclub]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to unite those with a passion, interest, or curiosity in the oberservation, study, or enjoyment of birds and to promote the opportunity to learn and experience these birds with a group of similarily motivated individuals.

Black CaucusInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|blackcaucus]]
Purpose: This organization is to serve as a vehicle through which traditionally underrepresented ethnic groups, clubs, and organizations can voice their concerns and opinions about conditions and decisions, which affect their existence at The College of William & Mary. The Black Caucus is committed to representing the concerns of these groups and to the enhancement of their social environment, political involvement and heightening cultural awareness for all students, faculty and staff at The College of William & Mary.

Black Law Student AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|blalaw]]
Purpose: To further the academic, social, and professional needs and goals of the black law students. BLSA members work together to foster a successful learning environment--focusing on building the skills and confidence of its members. BLSA members also participate in social activities and community service projects. Two of BLSA’s most significant accomplishments are its annually hosted events: Law Day and Oliver Hill Weekend. On Law Day, BLSA invites undergraduate minority college students to the law school to give them an introduction to the school and encourage graduate education. Oliver Hill weekend was established to honor an African-American man who has contributed greatly to the legal field. On this weekend, we celebrate our successes of the school year and give out awards.

Black Law Students Association College Student Division of William & MaryLaw SchoolPurpose: The Purpose of this organization shall be to : • Articulate and promote the academic, professional, and social needs and goals of prospective Black law students at the College of William & Mary. • Instill in Black law students a greater awareness of commitment to the needs of the Black community locally, regionally, nationally and abroad. • Provide a source of political, cultural, and social solidarity. • Be responsive to the needs, objectives, and agendas of the regional and national BLSA leadership. • Focus on the relationship of the Black law student and the Black attorney to the American legal structure. • Represent the views of Black students at the College of William & Mary. • Provide a forum for the discussion of local and national issues affecting both the Black law student community and the University as a whole.
Email: [[e|blsaprelaw]]

Blacksmithing GuildInterest GroupEmail: [[e|blacksmithing]]
Purpose: The Blacksmithing Guild is meant to provide a safe community and facility for those students interested in the art of blacksmithing. The guild will be open to people of all experience levels to introduce and hone their skills. Simple tools and art projects will be made for practice. Larger projects involving the entire guild will be directed towards philanthropy and art.

Black Student OrganizationInterest GroupEmail: [[E|bso]]
Description: An organization whose primary objective is to promote black thought and awareness at the College of William & Mary and throughout the College community.
Website: {{}}

Bone Marrow DriveCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bonemarrowdrive]]
Purpose: To hold various events throughout the year to raise funds which allows people to enter the National Registry for bone marrow donors
Website: {{}}

Bosnia ProjectCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bosniaproject]]
Purpose: A summer service trip focused on education and peace-building. It sends members to teach English in a 4-5 week summer camp.

Botany ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|botany]]
Description: A group whose purpose is to increase the academic and practical knowledge of the participants with regards to all forms of botanical life, to provide a forum for the discussion of and care for all manner of plants, and to assist the W&M community as well as the greater Williamsburg community with landscaping and other horticultural needs
Website: {{}}

Botetourt Chamber SingersArtsEmail: [[e|botetourtsingers]]
Purpose: Provides an outlet for the highest quality of musicianship in the form of a select chamber ensemble.
Website: {{}}

Botetourt Squat NewspaperMediaEmail: [[e|botetourtesquat]]
Purpose: This newspaper is designed to be a freshman alternative to the campus wide Flat Hat that will have a focus on freshmen related issues and activities.


Brazilian Jiu JitsuSports ClubPresident: [[e|saedemobi, Stefan Edemobi ]]
Email: [[e|saedemobi]]
Website: {{ }}

Bridge ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|bridgeclub]]
Purpose: Bridge club hosts casual weekly games open to anyone. All skill levels are welcome; most new members are new to the game. The club periodically attends tournaments in the Hampton Roads area.

Broken RecordInterest GroupPurpose: This organization serves to bring a fun, social, and safe way of expressing creativity to the school and community in the form of live action role playing. Its major goals are to allow people who enjoying LARPing together to discuss their interests and bring enjoyable, fair game on to campus so that students and guests may become involved.
Email: [[e|brokenrecordlarp]]

Building Tomorrow: Destination KampalaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|kampala]]
Purpose: To give students the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for infrastructure projects benefiting orphans impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Bullet QuarterlyMediaPurpose: This is a creative non-fiction testament to our individuality thought the written word and photography. Bullet brings honesty to the forefront. All pieces are anonymous so students can express themselves without being fettered by identity; instead identities are constructed by the content and the connect5ion made with the reader. Bullet gives students a medium to tell their stories on a safe but candid platform. Bullet publishes twice per semester.
Email: [[e|bulletquarterly]]

Business Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|businesslaw]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of business and corporate related legal issues within the law school community and provides members with opportunities to develop relationships in the business legal community
Website: {{}}

Camp KesemInterest GroupEmail: [[e|campkesem]]
Purpose: The purpose of Camp Kesem is to provide safe, supportive and exciting camp experience for children ages 6-13, who have a parent who had died from cancer, is currently in treatment for cancer, or is in remission from cancer. By doing so, Camp Kesem gives them a chance to be kids and to connect with peers that are facing a similar hardship.

Campus BuddiesCommunity ServicePurpose: This organization is designed to consolidate current student engagement projects with the disability community to include Buddy Ball, Buddy Art, Buddy Theatre, Lunch Buddies, and with potential for collaboration with other student organizations that work with the disability community. This body intends to coordinate and train volunteers, provide information to campus, present programs, host media nights, arrange speakers, and promote forums for discussion about relevant issues.
Email: [[e|campusbuddies]]

Campus Crusade for ChristReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|campuscrusade]]
Purpose: Campus crusade is a Christian campus organization. We want to provide an environment that allows for learning about God and Christianity, where people can experience community and grow in leadership.
Website: {{}}

Campus IgniteInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of Campus Ignite at the College of William & Mary will be to gather and establish a Christ-centered missional community that is devoted to a lifestyle of prayer, worship, learning and discipleship, authentic relationships and caring works of justice. Our general goal will be to glorify and make know the name of Jesus Christ on the campus and lead people into a personal and deepening relationship with Him.
Email: [[e|campusignite]]

Campus Initiative for UNICEFCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|unicef]]
Purpose: To raise money and awareness for the United Children's Fund by incorporating local schools and educating the community
Website: {{}}

Campus Kitchen at William & MaryInterest GroupEmail: [[e|campuskitchenwm]]
Purpose: To provide hunger-relief to the surrounding community while simultaneously helping to reduce food waste.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Campus Ministries UnitedReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ministriesunited]]
Purpose: A voluntary interfaith coalition of campus ministers representing campus religious groups at William & Mary. Interfaith services of worship, opportunities for fellowship and recreation, and educational ventures comprise the nucleus of this organization.
Website: {{}}

Campus Musician's UnionArtsEmail: [[e|musiciansunion]]
Purpose: A vehicle for campus bands to use school resources for events. Also provides a central listing of campus bands.

Canterbury AssociationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|canterbury]]
Purpose: Provide a witness to the Christian faith within the tradition of the Episcopal Church through spiritual, social and liturgical services; builds among the students, faculty, and administrators at the College, a community of sharing, support and prayer based on the Christian faith; and provides for the spiritual growth and nurturing of all persons within the College community.
Website: {{}}

Casual MagicInterest GroupEmail: [[e|casualmagic]]
Purpose: To play the card game known as “Magic: The Gathering,” to provide the opportunity for free cards to members, to have regular magic tournaments, to build a friendly community of players.

Catan ClubInterest GroupPurpose: The Catan club exists so students interested in playing the board game “Settlers of Catan” can gather and play Catan. This should lead to camaraderie and fun.
Email: [[e|catan]]

Catholic Campus MinistryReligious OrganizationsPurpose: We are a Eucharistic community striving to be living witnesses of our faith as Christians within the Catholic tradition through our spiritual, social, and service traditions, coming together to provide an atmosphere whereby members of the William & Mary community may explore, celebrate, and proclaim their faith.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Celtic Dance ClubInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|celticdance]]
Purpose: The purpose of the Celtic Dance club will be to educate the William & Mary community about Scottish and Irish dance, to promote physical fitness through Celtic dance, and to provide an outlet for dance performance for club members.

Chamber of CommerceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chambercommerce]]
Purpose: The Student Chamber of Commerce is a student-run organization created with the intent of bridging the gap between the student community and the business community.

Chapel College FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ccf]]
Purpose: We are a Christian organization committed to fellowship with other believers, outreach to students on campus, and service within the community.

Charity: Water at William & MaryCommunity ServicePurpose: The purpose of this organization is to work with Charity: Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to building water pumps in developing counties in order to provide clean and sustainable water for those in need of it. The organization will hold fundraisers each semester with the aim to raise enough money to build at least one well.
Email: [[e|charitywater]]

Cheese ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|cheeseclub]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to gather fellow cheese lovers in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where we can explore the world of cheese by discussing and tasting the many varities of chesse, learn their history, and learn about the cheese making process.

Chemistry ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|chemistryclub]]
Purpose: Serves as a social outlet for anyone interested in chemistry. Annual receptions are held every fall and spring for majors and talks are given at evening meetings on career opportunities. Fund raisers include test sales, t-shirt sales, and the annual spring magic show.
Advisor: John Poutsma

Chess ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chessclub]]
Purpose: To promote interest in the game of chess for fun and in preparation for competition

Chi Alpha Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|chialpha]]
Purpose: Promote the spiritual life of students by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, discipleship, prayer, service and witness which will accomplish this end.
Website: {{}}

Chicas Latinas UnidasInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chicaslu]]
Purpose: The purpose of Chicas Latinas Unidas is to establish a Hispanic/Latina sorority on the college campus of William & Mary, attracting potential members, motivating and encouraging each member to stay motivated in execution of these goals.
Website: {{}}

Children's Advocacy Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|cals]]
Purpose: To promote awareness and educate law students about the many aspects of law affecting children.
Website: {{}}

China ImpressionInterest GroupPurpose: The China Impression is a quarterly student magazine which strives to bring in different perspectives on Sino-related topics and promote unlit-cultural communication and understanding. The magazine is to explore China in the eyes of both Chinese and Non-Chinese, so as to provide a comparison of views and create an opportunity for cross-cultural discussion and debate.
Email: [[e|chinaimpression]]

Chinese Student OrganizationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|cso]]
Purpose: To create create a social environment and supportive community which would serve the needs of students with a Chinese background and to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture and experience in a fashion enjoyable by the entire William & Mary community.
Website: {{}}

Chinese Student Scholar AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chinesescholar]]
Purpose: To promote the exchange between American and Chinese students. The group also assista Chinese scholars in achieving their academic goals.
Website: {{}}

Chinese Undergraduate Students AssociationInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|cusa]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to 1. Provide necessary transitional support for newly arriving Chinese international Students. 2. Enhance the communication and understanding between Chinese students and American students. 3. Establish a communication platform for Chinese students to grow and branch out together. 4. Spread the name and the reputation of The College of William & Mary in mainland China. 5. Provide services and support for Chinese language learning program on campus.
Website:: {{}}

Chi OmegaSororityNickname: Chi-O
Chapter Name: Omicron Beta
National Founding: April 5, 1895
Founding School: University of Arkansas, AR

Chi Phi FraternityChapter Name: Nu Theta
National Founding: December 24, 1824
Founding School: Princeton University, NJ
Campus Founding: Spring 2007

Chi Sigma IotaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|chisigmaiota]]
Purpose: Education Honor Society
Website: {{}}

ChoirArtsEmail: [[e|choir]]
Purpose: Enables students to further develop their musical ability and to represent the College through a series of choral presentations.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Christian Campus MinistriesReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|campusministries]]
Purpose: A group whose goal is to create a Bible study with a focus on principles that relate to students’ lives. This organizations intent is to establish honest and open debate concerning Biblical principles and themes.

Christian Science OrganizationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|christianscience]]
Purpose: An organization that provides a place and time for Christian Scientists and those interested in learning about Christian Science to meet and have fellowship. Meetings consist of readings from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, testimonies concerning Christian Science, and discussion of current issues on campus and throughout the world.

Christopher Wren SingersArtsPurpose: A 14 member student-directed, student-run chamber and madrigal choir which performs both on campus and in the community. Membership is open by audition to all interested members of the College community.
Email: [[e|wrensingers]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Circle KCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|circlek01]]
Purpose: To develop future leaders and active citizens concerned with improving the quality of life on earth. Through personal involvement on campus and in the community, members of Circle K develop valuable leadership and organizational skills that may be attained through actual experience.
Website: {{}}

Classical Studies ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|classicalstudies]]
Purpose: To encourage interest in the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome through organized activities.
Advisor: Georgia Irby-Massie
Website: {{}}

Classic Movies ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|classicmovies]]
Purpose: To encourage an appreciation of classic cinema and cultivates a knowledge and understanding of iconic films, directors and actors

CleftomaniacsArtsEmail: [[e|cleftomaniacs]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Coast Guard Auxiliary, Detachment of Flotilla 67Interest GroupEmail: [[e|detachment]]
Purpose: To provide all student members an opportunity to obtain valuable training, experience and mentorship from the United State Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

College Partnership for KidsCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|wmcpk]]
Purpose: To offer tutoring to school students in the Williamsburg area
Website: {{}}

College RepublicansInterest GroupEmail: [[e|wmrepublicans]]
Purpose: To develop all College Republicans on the campus into an intelligent, aggressive, and cooperative Republican group that promotes the platform and candidates of the Republican party.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Colleges Against CancerInterest GroupEmail: [[e|cacancer]]
Purpose: To fight cancer, volunteering for the American Cancer Society, and improving college communities in instating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society

Collegiate ConservativesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|conservative]]
Purpose: To bring speakers to campus and provides conservative viewpoints to the campus on many issues facing the nation today

Collegiate ScholarsHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|scholars]]
Purpose: Honor society
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Collegiate Tea Drinkers' Society of William & MaryInterest GroupEmail: [[e|teasociety]]
Purpose: The Collegiate Tea Drinkers’ Society of The College of William & Mary is a group dedicated to all aspects of tea and tea culture. The Society aspires to continue the glorious tradition of tea consumption that has been passed down through the ages. In addition to passionately loving tea, members of this organization attend regular tea events and wear appropriate attire – teawear.

Colonial EchoMediaEmail: [[e|colonialecho]]
Description: A prize-winning yearbook published by students
Website: {{}}

Color Me Stress FreeCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|cmsf]]
Purpose: An organization that tries to help students relieve stress through simple and fun arts and crafts projects. We hold weekly meetings for our members as well as other programs to the rest of the William & Mary community.

Common GroundArtsPurpose: A women's contemporary Christian a capella group which sings on and off campus.
Email: [[e|commonground]]

Community Partnership for Adult LearnersCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|cpalearners]]
Purpose: CPALs is a student-run organization that offers free English classes for the local community. CPALs evolved from a Hispanic Studies freshman seminar taught by Jonathan Arries with support from the Sharpe Community Scholars Program. Classes meet at 7:30 every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Morton Hall during the Fall and Spring semesters. Volunteers are welcome to help during the one-on-one tutoring that follows large group instruction each night. For more information about volunteering contact CPALs.

Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal of The College of William & MaryMediaPurpose: The purpose of the Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal is to produce a publication that will provide an outlet for undergraduate students in the Humanities to have their work published. The W&M Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal is a student-run academic journal for undergraduate work at W&M in the Humanities. The papers presented will be in conversation with one or more of the following interdisciplinary academic fields: cultural studies, critical theory, comparative literature, gender studies, media studies, film studies, sociology, and English literature. Works that could be critically examined by authors include literature, film, television, video games, photography, and other cultural texts.
Email: [[E|comphumanjournal]]

Competitive Gaming ClubInterest GroupPurpose: For the betterment of gamers and gaming experience, and increasing pulic awareness of gaming and its' benefits and rewards.
Email: [[e|gaming]]

Composer's LeagueArtsEmail: [[e|composersleague]]
Purpose: To encourage and orchestrate performances of original works by student composers.
Website: {{}}

Conduct and Honor Advisor ProgramInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|chaps]]
Purpose: The purpose of CHAP shall be to provide student counsel for students charges with or accused of honor or conduct charges at the College.

Confectionary SocietyInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide an outlet for the baking population of students of William & Mary. Outside of this population, the group would also set up monthly, seasonal, and charity bake sales that allow for the general W&M community to have a source of freshly baked goods.
Email: [[e|confectionary]]

Craft Brewers AssociationInterest GroupEmail:
Purpose: The Craft Brewers Association seeks to promote the small, independent, and local breweries, and serve the needs of craft beer and brewing enthsusiasts within the community. The Craft Brewers Association is intended to provide a fourm for craft beer and homebrew enthsusiasts to engage in discussion and understanding of the brewing industry and its institutions.


CrewSports ClubPresident: [[e|embrown, Erin Brown]]
Email: [[rowing]]
Website: {{}}

Criminal Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|criminallaw]]
Purpose: To provide mstudents, faculty, and administration with advanced opportunities to foster growth and excellence in the field of criminal law

Culinary ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|culinary]]
Purpose: To spread the joy and curiosity of the culinary arts

Cupcakes for a CauseInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of this organization will be to raise awareness and funds for the CancerCare for Kids program.
Email: [[e|cupcakesforacause]]


CyclingSports ClubPresident: [[e|jdroth, Jonathan Roth]]
Email: [[e| jdroth]]
Website: {{}}

Daughters of IsabellaCommunity ServicePurpose: The Order of the Daughters of Isabella is a charitable organization of practicing Catholic women founded on the principle of its motto: Unity, Friendship, and Charity.
Email: [[e|wmdaughters]]

DebateAcademicEmail: [[e|debateteam]]
Purpose: Promotes good communication skills and competitive debate.

Delta ChiFraternityChapter Name: William & Mary
National Founding: October 13, 1890
Founding School: Cornell University
Campus Founding: September 28, 2002

Delta Delta DeltaSororityNickname: Tri-Delt
Chapter Name: Alpha Mu
National Founding: November 28, 1888
Founding School: Boston University, MA

Delta GammaSororityNickname: DG
Chapter Name: Epsilon Mu
National Founding: December 25, 1873
Founding School: Lewis School, MS

Delta OmicronHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|deltaomicron01]]
Purpose: Music honor society
Website: {{}}

Delta PhiFraternityChapter Name: Omega Alpha
National Founding: November 17, 1827
Founding School: Union College, NY
Campus Founding: 1987

Delta Sigma ThetaSororityNickname: Deltas
Chapter Name: Mu Upsilon
National Founding: January 13, 1913
Founding School: Howard University, Washington DC

Design Thinking ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|designthinking]]
Purpose: To create a community for students with an interest in design thinking and sustainability. To foster an environment for students to learn and explore innovative solutions and challenges in the business world and other industires, and to provide a setting for students to share their insights and thoughts on design thinking and sustainability.

Development AmbassadorsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|devambassadors]]
Purpose: To include undergraduates in the College's efforts of university advancement which involves raising funds for projects of identified student interest, participating in major university campaigns, educating students about major needs and priorities of the College to maintain its excellence, and promoting the concept that giving has an important effect on the quality of life at William & Mary.

Diagnostic SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|diagnostic]]
Purpose: The intention of the Diagnostic Society revolves around augmenting the clinical problem-solving capacity of Basic Sciences students through case-based practice. Members will meet to cover a true medical case, either obtained by the students or by the overseeing physician, based on his/her experience; simulating a true clinical experience. The organization will allow student's to apply the knowledge they have learned and to gain experience as well as learn how to think creatively.

Doctor Who ClubInterest GroupPurpose: This organization will provide interested members of the Williamsburg community with a venue to gather, watch, and discuss episodes of the British television show Doctor Who.
Email:: [[e|doctorwho]]

DoG Street JournalMediaEmail: [[e|dogstreetjournal]]
Description: A publication that provides the College community with a reliable, objective, and enthusiastic source of news pertaining to the campus and local events relevant to the College
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/DoG_St_Journal}}

DoubletakeArtsEmail: [[e|doubletake]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Drop Table Programming Guild AcademicPurpose: The purpose of this organization it to bring together Computer Science students, programmers and software designers in a fun environment to enhance their skills and develop projects outside of an academic setting.
Email: [[e|programmers]]

Ebony ExpressionsArtsEmail: [[e|ebony]]
Purpose: To provide ministry through contemporary gospel music to the campus and community.
Website: {{}}

Economics ClubAcademicPurpose: The William & Mary Economics Club will have four purposes of existence, as follows: To provide a forum to the William & Mary Community for discussing economic issues of all types. To provide students with the opportunity to associate and interact with the economics faculty and department outside of the classroom. To increase students’ understanding of economics. To increase the level of interest of economics on the campus of William & Mary.
Email: [[e|econclub]]

Election Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|electionlaw]]
Purpose: To promote interest and understandng in American Election Law
Facebook: {{}}

Empower CongoCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|empowercongo]]
Purpose: To bring attention to the community the atrocities being committed against women and girls on a massive scale in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to aid in the current relief efforts in this region

English ClubAcademicPurpose: A forum and resource for members who are interested in English and related fields.
Email: [[e|englishclub]]

Environmental Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|envlawsociety]]
Purpose: A student organization within the Law School dealing with environmental law
Website: {{}}


EquestrianSports ClubPresident: [[e|kkkielty, Kate Kielty]]
Email: [[e|kkielty]]
Website: {{}}

EscortCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|escort]]
Purpose: To provide an escort home for students studying alone at night.
Website: {{}}

Esperanto ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|esperanto]]
Purpose: To promote the knowledge of the language Esperanto and to create opportunities to learn, speak, and appreciate the language

EssenceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|essence]]
Purpose: To rebuild and create a stronger community among the women of color on campus. It serves four major purposes: as a social outlet, educational outlet, discussion group, and support group.
Website: {{}}

Every 2 MinutesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|every2minutes]]
Purpose: An all-female, sexual assault, peer-education group that seeks to educate women, primarily freshmen, about sexual assault and inform them of the resources available on and off campus and the skills necessary to help a friend recover from a sexual assault experience

Eyes Wide Open to FilmInterest GroupEmail: [[e|ewof]]
Purpose: We plan to promote cultural, political, and aesthetic appreciation of “fringe film” – broadly defined as foreign, avant-garde, and art film that exists outside the established canon of great film art.

Face AidsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|faceaids]]
Purpose: A student movement in the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Farmers and GardenersInterest GroupEmail: [[e|farmers]]
Purpose: To farm and garden with fellow agricultural enthusiasts.

Federalist SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|fedsoc]]
Purpose: To foster critical thought and debate about the application of conservative principles to the law
Website: {{}}

Fellowship of Christian AthletesReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|fca]]
Purpose: A small interdenominational organization for athletes and non-athletes to grow as Christians through fellowship, skits, and other social events.

Feminist Majority Leadership AllianceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|fmla]]
Purpose: An organization dedicated to furthering the causes of women and of equality between all people, at W&M and beyond.
Website: {{}}


FencingSports ClubPresident: [[e|gabognar, George Bognar]]
Purpose: William & Mary Fencing is a sports club that actively participates in two fencing leagues (MACFA and SAC) as well as a Virginia collegiate tournament and USFA tournaments—two of which we host at the college. We encourage undergraduate and graduate students with any level of fencing experience to come in to practice with the chance to be on the traveling team, and we diligently work with beginners. The team has existed since 1924, receiving numerous medals and awards. This includes our latest noteworthy title of VA Cup champions for the 11th consecutive year.
Website: {{}}


Field HockeySports ClubPresident: [[e|kmhenessey, Kristen Hennessey]]
Website: {{}}

Filipino-American Student AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|fasa]]
Purpose: To promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the Filipino-American culture through programs open to the College community which create an awareness of the presence of Filipino-Americans, their issues and their contributions to American society.
Website: {{}}

Film Club of William & MaryInterest GroupEmail: [[e|filmclub]]
Purpose: To organize those individuals interested in the art of filmmaking. It will attempt to bring together interested actors and writers in order to help W&M students come together to use their talents on a worthwhile project.
Website: {{}}

FIT4FUNCommunity ServicePurpose: FIT4FUN has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, including but not limited to the promotion of healthy decisions and physical fitness in elementary aged students throughout the great Williamsburg area.
Email: [[e|fit4fun]]

Flat HatMediaEmail:
Description: : The twice-weekly newspaper of the College — written, edited, and managed by students since 1911
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

ForksInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|forks]]
Purpose: This organization seeks to bring together students for the discussion of issues with the food industry and animals rights and welfare in the setting of a weekly potluck dinner. We hope that this discussion leads to additional club sponsored events and service among the campus community.

Free Intracampus Football AssociationInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the organization shall be twofold, First, to celebrate and revel in the culture of football. Second, to hold weekly pick-up matches for any and all students interested.
Email:: [[e|fifa]]

Freethought AllianceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|freethought]]
Purpose: To establish a positive social environment for students who are rationalists, non=theists, agnostics, deists, humanists, or skeptics, enrich campus life by sponsoring educational events and fostering student dialogue on matters of faith, science and reason, engage students in issues of national and international import surrounding freedom of conscience and secular education
Website: {{}}

GalleryMediaEmail: [[e|gallery]]
Description: A magazine that publishes creative writing and artistic works of the students and faculty in an attempt to stimulate literary and artistic activity at the College. One issue will be released each semester; each issue will include prose, poetry and art.

Game Design Club at W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|gamedesign]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to foster collaboration amongst students with a passion or interest in video game development with the goal of producing video games.

Gamma Phi BetaSororityNickname: Gamma Phi
Chapter Name: Alpha Chi
National Founding: November 11, 1874
Founding School: Syracuse University, NY

Generation ChurchReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|generationchurch]]
Purpose: Generation Church is the student ministry of Christian Life Center, a local nondenominational church. Its purpose is to provide positive fellowship, facilitate spiritual growth, and impact those in the campus community through the gospel.
Facebook: {{}}

Gen FKDInterest GroupEmail: [[e|genfkd]]
Purpose: The Purpose of this organization is to increase student awareness and knowledge of relevant economic and political issues, in an entertaining manner. Gen FKD is a non-partisan institution dedicated to content creation and social media intergration in order to cultivate an economically conscious student body.

Gentlemen of the CollegeArtsPurpose: An a capella singing group specializing in a wide variety of vocal harmony with an emphasis on a complete show including humor and a dynamic stage presence.
Email: [[e|wmgentlemen]]
Website: {{}}

Geology ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|geologyclub]]
Purpose: Serves to instill camaraderie among geology majors and to encourage professional development.
Advisor: Heather McDonald

Girl Scouts of the CollegeInterest GroupEmail: [[e|girlscouts]]
Purpose: A group whose purpose is to enrich the lives of the young girls of our community while showing the Williamsburg community that women and mean are motivated, skilled leaders devoted to making a difference in the area.
Website: {{}}

Gleaning ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|gleaning]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to glean. Gleaning is to collect food which has been left behind by a gardener or gardener after a harvest. This food is high-quality and healthful; often the farmer simply doesn’t have sufficient funds to run equipment a second time to collect the extra food. The William & Mary Gleaning club would collect this food and arrange for it to be donated to local agencies, such as Campus Kitchens, etc.

Global Architecture BrigadesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|globalarch]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to educate about and promote architecture projects in various countries such as Panama, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

Global Medic al Brigades Community ServicePurpose: The purpose of this organization is to help provide sustainable health relief by sending student volunteers on brigades to places with limited access to healthcare, specifically in Honduras and Panama.
Email: [[e|gmb]]

Global Village ProjectCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|globalvillage]]
Purpose: To plan, fund raise, and participate in a Habitat for Humanity international group service trip during Spring Break.
Website: {{}}

Gluten FreedomInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|glutenfreedom]]
Purpose: This organization aims to be a community of learning, support, and activism for those living the gluten free lifestyle or hoping to learn more about it!

Golden KeyHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|goldenkey01]]
Purpose: Honor society
Website: {{}}

GolfSports ClubPresident: [[e|rsbonney, Bob Bonney]]
Email: [[e|rsbonney]]

Graduate CouncilStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|gradcouncil]]
Facebook: {{}}

Graduate Education AssociationStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|gea]]
Purpose: To provide for a sharing of information regarding different programs in the School of Education and in other elements of William & Mary and to better communications among the administration, the faculty, and the graduate students of the School of Education.

Graduate Public Policy AssociationAcademicEmail: [[e|gradpublicpolicy]]
Advisor: Elaine McBeth
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/WMGPA}}

GreatnessInterest GroupPurpose: "The mission of Greatness is to conduct forums to explore themost fundamental questions regarding the human person today through an understanding of the theology of the body and a reflection upon our won experiences."
Email: [[e|greatness]]

Greek ImpactReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|greekimpact01]]
Purpose: Serve as a Christian fellowship primarily within the fraternity and sorority community
Website: {{}}

Green and Gold AffairInterest GroupEmail: [[e|greengoldaffair]]
Purpose: To organize, promote and execute one ball annually during the fall semester.
Website: {{}}

Green and Gold ChristmasCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|greengoldxmas]]
Purpose: To give students an opportunity to provide a Christmas party for the underprivileged children in the Williamsburg community.

Green and Gold DispatchMediaEmail: [[e|greenandgolddispatch]]
Email: The organization will be an online publication submitting weekly articles through a website medium. This organization will also be creating weekly video news headlines.

Green-Pink ProjectInterest GroupEmail: [[e|greenpinkproject]]
Purpose: This group raises awareness and funds for the Sierra Club and One-by-One working toward a solution of the global environmental and women's health problems.


GymnasticsSports ClubPresident: [[e|dmzobel, David Marshall Zobel]]
Email: [[e|dmzobel]]
Purpose: Gymnastics club provides a relaxed environment for both experienced gymnasts and new-comers to practice and learn about gymnastics. We also offer opportunities to compete at local and national competitions. Guys and girls welcome.
Website: {{}}

Hampton Roads Church Student FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|hrcsf]]
Purpose: The purpose of the Hampton Roads Church Student Fellowship will be to: • Provide a community of faith for students who wish to pursue a Biblically-defined Christian lifestyle on William & Mary’s campus • Foster Christian maturity of each member through Biblical training, teaching, and mentoring • Proclaim the Gospel message to seeking students through small group Bible discussion, personal Bible study, public worship services, and interpersonal outreach • Provide consistent support and service to the greater community of Hampton Roads through targeted benevolent projects

Hark WilliamsburgInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|harkwilliamsburg]]
Purpose: HARK Williamsburg will promote three main goals: I.To engage William & Mary students through on-campus outreach and communications II. To advocate for the common interests and goals of students and the wider City of Williamsburg III. To support partnerships of the College and the rest of the city that foster a positive and productive town-gown relationship.

Health Careers ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|healthcareers]]
Purpose: Provides information to prospective health professionals concerning professional schools, graduate school, and employment; and that provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and mutual support.
Advisor: Beverly Sher
Website: {{}}

Health Law AssociationLaw SchoolPurpose: It shall be the purpose of the Health Law Association to promote awareness of healthcare law and other health law issues within the law school community, and to provide members with opportunities to develop relationships in the health law community.
Email:: [[e|healthlaw]]

Her Campus William & MaryInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the Her Campus William & Mary organization is to provide an online hub for William & Mary’s women by providing content that is both a resource and a source of entertainment, highlighting campus news, events, interesting students, faculty, alumni, campus photos, and fashion and lifestyle content specifically tailored for women at William & Mary. Staff members will gain journalism, marketing, publicity, and digital media experience, and all students at Her Campus William & Mary will gain a new and fun online resource through this online publication.
Email: [[e|hercampuswm]]

Heritage DancersArtsEmail: [[e|heritagedancers]]
Purpose: Promotes the understanding, enjoyment, and dancing of historical and modern American and English country dances.
Website: {{}}

Heritage Language Learners of W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|hellowm]]
Purpose: To establish and perpetuate Heritage Language eduction. HeLLo will educate the student body on the benefits of strengthening the multicultural community through multilingual initiatives that will foster identity and strengthen respect for culture.

HillelReligious OrganizationsEmail:
Purpose: Hillel is the tight-knit Jewish Student Organization of The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. We have Shabbat services and dinner every Friday night, events for the holidays, and a wide variety of social events, service projects, and Israel-related programs to get involved in.
Website: {{}}

History Graduate Student AssociationAcademicEmail: [[e|historygsa]]
Purpose: Encourages professionalism among history graduate students by providing a forum for the presentation of scholarly work, by sponsoring speakers and by promoting good relations between students and faculty.
Website: {{}}

Home Environmental Recommendations Organization (HERO)Community ServiceEmail: [[e|greenings]]
Purpose: An organization which serves the local Williamsburg community by providing free environmental impact and energy audits to area residents. Its purpose is both to reduce Williamsburg’s environmental impact and to improve college and city relations through student interactions with the community.

HOPEInterest GroupEmail: [[e|wmhope]]
Purpose: To provide our college community with up-to-date and reliable health information. Members present programs, conduct awareness campaigns, and sponsor health related events in the areas of Mental Health, Sexual Health, and Substance Abuse. Peer education is a great way for students to get involved on campus and gain valuable experience.

Hospice ClubCommunity ServicePurpose: The purpose of Hospice Club will be to promote the awareness of and experiences in hospice; to inspire community involvement in a local hospice program; and to directly help a local hospice organization.
Email: [[e|hospice]]

Humans for Animal Liberation and Vegetarian AllianceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|halva01]]
Purpose: To provide a social network for vegetarians, educates the college community about vegetarianism, sponsors a vegetarian dinner, and provides vegetarian resources for the college community.
Website: {{}}

Hurricane NetworkLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|hurricanenetwork]]
Purpose: The legal questions and problems facing the individuals and communities throughout the Gulf Coast region are monumental in scale, and will remain for months and years to come. The enormity and longevity of this crisis demand the long-term attention of all facets of our nation’s legal community. In addition, based on the government’s incomplete response to the hurricanes, future disasters will create similar large scale legal disadvantages. In order to address this need, law students from across the country formed the Student Hurricane Network (“SHN”), a national association dedicated to providing long-term assistance to communities affected by Hurricane Katrina SHN worked with law students and administrators to create and coordinate volunteer opportunities for law students to get involved in relief efforts and the rebuilding process, streamlining the process for students and the public interest organization in need of assistance. SHN also sought to educate members of the legal community about the legal crises in the region in the hopes of obtaining additional support. We seek to form W&M SHN to address legal problems arising from Katrina, Rita, and any future disasters.
Website: {{}}

ice hockey

Ice HockeySports ClubPresident: [[e|cjfiedler, Chris Fiedler]]
Email: [[icehockey]]
Website: {{}}

I-FaithReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ifaith]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding among students of diverse religious backgrounds in order to work for the common good.
Website:: {{}}
Facebook:: {{}}

IF FundInterest GroupPurpose: The IF Fund is a financial resource for women’s, LGBT and feminist-friendly groups at the College of William & Mary and in the surrounding Williamsburg area.
Email: [[e|iffund]]

Impact! HumanityInterest GroupEmail: [[e|impacthumanity01]]
Purpose: To raise awareness about microfinance on campus, teaching students waht they can do on a small scale level to help in the fight against poverty
Website: {{}}

Improv ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|improvclub]]
Purpose: This is a club to engage in improv, work on skills for improv, and to have fun while doing so.

Improvisational Theatre (I.T.)ArtsEmail: [[e|improvtheatre]]
Purpose: Provides hilarious improvisational comedy performances not only for the College community, but also at benefits, with professional groups, and in improv comedy festivals all across the country.
Website: {{}}

InsightReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|insight]]
Purpose: An outreach of the Calvary Chapel Williamsburg church and exists to express to the W&M College community the message of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible
Website: {{}}

Interfaith CouncilReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|interfaith]]
Purpose: A group whose goal is to increase awareness of religious organizations on campus and foster cooperation between those organizations

International Justice MissionReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ijmission]]
Purpose: Devoted to relieving the suffering of all people and pursuing a just world society through a committed social activism inspired by the teachings of Christianity.
Website: {{}}

International Justice Mission - LawLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|intjusticemission]]
Purpose: To secure justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators, and aftercare professionals work to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators, and to promote functioning public justice systems.

International Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|nternationallaw]]
Website: {{}}

International Performance Arts ExchangeArtsPurpose: Provides an outlet for international expression through the study and production of various art mediums concerning people of different color, gender, sexuality and religion. Also helps in the campaign to recruit and retain students of all backgrounds interested in performance arts.
Email: [[e|ipaxchange]]
Website: {{}}

International RelationsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|irclub]]
Purpose: To increase campus awareness in International Affairs and participate in Model United Nations conferences. Also involved in W&M High School Model United Nations Conference
Website: {{}}

Intervarsity Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|intervarsity]]
Purpose: An organization which seeks to provide Christian fellowship from many denominations through weekly large group meetings and dorm Bible studies. Special events currently planned include fall, spring, and end-of-year conferences.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

IntonationsArtsPurpose: A ten member women's a cappella ensemble performing a wide variety of music.
Email: [[e|intonations]]
Website: {{}}

Investment ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|investmentclub]]
Purpose: To further a greater understanding and/or increase knowledge of this special area of finance through activities designed as rewarding educational experiences
Website:: {{}}

Irish Dance and Culture ClubArtsEmail: [[e|irishdance]]
Purpose: To bring together students who have an interest in Irish culture, especially dance.

J. Reuben Clark Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|jrcls]]
Purpose: To affirm the strength brought to the law by a lawyer's personal religious conviction. The strength of the Society lies in the personal lives of its members as they endeavor to follow the philosophy and example of J. Reuben Clark, an eminent attorney, politician, and religious leader. The Society will strive to cultivate high moral and professional standards in the legal profession and to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law.
Website: {{}}

James Blair Historical ReviewMediaEmail:: [[e|jbhr]]
Purpose: An undergraduate journal dedicated to the publication of student research in various historical fields.
Website:: {{}}

Japanese Cultural AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|jca]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of Japanese culture and society of William & Mary. It will also strive to provide a forum for exchange of ideas concerning the culture and society of Japan and offer instruction in language skills.
Website: {{}}

Jewish Law Students AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|jlsaso]]
Purpose: To help William & Mary Jewish law students meet each other and celebrate the holidays together.
Wesbite: {{}}

John Locke SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|johnlocke]]
Purpose: An educational, policy-oriented organization devoted to conservative issues and philosophies.
Website: {{}}

Journal of Women and the LawMediaEmail: [[e|wmjowl]]
Description: A serious legal review of national scope that focuses solely on issues concerning women and the law.
Website: {{}}

Journal of Women and the LawMediaEmail:: [[e|wmjowl]]
Purpose: A serious legal review of national scope that fouses solely on isues concerning women and the law.

Joyous FlowReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|joyousflow]]
Purpose: To create an organization that uplifts the name of God through dance, prayer, and scripture
Website: {{}}


JudoSports ClubPresident: [[e|irakamine, Ian Akamine]]
Email: [[judo]]
Purpose: To promote the practice and appreciation of the sport of judo
Website: {{}}

Juggling and Circus Skills SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|jugglingandcircus]]
Purpose: To provide regular meetings and contact for anyone on campus who is interested in juggling and related circus skills.
Website: {{}}

JUMP!MediaEmail: [[e|jump]]
Description: A magazine that contains reviews, essays, and feature articles of interest to William and Mary students.
Website: {{}}

Justice in PalestineInterest GroupPurpose: The club will seek to promote awareness of the Palestinian cause – including culture, language, history, and politics.
Email: [[e|palestine]]
Website: {{}}

Kappa AlphaFraternityChapter Name: Alpha Zeta
National Founding: December 21, 1865
Founding School: Washington and Lee University
Campus Founding: 1890

Kappa Alpha ThetaSororityNickname: Theta
Chapter Name: Beta Lambda
National Founding: January 27, 1870
Founding School: Depaw University, IN

Kappa DeltaSororityNickname: KD
Chapter Name: Alpha Pi
National Founding: October 23, 1897
Founding School: Longwood College, VA

Kappa Delta PiHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|kappadeltapi]]
Purpose: Education honor society

Kappa Delta RhoFraternityChapter Name: Phi Beta
National Founding: May 17, 1905
Founding School: Middlebury College, VT
Campus Founding: 1993

Kappa Kappa GammaSororityNickname: Kappa
Chapter Name: Gamma Kappa
National Founding: October 13, 1870
Founding School: Monmouth College, IL

Kappa SigmaFraternityChapter Name: Nu
National Founding: December 10, 1869
Founding School: University of Virginia
Campus Founding: 1890

KendoSports ClubPresident: [[e|jsandrews, Jamal Andrews]]
Email: [[e|jsandrews]]

Kenya Sustainable Village ProjectCommunity ServicePurpose: The purpose if this organization is to support the efforts of Children of God Relief Initiative (COGRI) – Nyumbani Village, in their mission to help meet the basic needs of marginalized youth and elderly in rural Kenya. When possible and permissible, KSVP will organize students into traveling teams to work with the Nyumbani Village by providing manual labor, and service learning curriculum to the 7th and 8th grad students in their primary school. This partnership between William and Mary and COGRI doesn’t not already exist on campus, and a host of students have expressed interest in supporting CONGRI regardless of the organization’s travel status. The Kenya Sustainable Village Project will provide William & Mary students with the valuable experience of learning about community engagement and service learning, and out students will also learn extensively about HIV/AIDS relief in Kenya, and community development founded on the concepts of permaculture.
Email: [[e|ksvp]]

Kidogo Kidogo Interest GroupEmail: [[e|kksg]]
Purpose: Kidogo,Kidogo, and by extension KKSG, is dedicated to lifting the financial barrier which prevents women in Tanzania from having access to life-changing mobile technology. In lifting this barrier, we hope to empower women, enabling them to improve their lives, business, health, and individual efficacy.

Kids Interested in Technology, Engineering, and ScienceCommunity ServicePurpoose: The purpose of this organization is to foster an appreciation of scientific principles in elementary school children by performing simple, engaging science experiments with college mentors. The goals of this organization are A) to encourage children to become familiar with basic scientific principles through experimentation, B) to mentor elementary school children in science and C) to further develop students’’ education in STEM fields.
Email: [[e|kites]]

King of Glory Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|kingofglory]]
Purpose: A group that participates in worship services at King of Glory Lutheran Church and the stewardship, fellowship and edification of one another in Christian faith and life.

Knights of ColumbusCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|knights]]
Purpose: To help the members grow in the Catholic faith and to improve the quality of life at the college through service projects and other activities.
Website: {{}}

Knot Your Grandma's Yarn ClubInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of this organization will be to bring together students who have an interest in crocheting and knitting. This organization will offer a place for students to learn how to crochet and/or knit, as well as allow for the exchange of tips and patterns. The main goal of this organization will be to further the techniques of our ancestors as they pertain to crocheting and knitting.
Email: [[e|knot]]

L.E.A.D. Collegiate (Leadership, Education, Action, and DevelopmentInterest GroupEmail: [[e|leadcollegiate]]
Purpose: The purpose of L.E.A.D. Collegiate is to create a partnership between W&M students and WJCC School system. W&M students will receive training in leadership strategies and implementation. The goal is to extend program opportunities to all interested W&M student participants.

Labor and Employment LawLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|lelaw]]
Purpose: To strengthen the capacity of members to make contributions to the field of labor and employment law


Lacrosse-MenSports ClubPresident: [[e|tpjutz, Tyler Jutz]]
Email: [[tpjutz]]
Website: {{}}


Lacrosse-WomenSports ClubPresident: [[e|hhcho, Hannah Cho]]
Email: [[
Purpose: To serve as a recreational sport that is less rigorous than the varsity team. For fitness of body and mind, this club lacrosse team allows us to play lacrosse in a stress free, socially active environment while honorably representing the College of William & Mary in both competitions and in all of its activities.
Website: {{}}

Lafayette KidsCommunity ServiceEmail:: [[e|lafayettekids]]
Purpose: In a partnership with the Learning Center at Lafayette Village, a Community Housing Partner’s low-income housing development in Williamsburg with a large minority population, William & Mary students will provide individualized tutoring twice per week, serve as mentors who believe in the value of a good education, provide educational programing, and encourage safe, fun play. William & Mary students will also learn about educational issues, be inspired to continue teaching in high needs school environments, and gain valuable experience working with children.

Lambda AllianceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|lambdaalliance]]
Purpose: The Lambda Alliance is an organization dedicated to creating a supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning individuals and allies. We strive to be politically and socially active in our community through weekly meetings and popular annual events like Drag Ball, Gay? Fine By Me, National Coming Out Day, and many more. Email us at with questions, suggestions, or just to talk
Website: {{}}

Lambda AlphaHonor SocietyPurpose: Anthropology honor society

Lambda Chi AlphaFraternityChapter Name: Epsilon Alpha
National Founding: November 2, 1909
Founding School: Boston University, MA
Campus Founding: 1927

Latin American Student UnionInterest GroupEmail: [[e|lasu]]
Purpose: The LASU is a leadership student coalition. Our mission is to bring a new perspective on Latin America to both the William & Mary and Williamsburg communities.
Website: {{}}

Latino Law Student AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|latinolaw]]
Purpose: The purpose is to increase the enrollment and retention of Latino students at WM Law School. Advocating for the appointment of Latino professors and visiting professors to WM Law School faculty. Providing a network to connect current students with Latino alumni and practicing Latino attorneys. Cultivate a reputation of WM Law School with Latin American Universities, while cooperating with the International Programs office to establish and maintain study abroad in Latin America. Encourage awareness and appreciation for the diversity of Latin American cultures through events that showcase various cultural aspects.

Latter-Day Saints Student AssociationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ldssa]]
Purpose: We are an organization that helps student members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints balance their academic, social, cultural, and religious education. We also motivate LDS students to become an influence for good on the William & Mary campus, and encourage them to reach out to other LDS students so that all may be closely affiliated with the church while on campus
webssite: {{}}

Law CapellaLaw SchoolPurpose: The purpose of the organization shall be to provide members with opportunities to develop their talent and love of music and the Law School community with a unique entertainment experience.
Email:: [[e|lawcapella]]

Law Chapter ACLULaw SchoolEmail: [[e|acluwmlaw]]
Purpose: To promote the protection of civil liberties and civil rights, raise awareness about civil liberties and promotes dialog at the law school and in the community about the freedoms granted or intended by the consitution of the United States.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Law DemocratsLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|lawdems]]
Purpose: To support and elect Democratic candidates for public office; to widen and increase the interest and knowledge of young people in government and the political process; to train and develop law students for positions of leadership; to increase the role of underrepresented people in our Party, government, and society; and to service those in need in the community

Law ReviewLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|lawreview]]
Website: {{}}

Lesbian and Gay Law AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|lglawm]]
Purpose: The Lesbian & Gay Law Association (LGLA) members are supportive of gay and lesbian rights in general and interested in the interplay of sexual orientation and the law in particular. Recent speakers sponsored or co-sponsored by LGLA include Jerome Culp of Duke University and Bill Eskridge of Georgetown University. Also, in 1995-96, the LGLA hosted the regional conference of the National Lesbian & Gay Law Association. Locally, LGLA takes an active role in promoting gay-rights issues to the Law School and University administrations. The LGLA sponsors the annual "Gay Bash" party in the fall and co-hosts a semi-annual function with the Mary & William Feminist Law Society, the Black Law Students Association, and other law student organizations. The group is open to all law students regardless of their sexual orientation.
Website: {{}}

Libertarian StudentsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|libertarian]]
Purpose: To increase libertarian awareness, foster a forum for debate amongst like-minded individuals, work with existing political and interest groups to present a variety of views
Website: {{}}

Linguistics ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|linguistics]]
Purpose: To serve as a forum and resource for members who are interested in linguistics and related fields

LipsMediaEmail: [[e|wmlips]]
Description: A female sexuality magazine designed to create a dialogue between the W&M community concerning the issue of female sexuality
Website: {{}}

LiveInterest GroupEmail: [[e|live]]
Purpose: To allow individuals interested in modeling to gain experience in the field, while at the same time, raise awareness on health issues in America. It will also serve to promote a positive self image among both men and women on campus.
Website: {{}}

Lutheran Student AssociationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|lutheran]]
Purpose: A fellowship of Christian students, graduate and undergraduate, affiliated with St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Regular activities, including dinner, are held on Sunday nights. Bible study, prayer group, social outreach, ecumenical events, and congregational activities are held throughout the week.
Website: {{}}

Maasai American Student AssociationCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|maasai]]
Purpose: To volunteer abroad with the Maasai American Organization in the Narok District of Kenya
Email: {{}}

Macintosh User GroupInterest GroupEmail: [[e|macintoshusers]]
Purpose: To increase campus support for the MacIntosh platform and to help MacIntosh users make their computing experiences productive and enjoyable.
Website: {{}}

Mahjong SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|mahjong]]
Purpose: To play and enjoy the game of Mahjong

Marine Science SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|marinescisociety]]
Purpose: The Marine Science Society (MSS) will be for students currently enrolled in the Marine Science minor program and students who are interested in the subject of marine science. The Society will help students in the minor connect to other undergraduates and to professors and graduate students at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. (VIMS).

Marshall-Wythe Debating SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|mwdebate]]
Purpose: As an organization within the law school, The Marshall-Wythe Debating Society's primary objective is to promote, facilitate, and celebrate the tradition of rhetoric and argument within law and society. The organization will engage the law school community with current and complex issues spanning politics, economics, culture, ethics, and of course, law. The organization hopes to educate others on the proper boundaries of debate, the fundamental structure of argument, and the responsibility that accompanies a public platform. The organization will seek to expose the law school, undergraduate, and Williamsburg community to these ideals.

Marshall Wythe RepublicansLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|mwrepublicans]]
Purpose: To further the conservative cause by bringing Republican leaders to the law school

Martial ArtsSports ClubPresident: [[e|jmtyra, Jacquelyn Tyra]]
Email: [[martialarts]]
Website: {{}}

Mason AllianceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|masonalliancfe]]
Purpose: The purpose of The Mason Alliance, established in 2012, shall be to provide support for LGBTQ students and their allies with an interest in business, with a broader goal of creating an accepting environment for LGBTQ workers in the business world workers in the business world. The Mason Alliance aims to accomplish this by : 1. Providing LGBTQ undergraduates with a variety of activities including workshops and regular meetings where they establish a network with those who share their professional interests. 2. Facilitating networking opportunities with corporate recruiters to provide LGBTQ undergraduates with a background of these recruiting firms with regards to issues that concern them. 3. Setting up/holding events involving mentoring with LGBTQ Mason Alumni, speakers’ series, and mentoring partnerships between alumni and current members.

Mason Entrepreneurship ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|entrepreneur]]
Purpose: To pursue the field of entrepreneurship through semester presentations, business plan competitions and various other outlets. Students will interact with alumni, faculty, and business partners to learn more about entrepreneurship and its applications in various industries.

Massage ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|massageclub]]
Purpose: To help students relax and de-stress. The group will teach various techniques of massage, including self-massage
Website: {{}}

Master of Accounting Program – Macc CouncilAcademicPurpose: The MAcc Council exists to serve students enrolled in the Mason School of Business, Master of Accounting Program at The College of William & Mary. The primary functions of the MAcc Council are to plan and organize activities and events for MAcc students and in conjunctions with the Mason Development team to oversee the class gift campaign. The activities sponsored by the Council will incorporate at least one act of service or fundraising effort on behalf of a charity each year.
Email:: [[e|macccouncil]]

Master of Business Administration AssociationStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|mbaa]]
Purpose: To serve and promote without profit the Business school and those directly associated with same, be they students, faculty, administration, or alumni.

Medical Aid in Nicaragua:: Outreach ScholarshipCommunity ServicePurpose: The goal of the project is to develop sustainable solutions to health problems in Cuje, Nicaragua.
Email: [[e|manos01]]
Website: {{}}

Medical ReliefCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|medicalrelief]]
Purpose: To provide an annually determined group of W&M students to volunteer abroad with an organization called International Service Learning. The students will be responsible for organizing the trip and fundraising.
Website: {{}}

Meditation ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|meditationclub01]]
Purpose: To provide a venue for group meditation and teaches basic meditation techniques as well as Far Eastern methods of self-discovery.

Meridian CoffeehouseInterest GroupEmail: [[e|meridian01]]
Purpose: Located on Boundary St., this coffeehouse offers a selection of gourmet coffee and pastries and live entertainment.
Website: {{}}

Merrimac MentorsCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|merrimacmentors]]
Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to educate and enrich the lives of both William and Mary students and Merrimac residents through mentoring, education enrichment activities, and tutoring. We will educate and prepare volunteers to engage in positive and encouraging relationships with the students of Merrimac Juvenile Detention Center.

Metal ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|metalclub]]
Purpose: To provide a community for those students and faculty interested in the metal and hard rock music genre.
Website: {{}}

Middle Eastern Student Association.Interest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) is a student organization whose mission is to promote solidarity among Middle Eastern students at William & Mary, as well as provide a platform for open discussion of political issues and cross-cultural understanding. MESA will sponsor Middle Eastern social and cultural activities and events open to the entire campus community. A primary goal of MESA will be to explore issues relating to the Greater Middle East, recognizing the unique sociopolitical ties between the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. MESA welcomes and respects students of all ethnic, religious, and political affiliations.
Email: [[e|mesa]]

Military Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|mlwsoc]]
Purpose: To promote knowledge and awareness of military law issues affecting students, law professionals, and members of America's armed forces. The Military Law Society promotes scholarly discussion of military law and related law topics, and builds social ties between interested students, the law school, and the local community to promote professional development. Membership in the military is not necessary. The Society is open to all students who wish to study the interface between the military, the government, and the wider legal system.
Website: {{}}

Mock Trial TeamInterest GroupEmail: [[e|mocktrial]]
Purpose: A competitive team which simulates real court room experience. The goal is to provide students an in depth knowledge of the legal process.
Website: {{}}

Model Arab LeagueInterest GroupPurpose: The goal of the Model Arab League will be to further the understanding of Arab history, politics, and culture. Furthermore, Model Arab League will venture to attend Model Arab League Conferences is such a way that is affordable for all participants.
Email:: [[e|modelarableague]]

Model CongressInterest GroupEmail: [[e|modelcongress]]
Purpose: To provide a hands-on learning experience in government, immersing students in the legislative branch of the US government. Sponsors a conference for middle and high school students to play out law making as it excists on Capitol Hill.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Monitor-Journal of International StudiesMediaEmail: [[e|monitor]]
Description: A Journal of International Studies whose aim is to promote and publish student work that contributes a varying perspective and insight into multicultural understanding and awareness.
Website: {{}}

Mortar BoardHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|mortarboard]]
Purpose: A national honor society that recognizes college seniors for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Multicultural Law Student AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|mclawsa]]
Purpose: The Marshall-Wythe Chapter of the Multicultural Law Students Association (MLSA) is a dynamic and diverse group open to anyone who embraces the benefits of multiculturalism in the legal profession. MLSA seeks to promote an environment of inclusion, facilitate service to the community, and effectuate cultural awareness at the law school. MLSA raises funds and collects supplies for local and international charities in addition to hosting social gatherings. MLSA also sponsors programs on campus to raise consciousness about issues facing the global and diaspora community. We invite you to join us.

MUSE (Museum & University Student Exchange)Interest GroupEmail: [[e|muse]]
Purpose: To heighten student awareness and involvement in their own college museum. Members work closely with Museum staff to publicize Museum functions and organize special events.
Website: {{}}

Muslim Student AssociationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|muslim]]
Purpose: An organization whose purpose is to introduce the community to and familiarize it with the Islamic culture and to offer an opportunity for the Muslims on campus to meet and express their thoughts and views in a creative manner. Services include Friday (congregational) prayers, speakers, films, presentations and inter and intra-club activities.
Website: {{}}

NAACP College ChapterInterest GroupEmail: [[e|naacp]]
Purpose: To improve the political, education, social and economical status of minority groups; to eliminate racial prejudice; to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination
Website: {{}}

NAMIInterest GroupEmail: [[e|namiwm]]
Purpose: NAMI is dedicated to the eradication of mental illness and to the improvement of the quality of life of all whose lives are affected by these diseases. NAMI will provide and enhance mental health support on campus. We will educate students, faculty, administrators, and other members of the campus community about mental illness. We will serve as a resource for mental health information and work in collaboration with peer organizations including, but not limited to those dedicated to mental health. We will advocate to improve mental health care services on campus and promote education about mental illness amongst students. We will receive funds in support of all the above.

National Novel Writing Month ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|nanowrimoclub]]
Purpose: Intended to build awareness of and support for people participating in the National Novel writing Month program on the William & Mary campus.
Website: {{}}

National Organization for Women William & Mary Campus Action NetworkInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|wmnow]]
Purpose: The purpose of NOW CAN is simple: to empower the young women of William & Mary to make changes in our community. The women of Now Can will raise awareness of the positive need for greater women’s rights activism as well as participating in collective action. NOW CAN of William & Mary will advocate six priority issues listed below. A. Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice B. Violence Against Women C. Constitutional Equality D. Ending Racism and Advocating Diversity E. LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) Rights F. Economic Justice

National Trial TeamLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|ntrial]]
Website: {{}}

Native American Student AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|nativeamerican]]
Purpose: To increase awareness of Native American culture, provide a gathering place for Native American and non-Native American students to share and learn more about all Native American cultures, and to form a healthy relationship with the local Native American communities
Website: {{}}

Net Impact Interest GroupPurpose: The purpose of Net Impact is to empower students and provides them with the skills, knowledge, and resources to challenge social problems by integrating social entrepreneurship, business, and sustainability.
Email: [[E|netimpact]]

Network of Enlightened WomenInterest GroupPurpose: The Network of enlightened Women is dedicated to fostering the education and leadership of conservative university women.
Email: [[E|new]]
Website: {{}}

Neuroscience ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|neuroclub]]
Purpose: The Neuroscience Club shall exist to unite the interested students of the College of WM in pursuit of a Neuroscience major. This group shall provide support, information, and connections necessary and sufficient to improve the quality and performance of students considering the major.

New Forest William & MaryInterest GroupEmail: [[E|newforest]]
Purpose: The first student chapter of the non-profit New Forest Earth is focused on furthering the mission of this organization to empower people to preserve and restore their forests through sustainable community development.

Non-Traditional Student BodyInterest GroupEmail: [[E|ntsb01]]
Purpose: To provide support, resources, and information to non-traditional students enrolled at the college. Works with the Office of Admissions, the Transfer Student Ambassadors, and the Dean of Students office to provide a resource of information about campus life from the perspective of a non-traditional student

NRHHCInterest GroupEmail: [[e|wmnrhhc]]
Purpose: To provide recognition for those students living in the residence halls who have shown outstanding service and who have provided important leadership in the advancement of residence halls. They also act as a resource for the groups desiring information about leadership in the residence halls.
Website: {{}}

Nu Kappa EpsilonArtsEmail: [[e|nukappaepsilon]]
Purpose: Promoting the growth and development of musical activities at the College as well as in the Williamsburg community.
Website: {{}}

Objectivist SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|objectivist]]
Purpose: To make the philosophy of Ayn Rand more accessible to the student body.

Omega Psi PhiFraternityChapter Name: Alpha Delta Sigma
National Founding: November 17, 1911
Founding School: Howard University
Campus Founding: September 18, 2010

One AccordArtsEmail: [[e|oneaccord01]]
Purpose: A men’s Christian a capella group whose goal is to give glory to God through song.
Facebook: {{}}

ONE CampaignInterest GroupEmail: [[e|onecampaign]]
Purpose: The ONE Campaign at the Colllege of William and Mary is a group of students who share the belief that with a US commitment to debt relief, fair trade, gender equality, health care, and economic development, our generation will see the end to global AIDS and extreme poverty. As a branch of the national ONE campaign (, our goal is to educate the community about the issuss stated above as well as gain support for the national organization. Because we are affiliated with the national group we shall remain non-partisan through all of our activities.

Operation SmileCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|opsmile]]
Purpose: Operation Smile Student Programs empowers youth, creating a global movement for positive change through leadership, service, education and philanthropy.

Optimal Healing Environment ClubCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|optimalhealing]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide entertainment and intellectual stimulations for geriatric residents in Williamsburg, The main goal is to contribute to an optimal healing environment. To accomplish this we will share our time, creativity, and musical talent with these residents to enhance the quality of their lives.

OrchesisArtsEmail: [[e|orchesis]]
Purpose: The dance company at the college which provides students with the opportunity to both perform and choreograph original modern dance works.
Website: {{}}

OrchestraArtsEmail: [[e|orchestra01]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Order of OmegaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|orderofomega]]
Purpose: Greek honor society


OutdoorSports ClubPresident: [[e|rswinfield, Rasik Winfield]]
Email: [[outdoorclub]]
Purpose: To get out and enjoy the fresh air of Virginia with some sweet folks who like to play in the dirt and make new friends while they're at it (for starving-college-kid fees too!)
Website: {{}}

Oxfam at William & MaryInterest GroupEmail: [[e|oxfam]]
Purpose: A non-profit dealing with poverty and social justice issues internationally. It is the goal of the cliv to increase awareness of these issues on campus and empower students to create change.

Paintball ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|paintball]]
Purpose: Playing the game of Paintball

Pan-Asian Culture CouncilInterest GroupEmail: [[e|panasian]]
Purpose: The purpose of the council is fivefold: To act as a forum for communication among the Asian student organizations and for the coordination of their opinions and activities. To foster unity and camaraderie among Asian student organizations at the College. To nuture understanding and pride in Asian cultures and promote education and awareness of Asian culture at the College and in the community. To maintain relations with the College administration, other cultural organizations at the College, Asian associations at other uiversities, alumni, and the Asian community locally, nationally and, internationally.

Partnership for Public Service CareersCommunity ServicePurpose: Purpose is to coordinate the career center and the OCES along with the government department to enhance student participation in the public and nonprofit sectors. This will be accomplished by informing students about how to find these jobs and various qualifications, advocating employment outside private sector, and brining speakers on the subject to campus.

Passing NotesArtsEmail: [[e|passingnotes]]
Purpose: To promote appreciation for a wide variety of a capella music of the pop genre and provide an a capella option for women interested in singing this music.
Website: {{}}

PAWS Pet and Animal Welfare SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|paws]]
Purpose: To be a link to Heritage Humane Society. Members are active with a special place in their hearts for helping abandoned animals

Pep BandArtsEmail: [[e|pepband01]]
Website: {{}}

Pershing RiflesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pershingrifles]]
Purpose: A military science rifle group

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law FraternityHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|undergradpad]]
Purpose: A pre-law undergraduate fraternity
Website: {{}}

Phi Beta KappaHonor SocietyPurpose: The nation's oldest Greek-letter fraternity, was founded by William & Mary students. At present, members of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter, number more than a thousand. Up to seven percent of the senior class at William & Mary are elected to membership each year. Selection is based largely on scholarship.
Website: {{}}

Phi Chi ThetaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phichitheta]]
Purpose: Business and Economics honor society

Phi Delta PhiLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|phidel]]
Purpose: Law honor society
Website: {{}}

Phi Eta SigmaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phietasigma]]
Purpose: Freshmen honor society

Phi Kappa TauFraternityChapter Name: Alpha Theta
National Founding: March 17, 1906
Founding School: Miami University, OH
Campus Founding: 1926

Philosophy ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|philosophy]]
Purpose: Aims to foster an environment in which philosophy and non-philosophy majors alike can collectively explore philosophical topics that may not be covered in class or may be of particular interest to members. The club also occasionally sponsors speaking engagements and social events.
Website: {{}}

Phi MuSororityChapter Name: Gamma Alpha
National Founding: March 4, 1852
Founding School: Wesleyan College, GA
Campus Founding: 1926

Phi Mu AlphaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phimualpha01]]
Purpose: Music honor society
Website: {{}}

Phi Mu EpsilonHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|pme]]
Purpose: The purpose of PME at W&M will be to promote scholarly activities in mathematics among the College’s students.

Phi Sigma PiHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phisigmapi]]
Purpose: Honor Society
Website: {{}}

Photography ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|photography]]
Purpose: To provide a common ground for amateur photographers of all levels to develop their abilities, interests and skills in photography.
Website: {{}}

Physics Graduate Student AssociationAcademicEmail: [[e|physicsgsa]]
Purpose: To provide a forum for physics graduate students and to promote good relations with the Physics faculty.

Pi Beta PhiSororityNickname: Pi Phi
Chapter Name: Virginia Gamma
National Founding: April 28, 1867
Founding School: Monmouth College, IL

Pi Gamma MuHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|pigammamu]]
Purpose: International Honor Society in the Social Sciences

Pi Kappa AlphaFraternityChapter Name: Gamma
National Founding: March 1, 1868
Founding School: University of Virginia, VA
Campus Founding: 1871

PilloryMediaEmail: [[e|pillory]]
Description: A humor and satire magazine dealing with topics of College, national, and international interest.

Pi Sigma AlphaHonor SocietyPurpose: Government honor society
Website: {{}}

Pocket Billiards ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pocketbilliards]]
Purpose: This organization will primarily exist to give its members regular opportunities to play pool together. It will also exist to raise interest in pocket billiards games at the College.

Pointe BlankArtsEmail: [[e|pointeblank]]
Website: {{}}

PokemonInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pokemon]]
Purpose: The purpose is to give WM students, faculty, and staff who share a common interest in Pokemom the opportunity to interact with one another. We provide a place to talk, trade, and compete at any level of competition they desire. Our main goal is to host an annual Pokemon tournament for the members of the group and the students of the College.

Poker Interest GroupEmail:: [[e|poker]]
Purpose: The purpose of the W&M Poker Club is to teach people how to play Texas Hold’ Em and other forms of poker, teach people basic and intermediate poker strategy, and organize poker tournaments.

Pre-Vet ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|prevetclub]]
Purpose: To provide camaraderie between those interested in animals, in animal health careers, and especially those interested in a career in veterinary medicine

Project AllCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|projectall]]
Purpose: A long term partnership between students and the Academy of Life and Learning to work together in furthering the development and success of alternative education programs in Williamsburg

Project ClearwaterCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|clearwater]]
Purpose: We raise awareness about the global water crisis, as well as raise funds for international projects to build sustainable water infrastructure in places that do not have it.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{!/group.php?gid=111601918858624}}

Project on America’s Global RoleInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pagr]]
Purpose: PAGR is an umbrella organization for the students involved in planning and executing the programs of the Williamsburg Forum on America’s Global Role. Its mission is to work in collaboration with the College and Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to make the Forum a success.

Project PhoenixCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|projectphoenix]]
Purpose: To provide youth with the opportunity to participate in after school tutoring and weekend field trips. Project Phoenix is designed for middle school aged youth wishing to further develop academic and social skills.
Website: {{}}

Psi ChiHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|psichi]]
Purpose: Psychology honor society

Public Health BrigadesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|publichealthbrig]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to educate about and promote public health projects in various contries such as Panama, Nicaragua, Ghana, and Honduras

Public Policy ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|policywm]]
Purpose: The purpose of this association shall be to foster professional development, academic pursuits, and social interaction among its members.

Queen's GuardInterest GroupEmail: [[e|queensguard]]
Purpose: A military science organization
Website: {{}}

QuidditchInterest GroupPurpose: This organization will meet to play the International Quidditch Association’s version of the game Quidditch. Goals of this club are 1) to foster a spirit of camaraderie among players. 2) To engage in friendly competition with quidditch teams of other universities. 3) To foster an appreciation of quidditch among the William & Mary Community.
Email: [[e|quidditch]]

QuizbowlInterest GroupEmail: [[e|quizbowl01]]
Purpose: A team which competes at the collegiate level

RacquetballSports ClubPresident: [[tathomas, Troy Thomas]]
Email: [[tathomas]]

Reading Enriches and Diversifies (R.E.A.D.)Community ServiceEmail: [[e|read]]
Purpose: To allow students to form a personal relationship with a nursing home resident or medical patient by reading to them on a weekly basis.

RealFoodInterest GroupEmail: [[e|realfood]]
Purpose: The purpose of RealFood is to provide the William & Mary community with an educational resource about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating practices, through workshops, speakers, educational literature, and partnering with the larger Williamsburg network of sustainable diners.

Reformed University FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|reformed]]
Purpose: A ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America affiliated with Reformed University Ministries
Website: {{}}

Remnant Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|rcf01]]
Purpose: To serve the campus by making positive changes through the teachings of the Bible. This is done through Worship, Bible and evangelism study groups, and community service

Residence Hall AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|rha]]
Purpose: The umbrella organization which connects the individual residence hall councils. The RHA sponsors programs including the community service event Green and Gold Christmas, the year - end Moonbounce, and educational hall programs. The group also serves as liaison between residential students and various administrative offices. Every student living in a Residence Hall is a member and is encouraged to attend and participate in weekly meetings and RHA events.
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/WMRHA}}

ReveilleEmail: [[e|reveille]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/ReveilleWM}}

Rhythm and TapsArtsEmail: [[e|rhythmandtaps]]
Purpose: To promote and expand all kinds of tap dancing and create opportunities for low cost tap dancing lessons on campus.

Robotics Club at W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|robotics]]
Purpose: To develop personal creativity and problem solving capabilities through designing and building robots, to engage in the study of STEM education through the same means, and to conduct this study in a cooperative environment to represent the school in robotics competitions.

rock climibing

Rock ClimbingSports ClubPresident: [[e| pjblack, Paulo Black]]
Website: {{}}

Rocket MagazineMediaPurpose: Rocket Magazine is the premiere art and fashion publication at The College of William & Mary. The purpose of this publication is to provide an outlet for student artistic expression primarily through art and design, fashion, photography, and feature.
Email: [[e|rocket]]

Roosevelt Institute Interest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the organization will be to extend the activities of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network at William & Mary through their mission to , “engage new generations in a unique form of progressive activisms that empowers young people as leaders and promotes their ideas for change.” This will be accomplished by encouraging debate among students over prevalent policy issues in order to foster a community of active citizens.
Email: [[e|rooseveltinst]]

RotaractCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|rotaract]]
Purpose: To provide an opportunity to develop professional and leadership skills; to emphasize respect for the rights of others and to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupations; to provide opportunities to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world; to provide opportunities for working in cooperation with sponsoring Rotary Clubs, and to movitate young people for eventual membership in Rotary
Website: {{}}

Rubik’s Society of William & MaryInterest GroupPurpose: A mission of the Rubik’s Society of William & Mary is to help interested students learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, to improve the time it takes for them to solve the cube, and help interested cubers prepare for Rubik’s Cube competitions. Additionally, we aim to not only encourage others, both inside and outside the Society, to develop an appreciation for Rubik’s Cube theory and culture, but also to apply their knowledge to similar puzzles. Ultimately, our goal is to help others fully understand that given time and dedication, solving a Rubik’s Cube is a relatively easy task.
Email: [[e|rubikssociety]]

Rugby-MenSports ClubPresident: [[e|sjbrown01, Samuel Brown]]
Website: {{}}

Standard File

Rugby-WomenSports ClubPresident: [[e|kaconteras, Kat Conteras]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}


RunningSports ClubPresident: [[e|eahiggins, Emily Higgins]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Ruritan ClubCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|ruritan]]
Purpose: To promote fellowship and goodwill among members and citizens of the community and inspires each other to higher efforts

Russian Studies ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|russianclub01]]
Purpose: Sponsors cultural events, Russian discussion groups, and a seminar.
Advisor: Bella Ginzbursky-Blum
Website: {{}}


Sail & Paddle (VIMS)Sports ClubPresident: [[e|makuschner, Michael Kuschner]]
Email: [[e|makuschner]]
Facebook: {{!/VIMSSailPaddleClub}}
Website: {{}}

sailing racing

Sailing (Racing)Sports ClubPresident: [[e|adseigel, Adam Seigel]]
Purpose: To provide an opportunity for recreational and competitive sailing and sailing instruction to students, faculty and staff
Website: {{}}

Salsa ClubInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the Salsa Club is to instruct and teach mainly Salsa, but also Merengue, Bachata, and Tango.
Email: [[e|salsa]]

Sandbox Improvisation ArtsPurpose: The purpose of Sandbox Improvisation is to provide laughter to the students of William & Mary and be an outlet for those who would like to participate in an improvisational troupe.
Email: [[E|sandbox]]

School House BlockInterest GroupEmail:
Purpose: This organization seeks to provide educational opportunities to all students and to promote awareness of global need for improved childhood education. Our goals are to fund the project of building a new school abroad, to promote awareness of the lack of access to education, to advocate a change in the global status of women and children, and to volunteer in the community to address local needs for improvements in education. This organization desires to engage students involved to think critically of solutions to global illiteracy by integrating ideas of sustainability, public health, global awareness, and gender equality into its missions.

Science Fiction and Fantasy ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sciffy]]
Purpose: A group of people interested in all forms of science fiction and fantasy, sponsoring Videofest, a weekend-long, non-stop video showing each semester. Activities include a writers group and attending various area conventions.

Shakespeare in the DarkArtsEmail: [[e|shakespeare]]
Purpose: A student-run group dedicated to bringing Shakespeare in all forms to the campus.
Website: {{}}

Shark Upon The Gail ProductionsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sutg]]
Purpose: This organization will function to send a play written by a William & Mary student to the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C. every summer.

Shotokan KarateSports ClubPresident: [[e|jsandrews, Jamal Andrews]]
Email: [[karate]]
Purpose: To extend the principles of the true martial artist spirit to members of the William & Mary community. We welcome all interested students, faculty and staff at William & Mary to attend our trainings.

Sigma Alpha EpsilonFraternityChapter Name: Virginia Kappa
National Founding: March 9, 1856
Founding School: University of Alabama
Campus Founding: December 12, 1857

Sigma ChiFraternityChapter Name: Zeta Upsilon
National Founding: June 28, 1855
Founding School: Miami University, OH
Campus Founding: 1968

Sigma Gamma RhoSororityNickname: SGRho
National Founding: November 12, 1922
Founding School: Butler University
Campus Founding: 2011

Sigma Iota AlphaInterest GroupPurpose: Strive toward the expansion of awareness of Latino culture to our members and the community at large. To promote sisterhood and leadership amongst ourselves which is the basis of our precious and rare foundation. To stand for the accomplishments of excellence and education among women. While we endeavor to work as sisters in these common goals, we value person identity and individualism.
Email: [[e|sigmaiotaalpha]]
Web: {{}}

Sigma Mu SigmaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|sigmamusigma]]
Purpose: To foster the ideals of unity, leadership, and responsibility in students. Projects include Steer Clear, College Partnership for Kids, and SEAC.

Sigma Phi EpsilonFraternityChapter Name: Virginia Delta
National Founding: November 1, 1901
Founding School: University of Richmond, Richmond, VA
Campus Founding: 2010

Sigma PiFraternityChapter Name: Alpha Eta
National Founding: February 26, 1897
Founding School: Vincennes University, IN
Campus Founding: 1990

Sikh Student SangatReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|sikhfaith]]
Purpose: Educates and creates spiritual and political awareness of the Sikh faith

Sinfonicron Light Opera CompanyArtsEmail: [[e|sinfonicron01]]
Purpose: Provides an alternative performance style to the one offered by the Theatre department. Students are given an opportunity to be involved in every aspect of doing a show, including directing, producing, and designing.
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/Sinfonicron}}


Soccer-MenSports ClubPresident: [[e|msgibbons, Michael Gibbons]]
Email: [[e|soccerm]]
Website: {{}}


Soccer-WomenSports ClubPresidents: [[e|jbwilliamson, Jill Williamson]] (Gold) and [[e|jmiannucci, Jaclyn Iannucci]] (Green)
Website: {{}}

Social Entrepreneurship ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sec]]
Purpose: The mission of the College of William & Mary Social Entrepreneurship Club is to provide, through unity and collaboration, a socially responsible club that informs, prepares, and otherwise assist and encourage William & Mary students who are interested in careers in not-for-profit and/or socially minded organizations.

Social Venture ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|socialventure]]
Purpose: This club will aim to cultivate students' knowledge and awareness of social ventures. The organization will educate members on developing and implementing social ventures that address community needs and sustainable development. Members will be supported in the development of their own social venture ideas.

Society for Creative AnachronismInterest GroupEmail: [[e|ssag01]]
Purpose: To further the study of American government and politics on the campus of William and Mary.

Society for the College--Student AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sftc]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to promote good governance at the College; preserve the Colleges' history, and traditions; and promote academic excellence in a classical liberal arts education at the College.

Society of Physics StudentsAcademicPurpose: The Society of Physics Students exists to promote fellowship and community between physics undergraduates, as well as further physics outreach to the greater William & Mary community. The Society of Physics Students also offers free, weekly tutoring services to students of all majors taking introductory physics courses.
Email: [[e|physicsstudents]]


SoftballSports ClubPresident: [[e|kdwatson, Kelsey Watson]]
Purpose: To better ourselves on and off the field by playing the game we love.
Website: {{}}

Someone You KnowInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|someoneyouknow]]
Purpose: Our mission as Someone You Know is to empower all individuals to end sexual violence through peer education programs in order to create a more supportive, healthy and aware campus.

Soul CentralReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|soulcentral]]
Purpose: organize a growing group of young people, who live to their fullest potential, as they influence their world for Christ and teach/encourage them to live out their faith everyday

South Asian Student AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sasa01]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of the South Asian culture to all members of the W&M College community; to provide social and educational activities for all interested individuals; to promote identity and unity among the South Asian students
Website: {{}}

SpectrumInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|spectrum]]
Purpose: The purpose of Spectrum will be to provide a social space for graduate students and non-traditional students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or allies. This will include organizing social events and providing resources for support. As secondary purposes, Spectrum will look into professional development for students and education for the community in relation to lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) concerns.

Spoken WordArtsEmail: [[e|spokenword]]
Purpose: Spoken Word will promote creativity, communications, and friendship, and the performing arts by encouraging member participation in such activities as poetry, music, comedy, and dancing.

Sports Business ClubInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of this organization will be to foster growth of students’ knowledge of the sports industry and to provide them with opportunities for internships and or future careers in similar fields.
Email: [[e|sportsbusiness]]

SpotlightArtsEmail: [[e|spotlight]]
Purpose: To entertain with song and dance by preparing one public showcase per semester. It includes a variety of musical genres from contemporary pop to traditional show tunes.
Website: {{}}

St. Thomas More SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|stthomasmore]]
Purpose: To provide a forum for Catholic law students and faculty and those students or faculty interested in Catholiciam or Catholic legal thought to meet, socialize and discuss pertinent issues

Stage Combat Student AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sbdunf]]
Purpose: To provide training to students based on internationall recognized techniques in stage combat.

StairwellsArtsEmail: [[e|stairwells01]]
Website: {{}}

Steer ClearCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|steerclear]]
Purpose: To provide a reliable, secure and free means of travel for students on weekend nights when school is in session. The organization aims to reduce risky behavior, namely driving under the influence and traveling unescorted during late hours
Website: {{}}

Stitch and ShareInterest GroupEmail: [[e|wmknits]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to gather fellow knitters with the purpose of benefiting cancer patients either through donations of money or scarves/hats etc.

Student Alumni CouncilInterest GroupEmail: [[e|alumnicouncil]]
Purpose: The service and programming student organization of the Society of the Alumni whose purpose is to provide a link between alumni, students, and the College community.

Student AssemblyStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|studentassembly]]
Purpose: To provide representative government for undergraduate students, encourage academic growth, protect the integrity of student opinion, and insure the students' right of self-governance.
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/WM_SA}}

Student Bar AssociationStudent GovernmentEmail: [[e|studentbar]]
Purpose: To develop and further scholastic achievement, to increase knowledge of the law, to foster professional ideals; to promote understanding among alumni, faculty, and students, and to coordinate the activities of the law school and the surrounding town.
Facebook: {{}}

Student Education AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sea]]
Purpose: a. To allow Students the opportunity to explore the profession of education. b. To assist its members in preparation as future educators. c. To educate members in understanding the importance of quality educators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. d. To aid its members in developing an appreciation for the teaching profession. e. To encourage its members’ success as future educators by providing informative workshops and by building and maintain strong contacts within the Commonwealth of Virginia. f. TO obtain and maintain support from the National Educations association and the Student Virginia Educations Association with the creation of The College of William & Mary as a local chapter. g. To show support and appreciation for the Professors at The College of William and Mary by sponsoring “Professor Appreciation Week” every April.

Student Hip-Hop OrganizationArtsEmail: [[e|hiphop]]
Purpose: To network with W&M's thriving hip-hop community and to utilize hip-hop as a tool for creating unity within this culture on campus. Students can share and showcase their talents, love and passion for the culture and music.

Student Legal ServicesLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|legser]]
Website: {{}}

Student Organization for Medical Outreach and SustainabilityCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|somos]]
Purpose: To annually choose members of the undergraduate student body to work with physicians in a medical clinic overseas over winter vacation. The organization shall give said students experience in a medical setting and provide an opportunity for service abroad.

Student Parents on CampusInterest GroupEmail: [[e|studentparents]]
Purpose: A support group for students on campus with children.

Student Red CrossCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|collegeredcross]]
Purpose: To provide direction and coordination to William & Mary students in support of Red Cross Service delivery on campus and in the surrounding community.

Students' Petersburg Initiative for Community EngagementCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|spice]]
Purpose: To assist in the social and economic revitalization of the City of Petersburg in the State of Virginia by partnering with local leaders and organizations through various service activities
Website: {{}}

Students Defending DemocracyInterest GroupEmail: [[sddemocracy]]
Purpose: To promote education and awareness on terrorism through lectures and campus events. At the core of Students Defending Democracy is the belief that there is a clear distinction between acts of terrorism and fighting in the name of "freedom," and all democracies have an inherent right to defend themselves from those who would seek to use terrorism as a weapon against freedom and human rights. The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is a non-partisan, non-profit, Washington DC based think-tank that conducts research and education on terrorism and counterterrorism policy.

Students Engaged at EnvoyCommunity ServicePurpose: Seen will exist to get William and Mary student volunteers involved with the Envoy Nursing Home in Williamsburg, VA. This organization will serve as the main channel of communication between interested student volunteers and the Envoy Nursing Home. Seen will keep a record of students’ total volunteer hours. Seen will foster relationships with other on-campus organizations that may be interested in bringing their specific skills and talents to Envoy. Seen will seek to educate the student body about the issues of loneliness in elderly residents and what we can do to combat it.
Email: [[e|seen]]

Students for a Better WilliamsburgInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sbw]]
Purpose: To empower students of the College. The group will raise awareness about student-relevant issues in the community, and is committed to supporting student-friendly candidates in the Williamsburg City Council elections.

Students for a Democratic SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|sds]]
Purpose: Strives to create a more democratic society, free of all forms of oppression.
Website: {{}}

Students for AnimalsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|foranimals]]
Purpose: Students for Animals will bring students together under the united purpose of improving the lives of animals while respecting all life, human and non-human alike. Students for Animals will also be a forum for discussing the groudbreaking field of Critical Animal Studies, a realm of thought relevant to those studying everything from biology to philosophy to art history. Its' goals will include involvement in the local community of animals, from wildlife to livestock to pets; exploration of Critical Animal Studies worldwide; and the foundation of academic initiatives relating to Critical Animal Studies for future W&M students.

Students for Belize EducationCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|belizeeducation]]
Purpose: To plan, funraise, and participate in an international service trip to Belize during winter break. The purpose of the trip is to help in the upkeep of a Belizean elementary school, help supervise the children during the school days, provide alternative after-school activities, and engage in the cultural exchange that results from working and playing with the students.

Students for Criminal Justice ReformInterest GroupPurpose: a. SCJR will proved a way for William and Mary students to advocate for criminal justice reform, both on a statewide and a national level. b. SCJ will connect students with various organizations and their advocacy efforts c. SCJR will foster relationships with other on-campus organizations that may be interested in working towards criminal justice reform d. SCJR will seek to educate the student body about the issues of our criminal justice system including voter disenfranchisement and mass incarceration.
Email: [[e|scjr]]

Students for Education ReformInterest GroupPurpose: The mission of SFER is to close the achievement gap and ensure and excellent education for all children by mobilizing a new generation of leaders in education reform. We envision a country where all children have access to a high-quality education and all stakeholders, especially young leaders, are guided by high expectations and commitment to student news. We aim to lead education reform awareness, understanding, and engagement activities on campus and amplify student voice in the policy-making process.
Email: [[e|sfer]]

Students for Effective PolicyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|step]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to promote bipartisanship and pragmatic policy in governmental bodies across the country. This will contribute to the University's educational purposes by giving students political experience as they support the purpose of the organization.

Students for Equality in Legal EducationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|selexx]]
Purpose: To seek to address issues of inequality within legal education. Primary goals are to establish a community of support for those concerned with issues of inequality, diversify the faculty and student populations, and help to implement a curriculum that addresses issues of inequality such as race, class and gender that exist within the lase but that have been historically ignored in legal education

Students for Fair TradeInterest GroupEmail: [[e|fairtrade]]
Purpose: To provide options of fair trade products to W&M students through the forms of sales on campus and to educate the W&M community about fair trade, free trade and socially responsible business and the global economy

Students for LifeInterest GroupEmail: [[e|studentsforlife]]
Purpose: The preservation of the right to life for the unborn. Provides education through literature, speakers, and debates and supports other local and national pro-life organizations through fund raising and volunteer counseling.
Website: {{}}

Students for Peace in Israel and PalestineInterest GroupEmail: [[e|spip]]
Purpose: The organization will seek to promote awareness in the student body of the history of both the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflicts. It will seek to educate the William & Mary community about current events in the region of Palestine, pertaining to culture, religion, and politics. The organization will seek to promote a just, equitable and lasting resolution to the conflicts. It’s policy prescriptions will be expressed in a Declaration of Goals.

Students for Sensible Drug PolicyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|ssddpxx]]
Purpose: This organization is committed to providing education on the harms caused by the War on Drugs, working to involve youth in the political process and promoting an open, honest and rational discussion of alternative solutions to our nation’s drug problems.
Website: {{}}

Students for SomaliaCommunity ServiceEmail:: [[e|studentssomalia]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to help relieve the distress and suffering of refugees around the world.

Students for Stop Hunger NowInterest GroupEmail: [[e|stophunger]]
Purpose: To end hunger in our lifetime and whose mission is to provide food and life saving aid to the most poor and hungry throughout the world in the most rapid, efficient and effective manner. The club's primary responsibilities will be to raise funds and to host food packaging events.
Website: {{}}

Students Helping HondurasCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|honduras]]
Purpose: To provide fundamental human needs to orphaned and impoverished children in Honduras. Also works to educate college students about volunteerism, global responsibility, and sustainable development.

Students of the CaribbeanInterest GroupEmail: [[e|soca]]
Purpose: To serve as an outlet for students of the Caribbean and those interested in learning more about the Caribbean culture. One goal is to network with other Caribbean groups in Virginia.
Website: {{}}

Supporters In LawLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|supporters]]
Purpose: To provide a community for law school supporters to come together and support one another while their significant others are attending law school through fellowship, activities and discussions

Swastha NepalCommunity ServicePurpose: To provide William & Mary students and Faculty with the opportunity to aid local doctors in primary care and participate in research regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the Nepali health system.
Email:: [[e|swasthanepal]]
Website: : {{}}


SwimmingSports ClubPresident: [[e|tevonstetten, Tim Von Stetten]]
Website: {{}}

Swing ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|swingclub01]]
Purpose: To promote swing dancing, particularly lindy hop, as a social dance.
Website: {{}}


Synchronized SwimmingSports ClubPresident: [[e|mecase, Mary Beth Case]]
Email: [[synchronizedswim]]
Website: {{}}

SyndicateArtsEmail: [[e|syndicate01]]
Purpose: To spread awareness and encourage interest in a variety of elements of contemporary urban music and dance.
Website: {{}}

SynergyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|synergy01]]
Purpose: This organization bring in professionals that work in the marketing field tto speak with students and provide contacts and career information.
Website: {{}}


Table TennisSports ClubPresident: [[e|jkcooper, Jahan Cooper]]
Email: [[e|jkcooper, Jahan Cooper]]

Tae Kwon DoSports ClubPresident: [[e|rsbohnke, Robert Bohnke]]
Email: [[taekwondo]]
Website: {{}}

Team BlitzInterest GroupEmail: [[e|teamblitz]]
Purpose: To offer an outlet for dedicated distance runners who are not on the Varsity XC/Track teams for whatever reason, but still want to train and race competitive;y on the collegiate level.

TennisSports ClubPresident: [[e|manobrega, Megan Nobrega]]
Email: [[e|manobrega]]
Website: {{}}

Theatre Students AssociationAcademicEmail: [[e|theatrestudents]]
Purpose: Provides a social, intellectual, and creative outlet for all students interested in Theatre. Events sponsored include the annual Fire and Brimstone Costume Ball, workshops, speakers, and trips to New York City.
Advisor: Steve Holliday

The BeaconMediaEmail: [[e|beacon]]
Description: The Beacon is a literary magazine which serves to contribute to the campus environment with intelligent thoughts from a Christian perspective.
Website: {{}}

The CircleInterest GroupEmail: [[e|thecircle]]
Purpose: We aspire to provide a space for artists to be able to share with and learn from another.

The College CompanyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|rwcc]]
Purpose: The College Company is an American Revolution historical reenactment club dedicated to recreating the militia company of students and professors raised from the College in 1777. Our activities range from firing muskets at home football games when the Tribe scores to attending off-campus living history and battle reeanactments.
Facebook: {{}}

The Front Porch SocietyInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|frontporch]]
Purpose: To promote and educate the campus on all forms of good music. To strengthen the tradition of philanthropy at the College. To promote solidarity at William & Mary through campus wide events, projects, and concerts. To build a real, live, breathing music scene at the College.

The Little ThingsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|littlethings]]
Purpose: The Little Things is about being there for one another, reminding each other of the beauty and love around us, taking the time to take a step back for a second, and realizing that there is more to life than the hustle and bustle.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|tjsoty]]
Purpose: An organization that works closely with the Law School's Academic program in Therapeutic Jurisprudence.

The Storm Chasers at W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|stormchasers]]
Purpose: The main goal of this meteorological group is to make our own forecasts. We will teach individuals how to predict any weather event. Virginia weather can be unpredictable at times, even for the locals. Our group will intrepret the same weather models professional meteorologists use to determine weather patterns.

Theta Delta ChiFraternityChapter Name: Epsilon Charge
National Founding: October 31, 1847
Founding School: Union College, Schenectedy NY
Campus Founding: 1853

The WeekendMediaPurpose: THE WEEKEND is a student publication whose purpose is to report on the social life of the William & Mary student body. We feel this publication is necessary because there is currently no officially sanctioned journalistic enterprise which recognizes the importance of a student’s social life to the college experience. We aim to elevate the social life of the college student to a subject worthy of legitimate publication. We list as our main goal the encapsulation of the William & Mary social life in a concise, entertaining document.
Email:: [[e|weekend]]

Third Culture Kids ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|thirdculturekids]]
Purpose: The purpose of the TCK Club is to bring together third culture kids at W&M. TCKs are people who grew up in countries other than their passport country and culture of their parents. Often times these students' sense of belonging is within groups of people with similar upbringings. This club aims to bring together a TCK community at W&M. The club will be a space to share stories, celebrate global identities, discuss experiences growing up abroad, and meet likeminded people. As most families' of TCK students live outside the country, this club will serve as a home away from home and help TCK students transition back into life in the United States.

Tidewater Labor Support CommitteeInterest GroupEmail: [[e|tlsc]]
Purpose: To provide a forum supportive to those interested in the history and culture of the labor movement.
Website: {{}}

Transfer Student AmbassadorsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|tsambassadors]]
Purpose: To assist transfer student's transition into the College. Also hosts prospective transfer student day in February.
Website: {{}}

TriathlonSports ClubPresident: [[e|rcthompson01, Casey Thompson]]
Email: [[e|rcthompson01]]

Tribal DancersArtsEmail: [[e|tribaldancers]]
Website: {{}}

Tribal FeverInterest GroupEmail: [[e|thetribalfever]]
Purpose: The official fan club of Tribe athletics.
Facebook: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/thetribalfever}}

Tribe CheerleadersInterest GroupEmail: [[e|cheerleaders]]
Purpose: To support and cheer for all intercollegiate sports teams.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Tribe Club AmbassadorsInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|tribeclubamb]]
Purpose: Tribe Club Ambassadors is a student run organization which supports the William & Mary Athletic programs by sponsoring special events, such as fundraisers, receptions, gold tournaments and auctions. The organization strives to connect students with the Tribe Athletics community and the William and Mary alumni base with the goal of building networks and giving back.

Tribe College OutreachInterest GroupEmail: [[e|tribeoutreach]]
Purpose: To provide information about the college application process to intelligent and motivated low-income, first-generation high school students throughout Virginia.

Tribe Rides Car ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|triberides]]
Purpose: To discuss their interests with like-minded individuals and to participate and create events that celebrate the aforementioned vehicles.

Tribe Society for Paranormal ResearchInterest GroupEmail: [[e|paranormal]]
Purpose: To research phenoma which have generally been labeled as "paranormal," both in theory and in practice. This includes active search and investigation as wel as personal development of beliefs.

Tribe ThonCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|tribethon]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to raise awareness and funds to support the fight against pediatric illness and the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (CHKD). The goal is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against pediatric illness and CMN. Promoting and hosting a 12 hour Dance Marathon from which funds will be donated to CHKD. Promoting and hosting other fundraisig events throughout the year whose funds will be donated to CHKD. Dance every year until there are no more sick children.

Ukelele ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|ukelele]]
Purpose: Dedicated to providing a fun, laidback environment for W&M ukelelists to rehearse and perform.


Ultimate Frisbee-MenSports ClubPresident: [[e|pwsweetser, Peter Sweetser]]
Email: [[ultimatefrisbeem]]
Website: {{}}

Ultimate Frisbee-WomenSports ClubPresident: [[e|smbaker, Sarah Baker]]
Website: {{}}

Unitarian Universalist CircleReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|unitarian]]
Purpose: Promote fellowship and the principles of Unitarian Universalism, provides support, and is an outlet for social action and discussion for Unitarian Universalist students.
Website: {{}}

United Against Infectious DiseasesCommunity ServicePurpose: UAID is a student-operated service organization with a mission that is two-fold. In the Williamsburg community we aim to provide volunteer opportunities regarding HIV/AIDS through collaboration with local HIV-related organizations and host events that increase awareness and mobilize students. Internationally, we aim to provide testing and counseling to rural villagers in developing nations and pursue an awareness initiative to statistically at-risk populations. If you would like to contribute to the cause of infectious diseases on campus, in our local community, and globally, this is the organization for you!
Email: [[e|uaid]]
Website: {{}}

Unite for SightCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|uniteforsight]]
Purpose: To work with the local community to improve access to health programs, to prevent blindness through free community vision screenings and health programs for medically underserved children and adults, and collects used eyeglasses to donate to eye clinics in developing countries; also raises funds to help cover cost of cataract surgeries in developing countries

Untitled SocietyInterest GroupPurpose: The Untitled Society is a student run writing club that features twenty-minute writing prompts within meetings. Meetings will also give students the opportunity to share or workshop any writing from past or present meetings. The Untitled Society will give students a safe place to discuss writing and implement new processes without convention criticism or the obligation for continuity.
Email: [[e|untitledsociety]]

Up Til DawnCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|uptildawn]]
Purpose: To inform and promote the St. Jude organization and cause while raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Wesite: {{}}

VarietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|variety]]
Purpose: Variety will be created to provide a community for students to showcase unique talents. These talents might vary from skills that have taken a long time to master to inborn innate abilities. All students are invited to join. Students that do not have a unique talent will come and learn one. When the club meets, members will practice their own skills, teach others their talent, learn other talents, or appreciate the performances of other members. The mission is to give individuals an opportunity to display and develop their hidden talents, which they might not have been able to do in the past. At the end of the year, certain members will be chosen through a process of auditions to perform in a show for the school.

Veteran SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|veteransociety]]
Purpose: A network of veterans within the W&M community
Facebook: {{}}

Virginia 21Interest Groupemail: [[e|virginia21]]
Purpose: This nonpartisan organization will spread information regarding state legislation that affects students and will encourage students to participate in Virginia21’s statewide lobbying activities and events.

Virginia Bar AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|wmsvba]]
Purpose: The Virginia Bar Association is a voluntary organization of Virginia lawyers committed to serving the public and the legal profession by promoting the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and excellence in the legal profession; working to improve the law and the administration of justice; and advancing collegial relations among lawyers. At William & Mary, a student-led Council furthers the VBA’s commitments by sponsoring networking and educational events, and participating in the state-wide annual Legal Food Frenzy as a charitable contribution to local food banks.
Website: {{}}

Virginia InformerMediaEmail: [[e|virginiainformer]]
Description: Campus media whose mission is to inform students of the stories that are important to them and go unheard because other media outlets are dependent on their institutions; the best common sense news for all campuses across the state of Virginia
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/VAInformer}}

Virginia Organizing ProjectInterest GroupPurpose: The VOP is a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to challenging injustice by empowering people in local communities to address issues that affect the quality of their lives.
Email: [[e|vop]]

Virtual Library of FreedomInterest GroupEmail: [[e|virtibrfreedom]]
Purpose: Working to build a website that promotes political moderation. The site will post documents on topics such as human rights, good governance, and political campaign organization. These documents and the site in general will be available in Arabic and English and will allow for open discussion through comments and a blog.

Voices for Planned ParenthoodInterest GroupEmail: [[e|vox]]
Purpose: To educate the university community about reproductive health and rights
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}


Volleyball-MenSports ClubPresident: [[ansmith01, Andrew Smith]]
Email: [[ansmith01]]
Purpose: William & Mary Men’s Volleyball Club provides a more competitive atmosphere than what is offered through the intramural program while still maintaining a fun and stress-free environment. It’s a nice break from academic life as we practice throughout the week and a great opportunity to meet people, as players of any ability are welcome.
Website: {{}}


Volleyball-WomenSports ClubPresidents: [[e|amdoski, Abbey Doski]] (Gold), [[e|jelee01, Jessica Lee]] (Green), and [[e|cmrodriguez01, Chelsea Rodriguez]] (White)
Website: {{}}

W&M Business Law ReviewMediaPurpose: A scholarly publication of professional articles and student notes dedicated to the nexus between business, law and ethics.
Website:: {{}}

W&M Consulting GroupInterest GroupEmail: [[e|wmconsulting]]
Purpose: W&M Consulting is a club committed to developing the professional skill set of students and exposing them to opportunities in the field of consulting. We organize teams to compete in case competitions and offer the chance to network with professionals from various firms.

W&M Institute of Gender, Sexuality, and the LawLaw SchoolEmail:: [[e|igsl]]
Purpose: To support and empower gender & sexuality-related student organizations, sustain gender and sexuality-related curriculum at the law school, as well as contribute to the national legal dialogue on issues where gender, sexuality, and the law intersect.

W&M Jazz EnsembleArtsPurpose: As the premiere jazz performing organization on campus, the William & Mary Jazz Ensemble offers students an opportunity to perform over a hundred years of the finest jazz repertoire. The Ensemble performs in and around the campus community including at the Kimball Theatre and regional tours.
Email: [[e|pkbhasin]]
Website: {{}}

W&M Policy ReviewMediaPurpose: The WMPR is the student-run academic journal based at the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy.

W&M Symphony OrchestraArtsPurpose: The William & Mary Symphony Orchestra is comprised of undergraduate and graduate musicians of The College of William & Mary and community musicians of the Williamsburg area. Its mission is to grow through performances of great orchestral literature and to contribute to the artistic community of The College.
Email: [[e|wmorchestra]]

W&M TelevisionMediaEmail: [[e|wmtelevision]]
Descripton: Responsible for managing and overseeing student television productions, broadcasting student productions on the Campus Cable System, and managing the Student Television Studio and equipment.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

W&M Wind EnsembleArtsPurpose: The W&M Wind Ensemble has performed the finest wind ensemble literature for more than 80 years. In addition to traditional concert repertoire, the Wind Symphony presents diverse programs throughout the year including Pops, Homecoming, national tours, and for special events.
Email: [[e|windsymphony01]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Washington Redskins ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|redskins]]
Purpose: To provide a social outlet for anyone interested in the Washington Redskins.

WaterpoloSports ClubPresident: [[e|btweise, Benjamin Weise]]
Email: [[e|waterpolo]]
Purpose: Participation and competition in the sport of water polo
Website: {{}}

Wayne F. Gibbs Account SocietyAcademic Purpose: The Society shall facilitate the communication of important information to the students, provide opportunities for interaction with the faculty, bring to campus guests with academic and professional experience, and provide an opportunity to know and work with the other students at the College, thus contributing to the strength of the Accounting Programs.
Email: [[e|gibbs]]
Website: {{}}

WCWMMediaEmail: [[e|wcwm01]]
Description: The campus radio station for William & Mary. We are a group of students (and some faculty) who love music and care about promoting those artists who do not receive the airplay and support that we think they deserve. We play all genres, including rock, electronic, jazz, classical, and anything else you can think of. We also sponsor concerts several times a year and write a 'zine at least once a year. To become a DJ or just get more information, Emily at
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/WCWM}}

Weightlifting ClubSportsEmail:
Purpose: The purpose of the group shall be to organize the weightlifters of William and Mary together to secure adequate and competitively priced facilities off campus for the practice of Olympic weightlifting. The club also has the express purpose of teaching, training, recuiting, and advocating for the weightlifters of William and Mary. Finally, the group will serve the purpose of representing William and Mary officially in all forms of weightlifting competition. The group is aligned with the Colleges' educational goals through its education of students on the world renowned sport of weightlifting which is exhibited at the Olympics.

Wesley FoundationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|wesley]]
Purpose: Offer a comprehensive program of Bible study, Sunday evening activities, music, intramurals, worship, social gatherings, support groups and service.
Website: {{}}

Westminster FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|westminster]]
Purpose: An organization for college students sponsored by the Presbyterian Church that provides a witness to the Christian faith through options for worship, education, fellowship, retreats, music, and adopted parent program, the availability of church activities and spaces as well as pastoral support.
Website: {{}}

Wham Bam Big BandArtsEmail: [[e|whambam]]
Purpose: A student-led jazz ensemble that seeks to generate interest in live jazz performances.
Website: {{}}

William & Mary Children’s Well-Being FoundationCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|childrenswb]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to raise money for the Children’s Well-being Foundation, to learn about the Costa Rican medical system, and to prepare for and visit San Jose, Costa Rica.

William & Mary in the Muslim WorldCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|wmmuslimworld]]
Purpose: To plan, fund raise, and participate in an annual international service trip to various Islamic countries during summer break. To promote awareness of poverty and corruption in Islamic countries.

William & Mary Law Student for Reproductive JusticeLaw SchoolPurpose: The only student-led, student-centered national network of law students, professors, and lawyers committed to fostering the next wave of legal experts for the reproductive justice movement.
Email:: [[e|lsrj]]

William & Mary Lawyers Helping LawyersLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|lhl]]
Purpose: Purpose: W&M LHL is committed to improving the health and happiness of the student boy at W&M Law. Our motto is “You are part of a community that cares.” We are dedicated to: 1) Creating a supportive, encouraging environment at W&M Law; 2) Ameliorating the stresses of Law school; 3) Ensuring that all students have access to mental health counseling; 4) Providing our members with training to optimize our ability to have a positive impact on our student body; 5) Hosting events that provide the student body with an outlet for stress relief.

William & Mary Schola CantorumArtsEmail: [[e|wmscholacantorum]]
Purpose: The William & Mary Schola Cantorum is an entirely student-directed chamber choir dedicated to renaissance and twentieth century composition. Modeled on the university chapel choirs of Oxford and Cambridge, the Schola sings from a broad and varied repertoire of sacred and secular music, spanning from Tallis and Gibbons to Duruflé and Lauridsen. For more infomation, please visit us online.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

William & Mary Transactional Law TeamLaw SchoolEmail:: [[e|transactionallaw]]
Purpose: The Transactional Law Team is dedicated to providing a forum for William & Mary students to explore and improve their transactional law ability, skills and interest through preparation for and participation in transactional law competitions. The activities of the Transactional Law Team may include, but are not limited to: competing in tournaments held throughout the United States, hosting tournaments independently or in conjunction with other law schools, and networking with students at other law schools, colleges and universities related to transactional law issues.

William and LarryInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the organization is to be a gay-straight alliance that will raise awareness of existing discriminatory statutes against gays in the Virginia Constitution and legal code at the College of William & Mary and Williamsburg Community. The club willl lobby Virginia Assembly for gay rights and to repeal existing discriminatory statutes. The club will also create dialog with other clubs and religious organizations to foster mutual respect and tolerance. The club is non-partisan, rights based association that emphasizes equality and equal protection under Virginia law.
Email: [[e|williamlarry]]

William and Mary ReviewMediaEmail: [[e|review]]
Description: The College literary magazine published twice a year by students.
Website: {{}}

Williamsburg Community ChapelReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|wcchapel]]
Purpose: A group committed to meeting students wherever they are on their spiritual journey, helping them grow in their knowledge of God and his word and preparing them to serve others.

WindwalkersInterest GroupEmail: [[e|windwalkers]]
Purpose: A competitive winter guard.
Website: {{}}

Wine SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|winesociety]]
Purpose: This society helps to promote the discovery and enjoyment of wine through tastings.

Winged NationMediaEmail: [[e|wingednation01]]
Description: : "An annual literary arts magazine showcasing the diverse individual perspectives of the students of William & Mary."
Website: {{}}

Wizards and MugglesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|wizardsmuggles]]
Purpose: To foster the appreciation of Harry Potter through service projects and various social events
Website: {{}}

Women's ChorusArtsEmail: [[e|womenschorus]]
Website:: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Women's Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|wmws]]
Purpose: To further the academic, social and professional needs, concerns, and goals of the members, provide a forum within the Marshall-Wythe School of Law community to promost discussion and activism by members on relevant issues, and create and maintain a supportive and collaborative organization that recognizes and fosters outstanding achievement


WrestlingSports ClubPresident: [[e|gboplinger, Gavin Oplinger]]
Website: {{}}

Yoga ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|yogaclub]]
Purpose: The club exists to bring together people who either currently practice yoga or would like to begin practicing yoga. The goal is to practice and learn yoga together so that we may individually improve.

Yomenieva I SimaInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|yis]]
Purpose: To spread the love and knowledge of works of J. R.R. Tolkien to any who desire knowledge thereof.

Young DemocratsInterest GroupEmail: [[e|youngdemocrats]]
Purpose: Committed to the high ideals of the Democratic party who work actively in national and state elections, as well as taking a lead role in educating the campus on important political issues.
Website: {{}}

Young Life LeadershipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|younglife]]
Purpose: An organization that proclaims in word and deed the Person and work of Jesus Christ to the adolescent community by any means God directs. The Leadership group involves college students committed to Christ, who establish personal, unconditional friendships with young people as essential in the proclamation of the Gospel.