Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Ebony Expressions
Email: [[e|ebony]]
Purpose: To provide ministry through contemporary gospel music to the campus and community.
Website: {{}}

Economics Club
Purpose: The William & Mary Economics Club will have four purposes of existence, as follows: To provide a forum to the William & Mary Community for discussing economic issues of all types. To provide students with the opportunity to associate and interact with the economics faculty and department outside of the classroom. To increase students’ understanding of economics. To increase the level of interest of economics on the campus of William & Mary.
Email: [[e|econclub]]

Election Law Society
Law School
Email: [[e|electionlaw]]
Purpose: To promote interest and understandng in American Election Law
Facebook: {{}}

Electronic Dance Music Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|edmclub]]
Purpose: The purpose of this club is to serve students who are interested in electronic dance music (EDM) by introducing them to the music and cultures of the genre; providing transportation to EDM concerts; conducting workshops to teach them how to DJ and produce music; promoting a healthy, positive environment to de-stigmatize EDM culture; and holding events to enrich the diversity of the Tribe community.

Empower Congo
Community Service
Email: [[e|empowercongo]]
Purpose: To bring attention to the community the atrocities being committed against women and girls on a massive scale in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to aid in the current relief efforts in this region

English Club
Purpose: A forum and resource for members who are interested in English and related fields.
Email: [[e|englishclub]]

Environmental Law Society
Law School
Email: [[e|envlawsociety]]
Purpose: A student organization within the Law School dealing with environmental law
Website: {{}}


Sports Club
President: [[e|epgardner, Peden Gardner]]
Email: [[e|epgardner]]
Website: {{}}

Community Service
Email: [[e|escort]]
Purpose: To provide an escort home for students studying alone at night.
Website: {{}}

Esperanto Club
Interest Group
Email: [[e|esperanto]]
Purpose: To promote the knowledge of the language Esperanto and to create opportunities to learn, speak, and appreciate the language

Interest Group
Email: [[e|essence]]
Purpose: To rebuild and create a stronger community among the women of color on campus. It serves four major purposes: as a social outlet, educational outlet, discussion group, and support group.
Website: {{}}

Every 2 Minutes
Interest Group
Email: [[e|every2minutes]]
Purpose: An all-female, sexual assault, peer-education group that seeks to educate women, primarily freshmen, about sexual assault and inform them of the resources available on and off campus and the skills necessary to help a friend recover from a sexual assault experience

Eyes Wide Open to Film
Interest Group
Email: [[e|ewof]]
Purpose: We plan to promote cultural, political, and aesthetic appreciation of “fringe film” – broadly defined as foreign, avant-garde, and art film that exists outside the established canon of great film art.