William and Mary

Directory of Clubs and Organizations


VarietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|variety]]
Purpose: Variety will be created to provide a community for students to showcase unique talents. These talents might vary from skills that have taken a long time to master to inborn innate abilities. All students are invited to join. Students that do not have a unique talent will come and learn one. When the club meets, members will practice their own skills, teach others their talent, learn other talents, or appreciate the performances of other members. The mission is to give individuals an opportunity to display and develop their hidden talents, which they might not have been able to do in the past. At the end of the year, certain members will be chosen through a process of auditions to perform in a show for the school.

Veteran SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|veteransociety]]
Purpose: A network of veterans within the W&M community
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Virginia 21Interest Groupemail: [[e|virginia21]]
Purpose: This nonpartisan organization will spread information regarding state legislation that affects students and will encourage students to participate in Virginia21’s statewide lobbying activities and events.

Virginia Bar AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|wmsvba]]
Purpose: The Virginia Bar Association is a voluntary organization of Virginia lawyers committed to serving the public and the legal profession by promoting the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and excellence in the legal profession; working to improve the law and the administration of justice; and advancing collegial relations among lawyers. At William & Mary, a student-led Council furthers the VBA’s commitments by sponsoring networking and educational events, and participating in the state-wide annual Legal Food Frenzy as a charitable contribution to local food banks.
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Virginia InformerMediaEmail: [[e|virginiainformer]]
Description: Campus media whose mission is to inform students of the stories that are important to them and go unheard because other media outlets are dependent on their institutions; the best common sense news for all campuses across the state of Virginia
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Twitter: {{!/VAInformer}}

Virginia Organizing ProjectInterest GroupPurpose: The VOP is a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to challenging injustice by empowering people in local communities to address issues that affect the quality of their lives.
Email: [[e|vop]]

Virtual Library of FreedomInterest GroupEmail: [[e|virtibrfreedom]]
Purpose: Working to build a website that promotes political moderation. The site will post documents on topics such as human rights, good governance, and political campaign organization. These documents and the site in general will be available in Arabic and English and will allow for open discussion through comments and a blog.

Voices for Planned ParenthoodInterest GroupEmail: [[e|vox]]
Purpose: To educate the university community about reproductive health and rights
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Volleyball-MenSports ClubPresident: [[ansmith01, Andrew Smith]]
Email: [[ansmith01]]
Purpose: William & Mary Men’s Volleyball Club provides a more competitive atmosphere than what is offered through the intramural program while still maintaining a fun and stress-free environment. It’s a nice break from academic life as we practice throughout the week and a great opportunity to meet people, as players of any ability are welcome.
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Volleyball-WomenSports ClubPresidents: [[e|amdoski, Abbey Doski]] (Gold), [[e|jelee01, Jessica Lee]] (Green), and [[e|cmrodriguez01, Chelsea Rodriguez]] (White)
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