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Directory of Clubs and Organizations


ice hockey

Ice Hockey
Sports Club
President: [[e|daprario, Derek Prario]]
Email: [[icehockey]]
Website: {{http://www.tribehockey.com/}}

Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|ifaith]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding among students of diverse religious backgrounds in order to work for the common good.
Website:: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/ifaith/about}}
Facebook:: {{http://www.facebook.com/wmifaith?ref=hl}}

Immigration Advocacy Group
Interest Group
Email: [[e|immigrationadvo]]
Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to educate the William and Mary community about the struggles faced by immigrants and their families but, more specifically, examine the prizes and pitfalls of the assimilation process through discussion of immigrant experiences (collecting the stories first, second, and subsequent generation children from around the world). We want to celebrate the positive qualities and cultural diversity gained by the entry of immigrants into America. We will host fundraisers and reading nights to not only gather funds for our proposed actions, but also facilitiate campus discussion/awareness of immigrant voices.

Improv Club
Purpose: The Improv Club is a club for anyone with an interest in comedic improvisation. There is no try-out process, all are welcome to come.
Email: [[e|improvclub]]

Improvisational Theatre (I.T.)
Email: [[e|improvtheatre]]
Purpose: Provides hilarious improvisational comedy performances not only for the College community, but also at benefits, with professional groups, and in improv comedy festivals all across the country. It is one of the College of William and Mary's oldest student run performance groups, founded over 16 years ago.
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/improvtheatre/}}

Innovation and Design Thinking Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|designthinking]]
Purpose: To create a community for students with an interest in design thinking and sustainability. To foster an environment for students to learn and explore innovative solutions and challenges in the business world and other industires, and to provide a setting for students to share their insights and thoughts on design thinking and sustainability.
Website: {{http://innovationanddesign-club.squarespace.com}}

Insight Student Ministries
Religious Group
Email: [[e|insight]]
Purpose: Here at Insight we value our relationship with Jesus Christ over all relationships we have or will ever have. With that said, Insight is a way to connect with Jesus in a whole new way and to gain relationship with other like-minded students who also believe in Jesus as Lord! But it’s not just for those who “know” Jesus, but for those who are wanting their lives to filled with peace and comfort, wisdom and love. We’d really like to get to know you and you have questions about the Bible or about Jesus! In other words…we are here for you and to “walk” with you through your time here at William & Mary.

Institute of Bill of Rights Law: Student Division
Law School
Email: ibrlsd@gmail.com
Purpose: The Student Division of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law (IBRL:SD) was established in 1990 to provide students at William & Mary Law School with the opportunity to organize programs on constitutional law topics of special interest to them. As members of IBRL:SD, students have a unique opportunity to take a leadership role in fostering discussion of important constitutional issues. The IBRL:SD sponsors a variety of academic and social programs throughout the year, including Constitutional Conversations, our Scholarly Luncheon Series, and the annual Edmund Randolph Award for Excellence in Oral Advocacy (the “Silver Tongue Award”), which is held in conjunction with the final round of the Bushrod Moot Court Tournament.
Website: {{http://law.wm.edu/academics/intellectuallife/researchcenters/ibrl/studentdivision/index.php}}

Interfaith Council
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|interfaith]]
Purpose: A group whose goal is to increase awareness of religious organizations on campus and foster cooperation between those organizations

Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)
Email: [[fraternity]]
Purpose: The governing council for fourteen (and hopefully more soon) of William & Mary's fraternities
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/offices/greeks/?svr=web}}
Facebook: {{https://www.facebook.com/wmgreeklife}}

International Culture Exchange Organization
Interest Group
Email: [[e|ice]]
Purpose: The purpose of this club will be to foster the broadening of cross-cultural perspectives by sharing different experiences between members. The club will aim to support the international and exchange students at the College of William and Mary, as well as non-international students with all levels of international experience. It hopes to bring these different demographics of students together to discuss cultural topics in a freely open and supportive environment so that we can learn from one another and be inspired to become more globalized citizens in a world where people are traveling and connecting with each other more and more.
Website: {{https://www.facebook.com/pes/William-and-Mary-International-Culture-Exchange-Organization/464775313677497}}
Facebook: {{https://www.facebook.com/groups/WMICE/}}

International Law Society
Law School
Email: [[e|nternationallaw]]
Purpose: The International Law Society (ILS) promotes the professional and academic pursuits of William & Mary law students interested in all aspects of international law, from transnational insolvency to human rights. The ILS also fosters interaction among students, faculty and visiting scholars from around the world who are concerned with global issues.
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/rmgandhi}}

International Performance Arts Exchange
Email: [[e|ipaxchange]]
Purpose: Provides an outlet for international expression through the study and production of various art mediums concerning people of different color, gender, sexuality and religion. Also helps in the campaign to recruit and retain students of all backgrounds interested in performance arts.
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/ipax}}

International Relations
Interest Group
Email: [[e|irclub]]
Purpose: To increase campus awareness in International Affairs and participate in Model United Nations conferences. Also involved in W&M High School Model United Nations Conference
Website: {{http://wmirc.org}}

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|intervarsity]]
Purpose: An organization which seeks to provide Christian fellowship from many denominations through weekly large group meetings and dorm Bible studies. Special events currently planned include fall, spring, and end-of-year conferences.
Website: {{http://www.wmintervarsity.com/}}
Facebook: {{http://www.facebook.com/IVCF.WM}}

Email: [[e|intonations]]
Purpose: A ten member women's a cappella ensemble performing a wide variety of music.
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/intonations}}

Investment Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|investmentclub]]
Purpose: To further a greater understanding and/or increase knowledge of this special area of finance through activities designed as rewarding educational experiences
Website:: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/investmentclub/}}