Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Ukelele Club
Interest Group
Purpose: Dedicated to providing a fun, laidback environment for W&M ukelelists to rehearse and perform.

Unitarian Universalist Circle
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|unitarian]]
Purpose: Promote fellowship and the principles of Unitarian Universalism, provides support, and is an outlet for social action and discussion for Unitarian Universalist students.
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United Against Inequities in Disease
Community Service
Email: [[e|uaid]]
Purpose: UAID is a student-operated service organization with a mission that is two-fold. In the Williamsburg community we aim to provide volunteer opportunities regarding HIV/AIDS through collaboration with local HIV-related organizations and host events that increase awareness and mobilize students. Internationally, we aim to provide testing and counseling to rural villagers in developing nations and pursue an awareness initiative to statistically at-risk populations. If you would like to contribute to the cause of infectious diseases on campus, in our local community, and globally, this is the organization for you.
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Untitled Society
Interest Group
Email: [[e|untitledsociety]]
Purpose: The Untitled Society is a student run writing club that features twenty-minute writing prompts within meetings. Meetings will also give students the opportunity to share or workshop any writing from past or present meetings. The Untitled Society will give students a safe place to discuss writing and implement new processes without convention criticism or the obligation for continuity.