Directory of Clubs and Organizations



Table Tennis
Sports Club
President: [[e|jvquimby, John Quimby]]
Email: [[e|jvquimby]]

Tae Kwon Do
Sports Club
President: [[e|mwpark, Michael Park]]
Email: [[taekwondo]]
Website: {{}}

Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA)
Interest Group
Email: [[e|tasa]]
Purpose: TASA aims to create a space for discussion and celebration of Taiwanese and Taiwanese American culture and issues. We wish to spread that knowledge to members of this campus and the community beyond. We also want to share our experiences with Taiwanese Americans of other campuses. (affiliated with the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association)
Facebook: {{}}

Team Blitz
Interest Group
Email: [[e|teamblitz]]
Purpose: To offer an outlet for dedicated distance runners who are not on the Varsity XC/Track teams for whatever reason, but still want to train and race competitive;y on the collegiate level.

Sports Club
Co-Presidents: [[e|kcmckee, Killian McKee]] and [[e|atstephenson, Andrew Stephenson]]
Email: [[e|kcmckee]] and [[e|atstephenson]]
Website: {{}}

Theatre Students Association
Email: [[e|theatrestudents]]
Purpose: Provides a social, intellectual, and creative outlet for all students interested in Theatre. Events sponsored include the annual Fire and Brimstone Costume Ball, workshops, speakers, and trips to New York City.
Advisor: Steve Holliday

Third Culture Kids Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|thirdculturekids]]
Purpose: The purpose of the TCK Club is to bring together third culture kids at W&M. TCKs are people who grew up in countries other than their passport country and culture of their parents. Often times these students' sense of belonging is within groups of people with similar upbringings. This club aims to bring together a TCK community at W&M. The club will be a space to share stories, celebrate global identities, discuss experiences growing up abroad, and meet likeminded people. As most families' of TCK students live outside the country, this club will serve as a home away from home and help TCK students transition back into life in the United States.

Transactional Law Team
Law School
Email: [[e|transactionallaw]]
Purpose: The Transactional Law Team is dedicated to providing a forum for William & Mary students to explore and improve their transactional law ability, skills and interest through preparation for and participation in transactional law competitions. The activities of the Transactional Law Team may include, but are not limited to: competing in tournaments held throughout the United States, hosting tournaments independently or in conjunction with other law schools, and networking with students at other law schools, colleges and universities related to transactional law issues.

Sports Club
President: [[e|erlangley, Emma Langley]]
Email: [[e|erlangley]]

Tribal Fever
Interest Group
Email: [[e|thetribalfever]]
Purpose: The official fan club of Tribe athletics.
Facebook: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/thetribalfever}}

Tribe Cheerleaders
Interest Group
Email: [[e|cheerleaders]]
Purpose: To support and cheer for all intercollegiate sports teams.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Tribe Club Ambassadors
Interest Group
Email:: [[e|tribeclubamb]]
Purpose: Tribe Club Ambassadors is a student run organization which supports the William & Mary Athletic programs by sponsoring special events, such as fundraisers, receptions, gold tournaments and auctions. The organization strives to connect students with the Tribe Athletics community and the William and Mary alumni base with the goal of building networks and giving back.
Website: {{}}

Tribe College Outreach
Interest Group
Email: [[e|tribeoutreach]]
Purpose: To provide information about the college application process to intelligent and motivated low-income, first-generation high school students throughout Virginia.

Interest Group
Email: [[e|tribecreate]]
Purpose: We're a student run clubhouse and community of designers, programmers, and creatives. Activities include tutorials/classes, speakers, show and tells, pitches, and other creative endeavors. Essentially, we are a co-working space for students to share their knowledge, ideas, and endeavors.

Tribe Fellowship
Religious Group
Website: {{}}

Tribe Rides Car Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|triberides]]
Purpose: To discuss their interests with like-minded individuals and to participate and create events that celebrate the aforementioned vehicles.

Tribe Strides Walking Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|tribestrides]]
Purpose: Tribe Strides brings together members of the William & Mary community who have a common interest in walking. We foster camaraderie, promote health and wellness, and encourage environmental sustainability through walking, an inclusive outdoor activity. We hope to see you at our next group walk.
Facebook: {{}}

Tribe Thon
Community Service
Email: [[e|tribethon]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to raise awareness and funds to support the fight against pediatric illness and the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (CHKD). The goal is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against pediatric illness and CMN. Promoting and hosting a 12 hour Dance Marathon from which funds will be donated to CHKD. Promoting and hosting other fundraisig events throughout the year whose funds will be donated to CHKD. Dance every year until there are no more sick children.

Email: [[e|tribetones]]
Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to add a new style of co-ed a cappella to the William and Mary community. In order to differentiate ourselves from other groups, we invite a cappella groups from other colleges to perform with us in concerts for the entrie campus. The group will incorporate a variety of genres rather than a primary focus on one; our group will focus on blues, indie-pop, and oldies.

Trippin on Brix
Interest Group
Email: [[e|trippinonbrix]]
Purpose: The purpose of Trippin on Brix is to expand the practice of comedy on campus through improv and sketch workshops, we well as perform shows with a variety of comedy acts including improv, sketch, and musical performances.

Type 1 Tribe
Interest Group
Email: [[e|type1tribe]]
Purpose: To empower and improve the lives of students living with type 1 diabetes at William and Mary as well as provide information and resources to their friends, roommates, and anyone else interested. Every college has a small population of diabetic students who are typically unsupported and/or under respresented. Our goal is to connect those students at W&M with one another and their friends and/or roommates in order to foster a web of students who feel they can rely on one another for support and information related to type 1 diabetes.