William and Mary

Community Service Organizations

AIDS TanzaniaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|aidstanzania01]]
Purpose: Plans a yearly trip to Tanzania where the group will work with a local organization concerning community outreach. The goal is to increase awareness of the effects of nutrition and health on AIDS through educational sessions held in various rural communities of Tanzania
Twitter: {{!/AIDSTanzania}}

Alpha Phi OmegaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|alphaphiomega]]
Purpose: For college students to gather together in an organization based on fraternalism and founded on the principles of the Boy Scouts of America to develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service to humanity.
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Alter EgoCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|alterego]]
Purpose: Fashion/entertainment/urban arts club which puts on a creative event each semester to give back to a charity.

Amnesty InternationalCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|amnesty]]
Purpose: To support the national and international Amnesty International organizations in their goals of working for the release of all "prisoners of conscience;" ending torture, including the death penalty worldwide; and promoting human rights awareness in the community.

BanaaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|banaa]]
Purpose: Provide a full, 4 year scholarship to a student from Sudan in an effort to prevent future conflict.

Bangladesh Relief Initiative for ChildrenCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bangladeshrelief]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of poverty, corruption, and the effects of natural disasters in Bangladesh, particularly as they relate to children. BRIC also aims to engage the community in non-profit work in the poverty relief sector by creating a service trip.
Website: {{}}

Big Brothers Big SistersCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bigbroandbigsis]]
Purpose: Helps young people in our community achieve their highest potential during their formative years by providing positive, caring mentor relationships.

Bone Marrow DriveCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bonemarrowdrive]]
Purpose: To hold various events throughout the year to raise funds which allows people to enter the National Registry for bone marrow donors
Website: {{}}

Bosnia ProjectCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bosniaproject]]
Purpose: A summer service trip focused on education and peace-building. It sends members to teach English in a 4-5 week summer camp.

Building Tomorrow: Destination KampalaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|kampala]]
Purpose: To give students the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for infrastructure projects benefiting orphans impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Campus BuddiesCommunity ServicePurpose: This organization is designed to consolidate current student engagement projects with the disability community to include Buddy Ball, Buddy Art, Buddy Theatre, Lunch Buddies, and with potential for collaboration with other student organizations that work with the disability community. This body intends to coordinate and train volunteers, provide information to campus, present programs, host media nights, arrange speakers, and promote forums for discussion about relevant issues.
Email: [[e|campusbuddies]]

Campus Initiative for UNICEFCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|unicef]]
Purpose: To raise money and awareness for the United Children's Fund by incorporating local schools and educating the community
Website: {{}}

Charity: Water at William & MaryCommunity ServicePurpose: The purpose of this organization is to work with Charity: Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to building water pumps in developing counties in order to provide clean and sustainable water for those in need of it. The organization will hold fundraisers each semester with the aim to raise enough money to build at least one well.
Email: [[e|charitywater]]

Circle KCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|circlek01]]
Purpose: To develop future leaders and active citizens concerned with improving the quality of life on earth. Through personal involvement on campus and in the community, members of Circle K develop valuable leadership and organizational skills that may be attained through actual experience.
Website: {{}}

College Partnership for KidsCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|wmcpk]]
Purpose: To offer tutoring to school students in the Williamsburg area
Website: {{}}

Color Me Stress FreeCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|cmsf]]
Purpose: An organization that tries to help students relieve stress through simple and fun arts and crafts projects. We hold weekly meetings for our members as well as other programs to the rest of the William & Mary community.

Community Partnership for Adult LearnersCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|cpalearners]]
Purpose: CPALs is a student-run organization that offers free English classes for the local community. CPALs evolved from a Hispanic Studies freshman seminar taught by Jonathan Arries with support from the Sharpe Community Scholars Program. Classes meet at 7:30 every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Morton Hall during the Fall and Spring semesters. Volunteers are welcome to help during the one-on-one tutoring that follows large group instruction each night. For more information about volunteering contact CPALs.

Daughters of IsabellaCommunity ServicePurpose: The Order of the Daughters of Isabella is a charitable organization of practicing Catholic women founded on the principle of its motto: Unity, Friendship, and Charity.
Email: [[e|wmdaughters]]

Empower CongoCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|empowercongo]]
Purpose: To bring attention to the community the atrocities being committed against women and girls on a massive scale in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to aid in the current relief efforts in this region

EscortCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|escort]]
Purpose: To provide an escort home for students studying alone at night.
Website: {{}}

FIT4FUNCommunity ServicePurpose: FIT4FUN has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, including but not limited to the promotion of healthy decisions and physical fitness in elementary aged students throughout the great Williamsburg area.
Email: [[e|fit4fun]]

Global Medic al Brigades Community ServicePurpose: The purpose of this organization is to help provide sustainable health relief by sending student volunteers on brigades to places with limited access to healthcare, specifically in Honduras and Panama.
Email: [[e|gmb]]

Global Village ProjectCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|globalvillage]]
Purpose: To plan, fund raise, and participate in a Habitat for Humanity international group service trip during Spring Break.
Website: {{}}

Green and Gold ChristmasCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|greengoldxmas]]
Purpose: To give students an opportunity to provide a Christmas party for the underprivileged children in the Williamsburg community.

Home Environmental Recommendations Organization (HERO)Community ServiceEmail: [[e|greenings]]
Purpose: An organization which serves the local Williamsburg community by providing free environmental impact and energy audits to area residents. Its purpose is both to reduce Williamsburg’s environmental impact and to improve college and city relations through student interactions with the community.

Hospice ClubCommunity ServicePurpose: The purpose of Hospice Club will be to promote the awareness of and experiences in hospice; to inspire community involvement in a local hospice program; and to directly help a local hospice organization.
Email: [[e|hospice]]

Kenya Sustainable Village ProjectCommunity ServicePurpose: The purpose if this organization is to support the efforts of Children of God Relief Initiative (COGRI) – Nyumbani Village, in their mission to help meet the basic needs of marginalized youth and elderly in rural Kenya. When possible and permissible, KSVP will organize students into traveling teams to work with the Nyumbani Village by providing manual labor, and service learning curriculum to the 7th and 8th grad students in their primary school. This partnership between William and Mary and COGRI doesn’t not already exist on campus, and a host of students have expressed interest in supporting CONGRI regardless of the organization’s travel status. The Kenya Sustainable Village Project will provide William & Mary students with the valuable experience of learning about community engagement and service learning, and out students will also learn extensively about HIV/AIDS relief in Kenya, and community development founded on the concepts of permaculture.
Email: [[e|ksvp]]

Kids Interested in Technology, Engineering, and ScienceCommunity ServicePurpoose: The purpose of this organization is to foster an appreciation of scientific principles in elementary school children by performing simple, engaging science experiments with college mentors. The goals of this organization are A) to encourage children to become familiar with basic scientific principles through experimentation, B) to mentor elementary school children in science and C) to further develop students’’ education in STEM fields.
Email: [[e|kites]]

Knights of ColumbusCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|knights]]
Purpose: To help the members grow in the Catholic faith and to improve the quality of life at the college through service projects and other activities.
Website: {{}}

Lafayette KidsCommunity ServiceEmail:: [[e|lafayettekids]]
Purpose: In a partnership with the Learning Center at Lafayette Village, a Community Housing Partner’s low-income housing development in Williamsburg with a large minority population, William & Mary students will provide individualized tutoring twice per week, serve as mentors who believe in the value of a good education, provide educational programing, and encourage safe, fun play. William & Mary students will also learn about educational issues, be inspired to continue teaching in high needs school environments, and gain valuable experience working with children.

Maasai American Student AssociationCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|maasai]]
Purpose: To volunteer abroad with the Maasai American Organization in the Narok District of Kenya
Email: {{}}

Medical Aid in Nicaragua:: Outreach ScholarshipCommunity ServicePurpose: The goal of the project is to develop sustainable solutions to health problems in Cuje, Nicaragua.
Email: [[e|manos01]]
Website: {{}}

Medical ReliefCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|medicalrelief]]
Purpose: To provide an annually determined group of W&M students to volunteer abroad with an organization called International Service Learning. The students will be responsible for organizing the trip and fundraising.
Website: {{}}

Merrimac MentorsCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|merrimacmentors]]
Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to educate and enrich the lives of both William and Mary students and Merrimac residents through mentoring, education enrichment activities, and tutoring. We will educate and prepare volunteers to engage in positive and encouraging relationships with the students of Merrimac Juvenile Detention Center.

Operation SmileCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|opsmile]]
Purpose: Operation Smile Student Programs empowers youth, creating a global movement for positive change through leadership, service, education and philanthropy.

Optimal Healing Environment ClubCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|optimalhealing]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide entertainment and intellectual stimulations for geriatric residents in Williamsburg, The main goal is to contribute to an optimal healing environment. To accomplish this we will share our time, creativity, and musical talent with these residents to enhance the quality of their lives.

Partnership for Public Service CareersCommunity ServicePurpose: Purpose is to coordinate the career center and the OCES along with the government department to enhance student participation in the public and nonprofit sectors. This will be accomplished by informing students about how to find these jobs and various qualifications, advocating employment outside private sector, and brining speakers on the subject to campus.

Project AllCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|projectall]]
Purpose: A long term partnership between students and the Academy of Life and Learning to work together in furthering the development and success of alternative education programs in Williamsburg

Project ClearwaterCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|clearwater]]
Purpose: We raise awareness about the global water crisis, as well as raise funds for international projects to build sustainable water infrastructure in places that do not have it.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{!/group.php?gid=111601918858624}}

Project PhoenixCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|projectphoenix]]
Purpose: To provide youth with the opportunity to participate in after school tutoring and weekend field trips. Project Phoenix is designed for middle school aged youth wishing to further develop academic and social skills.
Website: {{}}

Reading Enriches and Diversifies (R.E.A.D.)Community ServiceEmail: [[e|read]]
Purpose: To allow students to form a personal relationship with a nursing home resident or medical patient by reading to them on a weekly basis.

RotaractCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|rotaract]]
Purpose: To provide an opportunity to develop professional and leadership skills; to emphasize respect for the rights of others and to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupations; to provide opportunities to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world; to provide opportunities for working in cooperation with sponsoring Rotary Clubs, and to movitate young people for eventual membership in Rotary
Website: {{}}

Ruritan ClubCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|ruritan]]
Purpose: To promote fellowship and goodwill among members and citizens of the community and inspires each other to higher efforts

Sigma Mu SigmaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|sigmamusigma]]
Purpose: To foster the ideals of unity, leadership, and responsibility in students. Projects include Steer Clear, College Partnership for Kids, and SEAC.

Steer ClearCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|steerclear]]
Purpose: To provide a reliable, secure and free means of travel for students on weekend nights when school is in session. The organization aims to reduce risky behavior, namely driving under the influence and traveling unescorted during late hours
Website: {{}}

Student Organization for Medical Outreach and SustainabilityCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|somos]]
Purpose: To annually choose members of the undergraduate student body to work with physicians in a medical clinic overseas over winter vacation. The organization shall give said students experience in a medical setting and provide an opportunity for service abroad.

Student Red CrossCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|collegeredcross]]
Purpose: To provide direction and coordination to William & Mary students in support of Red Cross Service delivery on campus and in the surrounding community.

Students' Petersburg Initiative for Community EngagementCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|spice]]
Purpose: To assist in the social and economic revitalization of the City of Petersburg in the State of Virginia by partnering with local leaders and organizations through various service activities
Website: {{}}

Students Engaged at EnvoyCommunity ServicePurpose: Seen will exist to get William and Mary student volunteers involved with the Envoy Nursing Home in Williamsburg, VA. This organization will serve as the main channel of communication between interested student volunteers and the Envoy Nursing Home. Seen will keep a record of students’ total volunteer hours. Seen will foster relationships with other on-campus organizations that may be interested in bringing their specific skills and talents to Envoy. Seen will seek to educate the student body about the issues of loneliness in elderly residents and what we can do to combat it.
Email: [[e|seen]]

Students for Belize EducationCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|belizeeducation]]
Purpose: To plan, funraise, and participate in an international service trip to Belize during winter break. The purpose of the trip is to help in the upkeep of a Belizean elementary school, help supervise the children during the school days, provide alternative after-school activities, and engage in the cultural exchange that results from working and playing with the students.

Students for SomaliaCommunity ServiceEmail:: [[e|studentssomalia]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to help relieve the distress and suffering of refugees around the world.

Students Helping HondurasCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|honduras]]
Purpose: To provide fundamental human needs to orphaned and impoverished children in Honduras. Also works to educate college students about volunteerism, global responsibility, and sustainable development.

Swastha NepalCommunity ServicePurpose: To provide William & Mary students and Faculty with the opportunity to aid local doctors in primary care and participate in research regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the Nepali health system.
Email:: [[e|swasthanepal]]
Website: : {{}}

Tribe ThonCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|tribethon]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to raise awareness and funds to support the fight against pediatric illness and the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (CHKD). The goal is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against pediatric illness and CMN. Promoting and hosting a 12 hour Dance Marathon from which funds will be donated to CHKD. Promoting and hosting other fundraisig events throughout the year whose funds will be donated to CHKD. Dance every year until there are no more sick children.

United Against Infectious DiseasesCommunity ServicePurpose: UAID is a student-operated service organization with a mission that is two-fold. In the Williamsburg community we aim to provide volunteer opportunities regarding HIV/AIDS through collaboration with local HIV-related organizations and host events that increase awareness and mobilize students. Internationally, we aim to provide testing and counseling to rural villagers in developing nations and pursue an awareness initiative to statistically at-risk populations. If you would like to contribute to the cause of infectious diseases on campus, in our local community, and globally, this is the organization for you!
Email: [[e|uaid]]
Website: {{}}

Unite for SightCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|uniteforsight]]
Purpose: To work with the local community to improve access to health programs, to prevent blindness through free community vision screenings and health programs for medically underserved children and adults, and collects used eyeglasses to donate to eye clinics in developing countries; also raises funds to help cover cost of cataract surgeries in developing countries

Up Til DawnCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|uptildawn]]
Purpose: To inform and promote the St. Jude organization and cause while raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Wesite: {{}}

William & Mary Children’s Well-Being FoundationCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|childrenswb]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to raise money for the Children’s Well-being Foundation, to learn about the Costa Rican medical system, and to prepare for and visit San Jose, Costa Rica.

William & Mary in the Muslim WorldCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|wmmuslimworld]]
Purpose: To plan, fund raise, and participate in an annual international service trip to various Islamic countries during summer break. To promote awareness of poverty and corruption in Islamic countries.