Directory of Clubs and Organizations


L.E.A.D. Collegiate (Leadership, Education, Action, and Development
Interest Group
Email: [[e|leadcollegiate]]
Purpose: The purpose of L.E.A.D. Collegiate is to create a partnership between W&M students and WJCC School system. W&M students will receive training in leadership strategies and implementation. The goal is to extend program opportunities to all interested W&M student participants.


Sports Club
President: [[e|yskang, Stephen Kang]]
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Sports Club
President: [[e|hhcho, Hannah Cho]]
Email: [[
Purpose: To serve as a recreational sport that is less rigorous than the varsity team. For fitness of body and mind, this club lacrosse team allows us to play lacrosse in a stress free, socially active environment while honorably representing the College of William & Mary in both competitions and in all of its activities.
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Lafayette Kids
Community Service
Email:: [[e|lafayettekids]]
Purpose: In a partnership with the Learning Center at Lafayette Village, a Community Housing Partner’s low-income housing development in Williamsburg with a large minority population, William & Mary students will provide individualized tutoring twice per week, serve as mentors who believe in the value of a good education, provide educational programing, and encourage safe, fun play. William & Mary students will also learn about educational issues, be inspired to continue teaching in high needs school environments, and gain valuable experience working with children.
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Lambda Alliance
Interest Group
Email: [[e|lambdaalliance]]
Purpose: The Lambda Alliance is an organization dedicated to creating a supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning individuals and allies. We strive to be politically and socially active in our community through weekly meetings and popular annual events like Drag Ball, Gay? Fine By Me, National Coming Out Day, and many more. Email us at with questions, suggestions, or just to talk.
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Latin American Student Union
Interest Group
Email: [[e|lasu]]
Purpose: The LASU is a leadership student coalition. Our mission is to bring a new perspective on Latin America to both the William & Mary and Williamsburg communities.
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Latino Law Student Association
Law School
Email: [[e|latinolaw]]
Purpose: The purpose is to increase the enrollment and retention of Latino students at WM Law School. Advocating for the appointment of Latino professors and visiting professors to WM Law School faculty. Providing a network to connect current students with Latino alumni and practicing Latino attorneys. Cultivate a reputation of WM Law School with Latin American Universities, while cooperating with the International Programs office to establish and maintain study abroad in Latin America. Encourage awareness and appreciation for the diversity of Latin American cultures through events that showcase various cultural aspects.

Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|ldssa]]
Purpose: We are an organization that helps student members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints balance their academic, social, cultural, and religious education. We also motivate LDS students to become an influence for good on the William & Mary campus, and encourage them to reach out to other LDS students so that all may be closely affiliated with the church while on campus
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Law Capella
Law School
Email: [[e|lawcapella]]
Purpose: The purpose of the organization shall be to provide members with opportunities to develop their talent and love of music and the Law School community with a unique entertainment experience.

Law Chapter ACLU
Law School
Email: [[e|acluwmlaw]]
Purpose: To promote the protection of civil liberties and civil rights, raise awareness about civil liberties and promotes dialog at the law school and in the community about the freedoms granted or intended by the consitution of the United States.
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Law Democrats
Law School
Email: [[e|lawdems]]
Purpose: To support and elect Democratic candidates for public office; to widen and increase the interest and knowledge of young people in government and the political process; to train and develop law students for positions of leadership; to increase the role of underrepresented people in our Party, government, and society; and to service those in need in the community

Law Review
Law School
Email: [[e|lawreview]]
Website: {{}}

Law Students for Reproductive Justice
Law School
Email: [[e|lsrj]]
Purpose: The only student-led, student-centered national network of law students, professors, and lawyers committed to fostering the next wave of legal experts for the reproductive justice movement.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers
Law School
Email: [[e|lhl]]
Purpose: Purpose: W&M LHL is committed to improving the health and happiness of the student boy at W&M Law. Our motto is “You are part of a community that cares.” We are dedicated to: 1) Creating a supportive, encouraging environment at W&M Law; 2) Ameliorating the stresses of Law school; 3) Ensuring that all students have access to mental health counseling; 4) Providing our members with training to optimize our ability to have a positive impact on our student body; 5) Hosting events that provide the student body with an outlet for stress relief.

Linguistics Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|linguistics]]
Purpose: To serve as a forum and resource for members who are interested in linguistics and related fields

Lutheran Student Association
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|lutheran]]
Purpose: A fellowship of Christian students, graduate and undergraduate, affiliated with St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Regular activities, including dinner, are held on Sunday nights. Bible study, prayer group, social outreach, ecumenical events, and congregational activities are held throughout the week.
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