Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Marine Science Society
Interest Group
Email: [[e|marinescisociety]]
Purpose: The Marine Science Society (MSS) will be for students currently enrolled in the Marine Science minor program and students who are interested in the subject of marine science. The Society will help students in the minor connect to other undergraduates and to professors and graduate students at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. (VIMS).

Marshall-Wythe Debating Society
Law School
Email: [[e|mwdebate]]
Purpose: As an organization within the law school, The Marshall-Wythe Debating Society's primary objective is to promote, facilitate, and celebrate the tradition of rhetoric and argument within law and society. The organization will engage the law school community with current and complex issues spanning politics, economics, culture, ethics, and of course, law. The organization hopes to educate others on the proper boundaries of debate, the fundamental structure of argument, and the responsibility that accompanies a public platform. The organization will seek to expose the law school, undergraduate, and Williamsburg community to these ideals.

Martial Arts
Sports Club
President: [[e|jgjoseph, Jamie Joseph]]
Email: [[martialarts]]
Website: {{}}

Mason Alliance
Interest Group
Email: [[e|masonalliancfe]]
Purpose: The purpose of The Mason Alliance, established in 2012, shall be to provide support for LGBTQ students and their allies with an interest in business, with a broader goal of creating an accepting environment for LGBTQ workers in the business world workers in the business world. The Mason Alliance aims to accomplish this by : 1. Providing LGBTQ undergraduates with a variety of activities including workshops and regular meetings where they establish a network with those who share their professional interests. 2. Facilitating networking opportunities with corporate recruiters to provide LGBTQ undergraduates with a background of these recruiting firms with regards to issues that concern them. 3. Setting up/holding events involving mentoring with LGBTQ Mason Alumni, speakers’ series, and mentoring partnerships between alumni and current members.

Mason Entrepreneurship Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|entrepreneur]]
Purpose: To pursue the field of entrepreneurship through semester presentations, business plan competitions and various other outlets. Students will interact with alumni, faculty, and business partners to learn more about entrepreneurship and its applications in various industries.

Mason Investment Fund
Email: [[e|masoninvestfund]]
Purpose: We are a undergraduate equity fund that manages approximately $28,000 of real money by investing in long only positions in the US equity market.

Mason Military Association
Interest Group
Purpose: The Mason Military Association assists student members by leveraging former and current military experiences to enhance career opportunities within the public and private sectors and build esprit de corps and camaraderie within the Mason Community. The MMA focuses on enhancing the active duty student’s access to a wide professional network of those continuing to serve, while also helping veterans effectively market their unique skillsets to transition into their professional field of choice. MMA members also serve as mentors to candidates and incoming students.

Master of Accounting Program – Macc Council
Email: [[e|macccouncil]]
Purpose: he MAcc Council exists to serve students enrolled in the Mason School of Business, Master of Accounting Program at The College of William & Mary. The primary functions of the MAcc Council are to plan and organize activities and events for MAcc students and in conjunctions with the Mason Development team to oversee the class gift campaign. The activities sponsored by the Council will incorporate at least one act of service or fundraising effort on behalf of a charity each year.

Master of Business Administration Association
Student Government
Email: [[e|mbaa]]
Purpose: To serve and promote without profit the Business school and those directly associated with same, be they students, faculty, administration, or alumni.

MBAA Consulting Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mbaaconsulting]]
Purpose: The Graduate Business School Consulting Club aims to create opportunities for student interactions with consulting alumni and industry professionals to develop a thorough understanding of and prepare for a career in the consulting sector. Club's activities primarily focus on: 1.Networking opportunities: senior level speakers, early and mid career consultants. 2.Expose students to consulting knowledge base through Mason professor lectures. 3.Create a context to consulting profession, by discussing its challenges and rewords: consultant and student panels. 4.Create opportunities to practice case interviews: mock case interviews with consulting professionals
Website: Website

MBAA International Student Association
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mbaaisa]]
Purpose: The International Student Association (ISA) serves as a support system for international students who become a part of our Mason family. The ISA is instrumental in organizing various events and festivities to promote the cultural and national diversity in the Mason School of Business.

MBA IT/Ops Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mbaaitops]]
Purpose: Core Purpose: To seek out firsthand experiences that will further our understanding of supply chain management, operations management, and innovation through information technology. Core Values: Demonstrating Integrity; Providing Solutions; Transferring Knowledge; Taking advantage of opportunity. We will host a series of company visits, operations games and talks that will aid in this endeavor.

MBA Marketing Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mbaamarketing]]
Purpose: Marketing club provides instructive and information events and speakers to help students identify their field and find a job.

MBA Women International (MBAWI)
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mbawi]]
Purpose: MBA Women International(formerly NAWMBA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering female business professionals, to assisting women in leadership positions and to enhancing the diversity of the workforce.

Media Council
Email: [[e|mediacouncil1]]
Purpose: Funding and supervisory body for all W&M student publications, spanning print, digital and broadcast.

Meditation Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|meditationclub01]]
Purpose: To provide a venue for group meditation and teaches basic meditation techniques as well as Far Eastern methods of self-discovery.

Men's Club Soccer
Email: [[e|soccerm]]
Website: {{}}

Meridian Coffeehouse
Interest Group
Email: [[e|meridian01]]
Purpose: Located on Boundary St., this coffeehouse offers a selection of gourmet coffee and pastries and live entertainment.
Website: {{}}

Merrimac Mentors
Community Service
Email: [[e|merrimacmentors]]
Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to educate and enrich the lives of both William and Mary students and Merrimac residents through mentoring, education enrichment activities, and tutoring. We will educate and prepare volunteers to engage in positive and encouraging relationships with the students of Merrimac Juvenile Detention Center.

Metal Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|metalclub]]
Purpose: To provide a community for those students and faculty interested in the metal and hard rock music genre.
Website: {{}}

Middle Eastern Student Association
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mesa]]
Purpose: The purpose of the Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) is a student organization whose mission is to promote solidarity among Middle Eastern students at William & Mary, as well as provide a platform for open discussion of political issues and cross-cultural understanding. MESA will sponsor Middle Eastern social and cultural activities and events open to the entire campus community. A primary goal of MESA will be to explore issues relating to the Greater Middle East, recognizing the unique sociopolitical ties between the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. MESA welcomes and respects students of all ethnic, religious, and political affiliations.

Military and Veterans Law Society
Law School
Email: [[e|mlwsoc]]
Purpose: To promote knowledge and awareness of military law issues affecting students, law professionals, and members of America's armed forces. The Military Law Society promotes scholarly discussion of military law and related law topics, and builds social ties between interested students, the law school, and the local community to promote professional development. Membership in the military is not necessary. The Society is open to all students who wish to study the interface between the military, the government, and the wider legal system.
Website: {{}}

Minority Pre-Law Association
Law School
Email: [[e|blalaw]]
Purpose: To further the academic, social, and professional needs and goals of the black law students. BLSA members work together to foster a successful learning environment--focusing on building the skills and confidence of its members. BLSA members also participate in social activities and community service projects. Two of BLSA’s most significant accomplishments are its annually hosted events: Law Day and Oliver Hill Weekend. On Law Day, BLSA invites undergraduate minority college students to the law school to give them an introduction to the school and encourage graduate education. Oliver Hill weekend was established to honor an African-American man who has contributed greatly to the legal field. On this weekend, we celebrate our successes of the school year and give out awards.
Website: {{}}

Mock Trial Team
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mocktrial]]
Purpose: A competitive team which simulates real court room experience. The goal is to provide students an in depth knowledge of the legal process.
Website: {{}}

Model Arab League
Interest Group
Email: [[e|modelarableague]]
Purpose: The goal of the Model Arab League will be to further the understanding of Arab history, politics, and culture. Furthermore, Model Arab League will venture to attend Model Arab League Conferences is such a way that is affordable for all participants.

Model Rocketry Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|modelrocketry]]
Purpose: The mission of the Model Rocketry Club will be to provide students with an opportunity for hands-on-experience in designing, building, and launching model rockets. Rocketry is an excellent tool for learning about diverse concepts including physics, geoscience, project management, artistic design, and shop techniques. There are aslo many competitions and projects in this field both regionally and nationally for the collegiate level, and these would provide additional incentive and excitement to learn about the principles and construction of model rockets.

Monitor-Journal of International Studies
Purpose: A Journal of International Studies whose aim is to promote and publish student work that contributes a varying perspective and insight into multicultural understanding and awareness.
Website: {{}}

Monroe Hall Council
Interest Group
Email: [[e|monroehc]]
Website: {{}}

Moot Court Team
Email: [[e|mootco]]
Purpose: The Moot Court Program is one of William & Mary Law School’s best opportunities for students to develop and refine oral advocacy and brief writing skills. Team members participate in moot court tournaments, which require each team to research and write an appellate brief, then defend it before a panel of judges in an oral argument. Membership on Moot Court is an honor, and tryouts for the team are competitive. Each year William & Mary’s Moot Court Team sends its members to approximately fifteen inter-collegiate moot court tournaments around the nation. In addition to competing, the William & Mary Moot Court Team annually hosts the William B. Spong Invitational Moot Court Tournament for competing schools across the country to participate.
Website: {{}}

Mortar Board
Honor Society
Email: [[e|mortarboard]]
Purpose: A national honor society that recognizes college seniors for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service.
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Muslim Student Association
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|muslim]]
Purpose: An organization whose purpose is to introduce the community to and familiarize it with the Islamic culture and to offer an opportunity for the Muslims on campus to meet and express their thoughts and views in a creative manner. Services include Friday (congregational) prayers, speakers, films, presentations and inter and intra-club activities.
Website: {{}}

My Body My Ideal
Interest Group
Email: [[e|mybodymyideal]]
Purpose: To promote self-confidence among women of all ages. We hope to empower women on a daily basis and improve their confidence within themselves.