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Directory of Clubs and Organizations


RacquetballSports ClubPresident: [[tathomas, Troy Thomas]]
Email: [[tathomas]]

Reading Enriches and Diversifies (R.E.A.D.)Community ServiceEmail: [[e|read]]
Purpose: To allow students to form a personal relationship with a nursing home resident or medical patient by reading to them on a weekly basis.

RealFoodInterest GroupEmail: [[e|realfood]]
Purpose: The purpose of RealFood is to provide the William & Mary community with an educational resource about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating practices, through workshops, speakers, educational literature, and partnering with the larger Williamsburg network of sustainable diners.

Reformed University FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|reformed]]
Purpose: A ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America affiliated with Reformed University Ministries
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Remnant Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|rcf01]]
Purpose: To serve the campus by making positive changes through the teachings of the Bible. This is done through Worship, Bible and evangelism study groups, and community service

Residence Hall AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|rha]]
Purpose: The umbrella organization which connects the individual residence hall councils. The RHA sponsors programs including the community service event Green and Gold Christmas, the year - end Moonbounce, and educational hall programs. The group also serves as liaison between residential students and various administrative offices. Every student living in a Residence Hall is a member and is encouraged to attend and participate in weekly meetings and RHA events.
Website: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/WMRHA}}

ReveilleEmail: [[e|reveille]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}
Twitter: {{!/ReveilleWM}}

Rhythm and TapsArtsEmail: [[e|rhythmandtaps]]
Purpose: To promote and expand all kinds of tap dancing and create opportunities for low cost tap dancing lessons on campus.

Robotics Club at W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|robotics]]
Purpose: To develop personal creativity and problem solving capabilities through designing and building robots, to engage in the study of STEM education through the same means, and to conduct this study in a cooperative environment to represent the school in robotics competitions.

rock climibing

Rock ClimbingSports ClubPresident: [[e| pjblack, Paulo Black]]
Website: {{}}

Rocket MagazineMediaPurpose: Rocket Magazine is the premiere art and fashion publication at The College of William & Mary. The purpose of this publication is to provide an outlet for student artistic expression primarily through art and design, fashion, photography, and feature.
Email: [[e|rocket]]

Roosevelt Institute Interest GroupPurpose: The purpose of the organization will be to extend the activities of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network at William & Mary through their mission to , “engage new generations in a unique form of progressive activisms that empowers young people as leaders and promotes their ideas for change.” This will be accomplished by encouraging debate among students over prevalent policy issues in order to foster a community of active citizens.
Email: [[e|rooseveltinst]]

RotaractCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|rotaract]]
Purpose: To provide an opportunity to develop professional and leadership skills; to emphasize respect for the rights of others and to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupations; to provide opportunities to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world; to provide opportunities for working in cooperation with sponsoring Rotary Clubs, and to movitate young people for eventual membership in Rotary
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Rubik’s Society of William & MaryInterest GroupPurpose: A mission of the Rubik’s Society of William & Mary is to help interested students learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, to improve the time it takes for them to solve the cube, and help interested cubers prepare for Rubik’s Cube competitions. Additionally, we aim to not only encourage others, both inside and outside the Society, to develop an appreciation for Rubik’s Cube theory and culture, but also to apply their knowledge to similar puzzles. Ultimately, our goal is to help others fully understand that given time and dedication, solving a Rubik’s Cube is a relatively easy task.
Email: [[e|rubikssociety]]

Rugby-MenSports ClubPresident: [[e|sjbrown01, Samuel Brown]]
Website: {{}}

Standard File

Rugby-WomenSports ClubPresident: [[e|kaconteras, Kat Conteras]]
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Facebook: {{}}


RunningSports ClubPresident: [[e|eahiggins, Emily Higgins]]
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Ruritan ClubCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|ruritan]]
Purpose: To promote fellowship and goodwill among members and citizens of the community and inspires each other to higher efforts

Russian Studies ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|russianclub01]]
Purpose: Sponsors cultural events, Russian discussion groups, and a seminar.
Advisor: Bella Ginzbursky-Blum
Website: {{}}