Directory of Clubs and Organizations



Sail & Paddle (VIMS)
Sports Club
President: [[e|makuschner, Michael Kuschner]]
Email: [[e|makuschner]]
Facebook: {{!/VIMSSailPaddleClub}}
Website: {{}}

sailing racing

Sailing (Racing)
Sports Club
President: [[e|cnanderson01, Chris Anderson]]
Purpose: To provide an opportunity for recreational and competitive sailing and sailing instruction to students, faculty and staff
Website: {{}}

Salsa Club
Interest Group
Purpose: The purpose of the Salsa Club is to instruct and teach mainly Salsa, but also Merengue, Bachata, and Tango.
Email: [[e|salsa]]

Sandbox Improvisation
Purpose: The purpose of Sandbox Improvisation is to provide laughter to the students of William & Mary and be an outlet for those who would like to participate in an improvisational troupe.
Email: [[E|sandbox]]

School House Block
Interest Group
Purpose: This organization seeks to provide educational opportunities to all students and to promote awareness of global need for improved childhood education. Our goals are to fund the project of building a new school abroad, to promote awareness of the lack of access to education, to advocate a change in the global status of women and children, and to volunteer in the community to address local needs for improvements in education. This organization desires to engage students involved to think critically of solutions to global illiteracy by integrating ideas of sustainability, public health, global awareness, and gender equality into its missions.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sciffy]]
Purpose: A group of people interested in all forms of science fiction and fantasy, sponsoring Videofest, a weekend-long, non-stop video showing each semester. Activities include a writers group and attending various area conventions.

Shakespeare in the Dark
Email: [[e|shakespeare]]
Purpose: A student-run group dedicated to bringing Shakespeare in all forms to the campus.
Website: {{}}

Shark Upon The Gail Productions
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sutg]]
Purpose: This organization will function to send a play written by a William & Mary student to the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C. every summer.

Shotokan Karate
Sports Club
President: [[e|jsandrews, Jamal Andrews]]
Email: [[karate]]
Purpose: To extend the principles of the true martial artist spirit to members of the William & Mary community. We welcome all interested students, faculty and staff at William & Mary to attend our trainings.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Chapter Name: Virginia Kappa
National Founding: March 9, 1856
Founding School: University of Alabama
Campus Founding: December 12, 1857

Sigma Chi
Chapter Name: Zeta Upsilon
National Founding: June 28, 1855
Founding School: Miami University, OH
Campus Founding: 1968

Sigma Gamma Rho
Nickname: SGRho
National Founding: November 12, 1922
Founding School: Butler University
Campus Founding: 2011

Sigma Iota Alpha
Interest Group
Purpose: Strive toward the expansion of awareness of Latino culture to our members and the community at large. To promote sisterhood and leadership amongst ourselves which is the basis of our precious and rare foundation. To stand for the accomplishments of excellence and education among women. While we endeavor to work as sisters in these common goals, we value person identity and individualism.
Email: [[e|sigmaiotaalpha]]
Web: {{}}

Sigma Mu Sigma
Community Service
Email: [[e|sigmamusigma]]
Purpose: To foster the ideals of unity, leadership, and responsibility in students. Projects include Steer Clear, College Partnership for Kids, and SEAC.

Sigma Phi Epsilon
Chapter Name: Virginia Delta
National Founding: November 1, 1901
Founding School: University of Richmond, Richmond, VA
Campus Founding: 2010

Sigma Pi
Chapter Name: Alpha Eta
National Founding: February 26, 1897
Founding School: Vincennes University, IN
Campus Founding: 1990

Sikh Student Sangat
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|sikhfaith]]
Purpose: Educates and creates spiritual and political awareness of the Sikh faith

Sinfonicron Light Opera Company
Email: [[e|sinfonicron01]]
Purpose: Provides an alternative performance style to the one offered by the Theatre department. Students are given an opportunity to be involved in every aspect of doing a show, including directing, producing, and designing.
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/Sinfonicron}}


Sports Club
President: [[e|msgibbons, Michael Gibbons]]
Email: [[e|soccerm]]
Website: {{}}


Sports Club
Presidents: [[e|hmreach, Hannah Reach]] (Gold) and [[e|jmiannucci, Jaclyn Iannucci]] (Green)
Website: {{}}

Social Entrepreneurship Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sec]]
Purpose: The mission of the College of William & Mary Social Entrepreneurship Club is to provide, through unity and collaboration, a socially responsible club that informs, prepares, and otherwise assist and encourage William & Mary students who are interested in careers in not-for-profit and/or socially minded organizations.

Social Venture Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|socialventure]]
Purpose: This club will aim to cultivate students' knowledge and awareness of social ventures. The organization will educate members on developing and implementing social ventures that address community needs and sustainable development. Members will be supported in the development of their own social venture ideas.

Society for Creative Anachronism
Interest Group
Email: [[e|ssag01]]
Purpose: To further the study of American government and politics on the campus of William and Mary.

Society for the College--Student Association
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sftc]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to promote good governance at the College; preserve the Colleges' history, and traditions; and promote academic excellence in a classical liberal arts education at the College.

Society of Physics Students
Purpose: The Society of Physics Students exists to promote fellowship and community between physics undergraduates, as well as further physics outreach to the greater William & Mary community. The Society of Physics Students also offers free, weekly tutoring services to students of all majors taking introductory physics courses.
Email: [[e|physicsstudents]]


Sports Club
President: [[e|kdwatson, Kelsey Watson]]
Purpose: To better ourselves on and off the field by playing the game we love.
Website: {{}}

Someone You Know
Interest Group
Email:: [[e|someoneyouknow]]
Purpose: Our mission as Someone You Know is to empower all individuals to end sexual violence through peer education programs in order to create a more supportive, healthy and aware campus.

Soul Central
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|soulcentral]]
Purpose: organize a growing group of young people, who live to their fullest potential, as they influence their world for Christ and teach/encourage them to live out their faith everyday

South Asian Student Association
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sasa01]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of the South Asian culture to all members of the W&M College community; to provide social and educational activities for all interested individuals; to promote identity and unity among the South Asian students
Website: {{}}

Interest Group
Email:: [[e|spectrum]]
Purpose: The purpose of Spectrum will be to provide a social space for graduate students and non-traditional students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or allies. This will include organizing social events and providing resources for support. As secondary purposes, Spectrum will look into professional development for students and education for the community in relation to lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) concerns.

Spoken Word
Email: [[e|spokenword]]
Purpose: Spoken Word will promote creativity, communications, and friendship, and the performing arts by encouraging member participation in such activities as poetry, music, comedy, and dancing.

Sports Business Club
Interest Group
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to foster growth of students’ knowledge of the sports industry and to provide them with opportunities for internships and or future careers in similar fields.
Email: [[e|sportsbusiness]]

Email: [[e|spotlight]]
Purpose: To entertain with song and dance by preparing one public showcase per semester. It includes a variety of musical genres from contemporary pop to traditional show tunes.
Website: {{}}

St. Thomas More Society
Law School
Email: [[e|stthomasmore]]
Purpose: To provide a forum for Catholic law students and faculty and those students or faculty interested in Catholiciam or Catholic legal thought to meet, socialize and discuss pertinent issues

Stage Combat Student Association
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sbdunf]]
Purpose: To provide training to students based on internationall recognized techniques in stage combat.

Email: [[e|stairwells01]]
Website: {{}}

Steer Clear
Community Service
Email: [[e|steerclear]]
Purpose: To provide a reliable, secure and free means of travel for students on weekend nights when school is in session. The organization aims to reduce risky behavior, namely driving under the influence and traveling unescorted during late hours
Website: {{}}

Stitch and Share
Interest Group
Email: [[e|wmknits]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to gather fellow knitters with the purpose of benefiting cancer patients either through donations of money or scarves/hats etc.

Student Alumni Council
Interest Group
Email: [[e|alumnicouncil]]
Purpose: The service and programming student organization of the Society of the Alumni whose purpose is to provide a link between alumni, students, and the College community.

Student Assembly
Student Government
Email: [[e|studentassembly]]
Purpose: To provide representative government for undergraduate students, encourage academic growth, protect the integrity of student opinion, and insure the students' right of self-governance.
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/WM_SA}}

Student Bar Association
Student Government
Email: [[e|studentbar]]
Purpose: To develop and further scholastic achievement, to increase knowledge of the law, to foster professional ideals; to promote understanding among alumni, faculty, and students, and to coordinate the activities of the law school and the surrounding town.
Facebook: {{}}

Student Education Association
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sea]]
Purpose: a. To allow Students the opportunity to explore the profession of education. b. To assist its members in preparation as future educators. c. To educate members in understanding the importance of quality educators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. d. To aid its members in developing an appreciation for the teaching profession. e. To encourage its members’ success as future educators by providing informative workshops and by building and maintain strong contacts within the Commonwealth of Virginia. f. TO obtain and maintain support from the National Educations association and the Student Virginia Educations Association with the creation of The College of William & Mary as a local chapter. g. To show support and appreciation for the Professors at The College of William and Mary by sponsoring “Professor Appreciation Week” every April.

Student Hip-Hop Organization
Email: [[e|hiphop]]
Purpose: To network with W&M's thriving hip-hop community and to utilize hip-hop as a tool for creating unity within this culture on campus. Students can share and showcase their talents, love and passion for the culture and music.

Student Legal Services
Law School
Email: [[e|legser]]
Website: {{}}

Student Organization for Medical Outreach and Sustainability
Community Service
Email: [[e|somos]]
Purpose: To annually choose members of the undergraduate student body to work with physicians in a medical clinic overseas over winter vacation. The organization shall give said students experience in a medical setting and provide an opportunity for service abroad.

Student Parents on Campus
Interest Group
Email: [[e|studentparents]]
Purpose: A support group for students on campus with children.

Student Red Cross
Community Service
Email: [[e|collegeredcross]]
Purpose: To provide direction and coordination to William & Mary students in support of Red Cross Service delivery on campus and in the surrounding community.

Students' Petersburg Initiative for Community Engagement
Community Service
Email: [[e|spice]]
Purpose: To assist in the social and economic revitalization of the City of Petersburg in the State of Virginia by partnering with local leaders and organizations through various service activities
Website: {{}}

Students Defending Democracy
Interest Group
Email: [[sddemocracy]]
Purpose: To promote education and awareness on terrorism through lectures and campus events. At the core of Students Defending Democracy is the belief that there is a clear distinction between acts of terrorism and fighting in the name of "freedom," and all democracies have an inherent right to defend themselves from those who would seek to use terrorism as a weapon against freedom and human rights. The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is a non-partisan, non-profit, Washington DC based think-tank that conducts research and education on terrorism and counterterrorism policy.

Students Engaged at Envoy
Community Service
Purpose: Seen will exist to get William and Mary student volunteers involved with the Envoy Nursing Home in Williamsburg, VA. This organization will serve as the main channel of communication between interested student volunteers and the Envoy Nursing Home. Seen will keep a record of students’ total volunteer hours. Seen will foster relationships with other on-campus organizations that may be interested in bringing their specific skills and talents to Envoy. Seen will seek to educate the student body about the issues of loneliness in elderly residents and what we can do to combat it.
Email: [[e|seen]]

Students for a Better Williamsburg
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sbw]]
Purpose: To empower students of the College. The group will raise awareness about student-relevant issues in the community, and is committed to supporting student-friendly candidates in the Williamsburg City Council elections.

Students for a Democratic Society
Interest Group
Email: [[e|sds]]
Purpose: Strives to create a more democratic society, free of all forms of oppression.
Website: {{}}

Students for Animals
Interest Group
Email: [[e|foranimals]]
Purpose: Students for Animals will bring students together under the united purpose of improving the lives of animals while respecting all life, human and non-human alike. Students for Animals will also be a forum for discussing the groudbreaking field of Critical Animal Studies, a realm of thought relevant to those studying everything from biology to philosophy to art history. Its' goals will include involvement in the local community of animals, from wildlife to livestock to pets; exploration of Critical Animal Studies worldwide; and the foundation of academic initiatives relating to Critical Animal Studies for future W&M students.

Students for Belize Education
Community Service
Email: [[e|belizeeducation]]
Purpose: To plan, funraise, and participate in an international service trip to Belize during winter break. The purpose of the trip is to help in the upkeep of a Belizean elementary school, help supervise the children during the school days, provide alternative after-school activities, and engage in the cultural exchange that results from working and playing with the students.

Students for Criminal Justice Reform
Interest Group
Purpose: a. SCJR will proved a way for William and Mary students to advocate for criminal justice reform, both on a statewide and a national level. b. SCJ will connect students with various organizations and their advocacy efforts c. SCJR will foster relationships with other on-campus organizations that may be interested in working towards criminal justice reform d. SCJR will seek to educate the student body about the issues of our criminal justice system including voter disenfranchisement and mass incarceration.
Email: [[e|scjr]]

Students for Dekpor
Community Service
Email: [[e|dekpor]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide education for children and teens in Dekpor, Ghana. The wealth disparities in Ghana cause most resoureces to be sequesterd in major cities, leaving distant villages without effective education systems. The goal is to assist the growth and functionality of the Dekpor school system.

Students for Education Reform
Interest Group
Purpose: The mission of SFER is to close the achievement gap and ensure and excellent education for all children by mobilizing a new generation of leaders in education reform. We envision a country where all children have access to a high-quality education and all stakeholders, especially young leaders, are guided by high expectations and commitment to student news. We aim to lead education reform awareness, understanding, and engagement activities on campus and amplify student voice in the policy-making process.
Email: [[e|sfer]]

Students for Effective Policy
Interest Group
Email: [[e|step]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to promote bipartisanship and pragmatic policy in governmental bodies across the country. This will contribute to the University's educational purposes by giving students political experience as they support the purpose of the organization.

Students for Equality in Legal Education
Law School
Email: [[e|selexx]]
Purpose: To seek to address issues of inequality within legal education. Primary goals are to establish a community of support for those concerned with issues of inequality, diversify the faculty and student populations, and help to implement a curriculum that addresses issues of inequality such as race, class and gender that exist within the lase but that have been historically ignored in legal education

Students for Fair Trade
Interest Group
Email: [[e|fairtrade]]
Purpose: To provide options of fair trade products to W&M students through the forms of sales on campus and to educate the W&M community about fair trade, free trade and socially responsible business and the global economy

Students for Life
Interest Group
Email: [[e|studentsforlife]]
Purpose: The preservation of the right to life for the unborn. Provides education through literature, speakers, and debates and supports other local and national pro-life organizations through fund raising and volunteer counseling.
Website: {{}}

Students for Peace in Israel and Palestine
Interest Group
Email: [[e|spip]]
Purpose: The organization will seek to promote awareness in the student body of the history of both the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflicts. It will seek to educate the William & Mary community about current events in the region of Palestine, pertaining to culture, religion, and politics. The organization will seek to promote a just, equitable and lasting resolution to the conflicts. It’s policy prescriptions will be expressed in a Declaration of Goals.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Interest Group
Email: [[e|ssddpxx]]
Purpose: This organization is committed to providing education on the harms caused by the War on Drugs, working to involve youth in the political process and promoting an open, honest and rational discussion of alternative solutions to our nation’s drug problems.
Website: {{}}

Students for Somalia
Community Service
Email:: [[e|studentssomalia]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to help relieve the distress and suffering of refugees around the world.

Students for Stop Hunger Now
Interest Group
Email: [[e|stophunger]]
Purpose: To end hunger in our lifetime and whose mission is to provide food and life saving aid to the most poor and hungry throughout the world in the most rapid, efficient and effective manner. The club's primary responsibilities will be to raise funds and to host food packaging events.
Website: {{}}

Students Helping Honduras
Community Service
Email: [[e|honduras]]
Purpose: To provide fundamental human needs to orphaned and impoverished children in Honduras. Also works to educate college students about volunteerism, global responsibility, and sustainable development.

Students of the Caribbean
Interest Group
Email: [[e|soca]]
Purpose: To serve as an outlet for students of the Caribbean and those interested in learning more about the Caribbean culture. One goal is to network with other Caribbean groups in Virginia.
Website: {{}}

Supporters In Law
Law School
Email: [[e|supporters]]
Purpose: To provide a community for law school supporters to come together and support one another while their significant others are attending law school through fellowship, activities and discussions

Swastha Nepal
Community Service
Purpose: To provide William & Mary students and Faculty with the opportunity to aid local doctors in primary care and participate in research regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the Nepali health system.
Email:: [[e|swasthanepal]]
Website: : {{}}


Sports Club
President: [[e|tevonstetten, Tim Von Stetten]]
Website: {{}}

Swing Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|swingclub01]]
Purpose: To promote swing dancing, particularly lindy hop, as a social dance.
Website: {{}}


Synchronized Swimming
Sports Club
President: [[e|mecase, Mary Beth Case]]
Email: [[synchronizedswim]]
Website: {{}}

Syndicate Hip Hop Dance Team
Email: [[e|syndicate01]]
Purpose: A student run dance team that promotes hip hop dance in the William and Mary community through student choreographed hip hop dance performances.
Website: {{}}

Interest Group
Email: [[e|synergy01]]
Purpose: This organization bring in professionals that work in the marketing field tto speak with students and provide contacts and career information.
Website: {{}}