Directory of Clubs and Organizations


ice hockey

Ice HockeySports ClubPresident: [[e|cjfiedler, Chris Fiedler]]
Email: [[icehockey01]]
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I-FaithReligiousEmail: [[e|ifaith]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding among students of diverse religious backgrounds in order to work for the common good.
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IF FundInterest GroupsPurpose: The IF Fund is a financial resource for women’s, LGBT and feminist-friendly groups at the College of William & Mary and in the surrounding Williamsburg area.
Email: [[e|iffund]]

Impact! HumanityInterest GroupsEmail: [[e|impacthumanity01]]
Purpose: To raise awareness about microfinance on campus, teaching students waht they can do on a small scale level to help in the fight against poverty
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Improv ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|improvclub]]
Purpose: This is a club to engage in improv, work on skills for improv, and to have fun while doing so.

Improvisational Theatre (I.T.)ArtsEmail: [[e|improvtheatre]]
Purpose: Provides hilarious improvisational comedy performances not only for the College community, but also at benefits, with professional groups, and in improv comedy festivals all across the country.
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InsightReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|insight]]
Purpose: An outreach of the Calvary Chapel Williamsburg church and exists to express to the W&M College community the message of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible
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Interfaith CouncilReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|interfaith]]
Purpose: A group whose goal is to increase awareness of religious organizations on campus and foster cooperation between those organizations

International Coalition of College Philanthropists (ICCP)InterestEmail: [[e|iccp]]
Purpose: The International Coalition of College Philanthropists (ICCP) represents the new millennium’s greatest movement forward in youth leadership and nonprofit fundraising. An ambitious initiative, the ICCP endeavors to engage the collegiate demographic in creating the first prestigious, international, philanthropic honor society on college campuses around the world – an analogue to the Phi Beta Kappa Society – in which non-profit fundraising is encouraged, rewarded in special ceremony, and facilitated by chapters and their members at every major university. The International Coalition of College Philanthropists intends to be a major grant-giving organization, raising money for its medical and social causes through dynamic and innovative projects nationwide. By creating unique benefit events tailored to the individual spirit of its university, and by learning to dialogue with the media about these philanthropic endeavors, each chapter will raise much needed non-profit dollars for international medical organizations, cancer and neurological research, environmental initiatives, and micro-entrepreneurship – raising visibility for the causes, and encourage a “youth-quake” of collegiate social action.

International Justice MissionReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ijmission]]
Purpose: Devoted to relieving the suffering of all people and pursuing a just world society through a committed social activism inspired by the teachings of Christianity.
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International Justice Mission - LawLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|intjusticemission]]
Purpose: To secure justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators, and aftercare professionals work to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators, and to promote functioning public justice systems.

International Performance Arts ExchangeArtsPurpose: Provides an outlet for international expression through the study and production of various art mediums concerning people of different color, gender, sexuality and religion. Also helps in the campaign to recruit and retain students of all backgrounds interested in performance arts.
Email: [[e|ipaxchange]]
Website: {{}}

International RelationsInterest GroupsEmail: [[e|irclub]]
Purpose: To increase campus awareness in International Affairs and participate in Model United Nations conferences. Also involved in W&M High School Model United Nations Conference
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Intervarsity Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|intervarsity]]
Purpose: An organization which seeks to provide Christian fellowship from many denominations through weekly large group meetings and dorm Bible studies. Special events currently planned include fall, spring, and end-of-year conferences.
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IntonationsArtsEmail: [[e|intonations]]
Website: {{}}

Investment ClubInterest GroupsEmail: [[e|investmentclub]]
Purpose: To further a greater understanding and/or increase knowledge of this special area of finance through activities designed as rewarding educational experiences
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Irish Dance and Culture ClubArtsEmail: [[e|irishdance]]
Purpose: To bring together students who have an interest in Irish culture, especially dance.