Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Ebony Expressions
Email: [[e|ebony]]
Purpose: To provide ministry through contemporary gospel music to the campus and community.
Website: {{}}

Economics Club
Purpose: The William & Mary Economics Club will have four purposes of existence, as follows: To provide a forum to the William & Mary Community for discussing economic issues of all types. To provide students with the opportunity to associate and interact with the economics faculty and department outside of the classroom. To increase students’ understanding of economics. To increase the level of interest of economics on the campus of William & Mary.

Election Law Society
Law School
Purpose: To promote interest and understandng in American Election Law
Facebook: {{}}

Electronic Dance Music Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|edmclub]]
Purpose: The purpose of this club is to serve students who are interested in electronic dance music (EDM) by introducing them to the music and cultures of the genre; providing transportation to EDM concerts; conducting workshops to teach them how to DJ and produce music; promoting a healthy, positive environment to de-stigmatize EDM culture; and holding events to enrich the diversity of the Tribe community.

Engineering Club
Academic Group
Purpose: Our purpose is to provide a platform for students to gain experience in the world of engineering and to give students the opportunity to bring the physical manifestations of their imagination to practical use. We want to provide an unexplored brand of STEM to this primarily liberal arts college. We seek to provide a place where students can learn from hands on experimentation and observation outside he traditional class setting.
Email: [[e|tsdavis]]

Entertainment Business Association
Interest Group
Purpose: The Entertainment Business Association was established to provide insightful and diverse programming to students interested in creative careers, to raise the creative profile of W&M as a recruiting location where employers within the entertainment field can find viable talent, to provide a public forum where students can discuss both fun and serious matters within the entertainment industry, and to be a place where students can receive help from their peers in their search for employment opportunities.
Email: [[e|nrease]]

Environmental Law and Policy Review
Law School
Email: [[e|envlawsociety]]
Purpose: A student organization within the Law School dealing with environmental law
Website: {{}}

Equality Alliance
Interest Group
Email: [[e|lglawm]]
Website: {{}}


Sports Club
President: [[e|alkane, Abigail Kane]] & [[e|apvij, Panya Vij]]
Email: [[e|alkane]]
Website: {{}}

Interest Group
Email: [[e|essence]]
Purpose: To rebuild and create a stronger community among the women of color on campus. It serves four major purposes: as a social outlet, educational outlet, discussion group, and support group.
Website: {{}}