Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Yates Hall Council
Interest Group
Email: [[e|yateshc]]
Website: {{}}

YIS: W&M Tolkien Society
Interest Group
Purpose: To spread the love and knowledge of works of J. R.R. Tolkien to any who desire knowledge thereof.

Yoga Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|yogaclub]]
Purpose: The club exists to bring together people who either currently practice yoga or would like to begin practicing yoga. The goal is to practice and learn yoga together so that we may individually improve.

Young Democrats
Interest Group
Email: [[e|youngdemocrats]]
Purpose: Committed to the high ideals of the Democratic party who work actively in national and state elections, as well as taking a lead role in educating the campus on important political issues.
Website: {{}}

Young Life Leadership
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|younglife]]
Purpose: An organization that proclaims in word and deed the Person and work of Jesus Christ to the adolescent community by any means God directs. The Leadership group involves college students committed to Christ, who establish personal, unconditional friendships with young people as essential in the proclamation of the Gospel.