Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Face Aids
Interest Group
Email: [[e|faceaids]]
Purpose: A student movement in the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Farmers and Gardeners
Interest Group
Email: [[e|farmers]]
Purpose: To farm and garden with fellow agricultural enthusiasts.

Federalist Society
Law School
Email: [[e|fedsoc]]
Purpose: To foster critical thought and debate about the application of conservative principles to the law
Website: {{}}

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|fca]]
Purpose: A small interdenominational organization for athletes and non-athletes to grow as Christians through fellowship, skits, and other social events.

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
Interest Group
Email: [[e|fmla]]
Purpose: An organization dedicated to furthering the causes of women and of equality between all people, at W&M and beyond.
Website: {{}}


Sports Club
President: [[e|dpatel, Dillan Patel]]
Purpose: William & Mary Fencing is a sports club that actively participates in two fencing leagues (MACFA and SAC) as well as a Virginia collegiate tournament and USFA tournaments—two of which we host at the college. We encourage undergraduate and graduate students with any level of fencing experience to come in to practice with the chance to be on the traveling team, and we diligently work with beginners. The team has existed since 1924, receiving numerous medals and awards. This includes our latest noteworthy title of VA Cup champions for the 11th consecutive year.
Website: {{}}


Field Hockey
Sports Club
President: [[e|ealamb, Eleanor Lamb]]
Website: {{}}

Filipino-American Student Association
Interest Group
Email: [[e|fasa]]
Purpose: To promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the Filipino-American culture through programs open to the College community which create an awareness of the presence of Filipino-Americans, their issues and their contributions to American society.
Website: {{}}

Film Club of William & Mary
Interest Group
Email: [[e|filmclub]]
Purpose: To organize those individuals interested in the art of filmmaking. It will attempt to bring together interested actors and writers in order to help W&M students come together to use their talents on a worthwhile project.
Website: {{}}

Community Service
Purpose: FIT4FUN has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, including but not limited to the promotion of healthy decisions and physical fitness in elementary aged students throughout the great Williamsburg area.
Email: [[e|fit4fun]]

Flat Hat
Description: : The twice-weekly newspaper of the College — written, edited, and managed by students since 1911
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Interest Group
Email:: [[e|forks]]
Purpose: This organization seeks to bring together students for the discussion of issues with the food industry and animals rights and welfare in the setting of a weekly potluck dinner. We hope that this discussion leads to additional club sponsored events and service among the campus community.

Free Intracampus Football Association
Interest Group
Purpose: The purpose of the organization shall be twofold, First, to celebrate and revel in the culture of football. Second, to hold weekly pick-up matches for any and all students interested.
Email:: [[e|fifa]]

Freethought Alliance
Interest Group
Email: [[e|freethought]]
Purpose: To establish a positive social environment for students who are rationalists, non=theists, agnostics, deists, humanists, or skeptics, enrich campus life by sponsoring educational events and fostering student dialogue on matters of faith, science and reason, engage students in issues of national and international import surrounding freedom of conscience and secular education
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