Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Kappa Alpha
Chapter Name: Alpha Zeta
National Founding: December 21, 1865
Founding School: Washington and Lee University
Campus Founding: 1890

Kappa Alpha Theta
Nickname: Theta
Chapter Name: Beta Lambda
National Founding: January 27, 1870
Founding School: Depaw University, IN

Kappa Delta
Nickname: KD
Chapter Name: Alpha Pi
National Founding: October 23, 1897
Founding School: Longwood College, VA

Kappa Delta Pi
Honor Society
Email: [[e|kappadeltapi]]
Purpose: Education honor society

Kappa Delta Rho
Chapter Name: Phi Beta
National Founding: May 17, 1905
Founding School: Middlebury College, VT
Campus Founding: 1993

Kappa Kappa Gamma
Nickname: Kappa
Chapter Name: Gamma Kappa
National Founding: October 13, 1870
Founding School: Monmouth College, IL

Kappa Sigma
Chapter Name: Nu
National Founding: December 10, 1869
Founding School: University of Virginia
Campus Founding: 1890

Sports Club
President: [[e|jsandrews, Jamal Andrews]]
Email: [[e|jsandrews]]

Kenya Sustainable Village Project
Community Service
Purpose: The purpose if this organization is to support the efforts of Children of God Relief Initiative (COGRI) – Nyumbani Village, in their mission to help meet the basic needs of marginalized youth and elderly in rural Kenya. When possible and permissible, KSVP will organize students into traveling teams to work with the Nyumbani Village by providing manual labor, and service learning curriculum to the 7th and 8th grad students in their primary school. This partnership between William and Mary and COGRI doesn’t not already exist on campus, and a host of students have expressed interest in supporting CONGRI regardless of the organization’s travel status. The Kenya Sustainable Village Project will provide William & Mary students with the valuable experience of learning about community engagement and service learning, and out students will also learn extensively about HIV/AIDS relief in Kenya, and community development founded on the concepts of permaculture.
Email: [[e|ksvp]]

Kidogo Kidogo
Interest Group
Email: [[e|kksg]]
Purpose: Kidogo,Kidogo, and by extension KKSG, is dedicated to lifting the financial barrier which prevents women in Tanzania from having access to life-changing mobile technology. In lifting this barrier, we hope to empower women, enabling them to improve their lives, business, health, and individual efficacy.

Kids Interested in Technology, Engineering, and Science
Community Service
Purpoose: The purpose of this organization is to foster an appreciation of scientific principles in elementary school children by performing simple, engaging science experiments with college mentors. The goals of this organization are A) to encourage children to become familiar with basic scientific principles through experimentation, B) to mentor elementary school children in science and C) to further develop students’’ education in STEM fields.
Email: [[e|kites]]

King of Glory Christian Fellowship
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|kingofglory]]
Purpose: A group that participates in worship services at King of Glory Lutheran Church and the stewardship, fellowship and edification of one another in Christian faith and life.

Knights of Columbus
Community Service
Email: [[e|knights]]
Purpose: To help the members grow in the Catholic faith and to improve the quality of life at the college through service projects and other activities.
Website: {{}}

Knot Your Grandma's Yarn Club
Interest Group
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to bring together students who have an interest in crocheting and knitting. This organization will offer a place for students to learn how to crochet and/or knit, as well as allow for the exchange of tips and patterns. The main goal of this organization will be to further the techniques of our ancestors as they pertain to crocheting and knitting.
Email: [[e|knot]]