Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Email: [[e|gallery]]
Purpose: A magazine that publishes creative writing and artistic works of the students and faculty in an attempt to stimulate literary and artistic activity at the College. One issue will be released each semester; each issue will include prose, poetry and art.

Game Design Club at W&M
Interest Group
Email: [[e|gamedesign]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to foster collaboration amongst students with a passion or interest in video game development with the goal of producing video games.

Gamma Phi Beta
Nickname: Gamma Phi
Chapter Name: Alpha Chi
National Founding: November 11, 1874
Founding School: Syracuse University, NY

Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies Honor Society: Iota, Iota, Iota at W&M
Honor Society
Email: [[e|iota3]]
Purpose: Consistent with the ideals of the national organization of Iota, Iota, Iota, the purpose of this chapter is to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in gender, sexuality, and women's studies at the College of William and Mary. It is the purpose of this society to promote an interest in gender, sexuality, and women's studies research in social problems affecting all oppressed members of society, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the condition of all people.

Gentlemen of the College
Email: [[e|wmgentlemen]]
Purpose: An a capella singing group specializing in a wide variety of vocal harmony with an emphasis on a complete show including humor and a dynamic stage presence.
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Gibbs Accounting Society
Email: [[e|gibbs]]
Purpose: The Society shall facilitate the communication of important information to the students, provide opportunities for interaction with the faculty, bring to campus guests with academic and professional experience, and provide an opportunity to know and work with the other students at the College, thus contributing to the strength of the Accounting Programs.
Website: {{}}

Girl Scouts of the College
Interest Group
Email: [[e|girlscouts]]
Purpose: A group whose purpose is to enrich the lives of the young girls of our community while showing the Williamsburg community that women and mean are motivated, skilled leaders devoted to making a difference in the area.
Website: {{}}

Gleaning Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|gleaning]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to glean. Gleaning is to collect food which has been left behind by a gardener or gardener after a harvest. This food is high-quality and healthful; often the farmer simply doesn’t have sufficient funds to run equipment a second time to collect the extra food. The William & Mary Gleaning club would collect this food and arrange for it to be donated to local agencies, such as Campus Kitchens, etc.

Global Architecture Brigades
Interest Group
Email: [[e|globalarch]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to educate about and promote architecture projects in various countries such as Panama, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

Global Medical Brigades
Community Service
Email: [[e|gmb]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to help provide sustainable health relief by sending student volunteers on brigades to places with limited access to healthcare, specifically in Honduras and Panama.

Global Village Project
Community Service
Email: [[e|globalvillage]]
Purpose: To plan, fund raise, and participate in a Habitat for Humanity international group service trip during Spring Break.
Website: {{}}

Sports Club
President: [[e|rsbonney, Bob Bonney]]
Email: [[e|rsbonney]]

Graduate Council
Student Government
Email: [[e|gradcouncil]]
Facebook: {{}}

Graduate Education Association
Student Government
Email: [[e|gea]]
Purpose: To provide for a sharing of information regarding different programs in the School of Education and in other elements of William & Mary and to better communications among the administration, the faculty, and the graduate students of the School of Education.

Interest Group
Email: [[e|greatness]]
Purpose: "The mission of Greatness is to conduct forums to explore themost fundamental questions regarding the human person today through an understanding of the theology of the body and a reflection upon our won experiences."

Green and Gold Christmas
Community Service
Email: [[e|greengoldxmas]]
Purpose: To give students an opportunity to provide a Christmas party for the underprivileged children in the Williamsburg community.

Green and Gold Dispatch
Email: [[e|greenandgolddispatch]]
Purpose: The organization will be an online publication submitting weekly articles through a website medium. This organization will also be creating weekly video news headlines.

Guacamole Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|guacamole]]
Purpose: Guac club gathers guacamole enthusiasts in a friendly, accepting environment which fosters guacamole making, eating, and conversation thereof.


Sports Club
President: [[e|dmzobel, David Marshall Zobel]]
Email: [[e|dmzobel]]
Purpose: Gymnastics club provides a relaxed environment for both experienced gymnasts and new-comers to practice and learn about gymnastics. We also offer opportunities to compete at local and national competitions. Guys and girls welcome.
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