William and Mary

Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Paintball ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|paintball]]
Purpose: Playing the game of Paintball

Pan-Asian Culture CouncilInterest GroupEmail: [[e|panasian]]
Purpose: The purpose of the council is fivefold: To act as a forum for communication among the Asian student organizations and for the coordination of their opinions and activities. To foster unity and camaraderie among Asian student organizations at the College. To nuture understanding and pride in Asian cultures and promote education and awareness of Asian culture at the College and in the community. To maintain relations with the College administration, other cultural organizations at the College, Asian associations at other uiversities, alumni, and the Asian community locally, nationally and, internationally.

Partnership for Public Service CareersCommunity ServicePurpose: Purpose is to coordinate the career center and the OCES along with the government department to enhance student participation in the public and nonprofit sectors. This will be accomplished by informing students about how to find these jobs and various qualifications, advocating employment outside private sector, and brining speakers on the subject to campus.

Passing NotesArtsEmail: [[e|passingnotes]]
Purpose: To promote appreciation for a wide variety of a capella music of the pop genre and provide an a capella option for women interested in singing this music.
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PAWS Pet and Animal Welfare SocietyInterest GroupEmail: [[e|paws]]
Purpose: To be a link to Heritage Humane Society. Members are active with a special place in their hearts for helping abandoned animals

Pep BandArtsEmail: [[e|pepband01]]
Website: {{}}

Pershing RiflesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pershingrifles]]
Purpose: A military science rifle group

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law FraternityHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|undergradpad]]
Purpose: A pre-law undergraduate fraternity
Website: {{}}

Phi Beta KappaHonor SocietyPurpose: The nation's oldest Greek-letter fraternity, was founded by William & Mary students. At present, members of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter, number more than a thousand. Up to seven percent of the senior class at William & Mary are elected to membership each year. Selection is based largely on scholarship.
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Phi Beta LambdaInterest GroupEmail: [[e|PBL]]
Purpose: The mission of PBL at the College of William and Mary is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

Phi Chi ThetaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phichitheta]]
Purpose: Business and Economics honor society

Phi Delta PhiLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|phidel]]
Purpose: Law honor society
Website: {{}}

Phi Eta SigmaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phietasigma]]
Purpose: Freshmen honor society

Philosophy ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|philosophy]]
Purpose: Aims to foster an environment in which philosophy and non-philosophy majors alike can collectively explore philosophical topics that may not be covered in class or may be of particular interest to members. The club also occasionally sponsors speaking engagements and social events.
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Phi Mu AlphaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phimualpha01]]
Purpose: Music honor society
Website: {{}}

Phi Mu EpsilonHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|pme]]
Purpose: The purpose of PME at W&M will be to promote scholarly activities in mathematics among the College’s students.

Phi Sigma PiHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|phisigmapi]]
Purpose: Honor Society
Website: {{}}

Photography ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|photography]]
Purpose: To provide a common ground for amateur photographers of all levels to develop their abilities, interests and skills in photography.
Website: {{}}

Physics Graduate Student AssociationAcademicEmail: [[e|physicsgsa]]
Purpose: To provide a forum for physics graduate students and to promote good relations with the Physics faculty.

Pi Beta PhiSororityNickname: Pi Phi
Chapter Name: Virginia Gamma
National Founding: April 28, 1867
Founding School: Monmouth College, IL

Pi Gamma MuHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|pigammamu]]
Purpose: International Honor Society in the Social Sciences

Pi Kappa AlphaFraternityChapter Name: Gamma
National Founding: March 1, 1868
Founding School: University of Virginia, VA
Campus Founding: 1871

PilloryMediaEmail: [[e|pillory]]
Description: A humor and satire magazine dealing with topics of College, national, and international interest.

Pi Sigma AlphaHonor SocietyPurpose: Government honor society
Website: {{}}

Pocket Billiards ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pocketbilliards]]
Purpose: This organization will primarily exist to give its members regular opportunities to play pool together. It will also exist to raise interest in pocket billiards games at the College.

Pointe BlankArtsEmail: [[e|pointeblank]]
Website: {{}}

PokemonInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pokemon]]
Purpose: The purpose is to give WM students, faculty, and staff who share a common interest in Pokemom the opportunity to interact with one another. We provide a place to talk, trade, and compete at any level of competition they desire. Our main goal is to host an annual Pokemon tournament for the members of the group and the students of the College.

Poker Interest GroupEmail:: [[e|poker]]
Purpose: The purpose of the W&M Poker Club is to teach people how to play Texas Hold’ Em and other forms of poker, teach people basic and intermediate poker strategy, and organize poker tournaments.

Pre-Vet ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|prevetclub]]
Purpose: To provide camaraderie between those interested in animals, in animal health careers, and especially those interested in a career in veterinary medicine

Project AllCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|projectall]]
Purpose: A long term partnership between students and the Academy of Life and Learning to work together in furthering the development and success of alternative education programs in Williamsburg

Project ClearwaterCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|clearwater]]
Purpose: We raise awareness about the global water crisis, as well as raise funds for international projects to build sustainable water infrastructure in places that do not have it.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{!/group.php?gid=111601918858624}}

Project on America’s Global RoleInterest GroupEmail: [[e|pagr]]
Purpose: PAGR is an umbrella organization for the students involved in planning and executing the programs of the Williamsburg Forum on America’s Global Role. Its mission is to work in collaboration with the College and Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to make the Forum a success.

Project PhoenixCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|projectphoenix]]
Purpose: To provide youth with the opportunity to participate in after school tutoring and weekend field trips. Project Phoenix is designed for middle school aged youth wishing to further develop academic and social skills.
Website: {{}}

Psi ChiHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|psichi]]
Purpose: Psychology honor society

Public Health BrigadesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|publichealthbrig]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to educate about and promote public health projects in various contries such as Panama, Nicaragua, Ghana, and Honduras

Public Policy ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|policywm]]
Purpose: The purpose of this association shall be to foster professional development, academic pursuits, and social interaction among its members.