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Directory of Clubs and Organizations


Camp KesemInterest GroupEmail: [[e|campkesem]]
Purpose: The purpose of Camp Kesem is to provide safe, supportive and exciting camp experience for children ages 6-13, who have a parent who had died from cancer, is currently in treatment for cancer, or is in remission from cancer. By doing so, Camp Kesem gives them a chance to be kids and to connect with peers that are facing a similar hardship.

Campus BuddiesCommunity ServicePurpose: This organization is designed to consolidate current student engagement projects with the disability community to include Buddy Ball, Buddy Art, Buddy Theatre, Lunch Buddies, and with potential for collaboration with other student organizations that work with the disability community. This body intends to coordinate and train volunteers, provide information to campus, present programs, host media nights, arrange speakers, and promote forums for discussion about relevant issues.
Email: [[e|campusbuddies]]

Campus Crusade for ChristReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|campuscrusade]]
Purpose: Campus crusade is a Christian campus organization. We want to provide an environment that allows for learning about God and Christianity, where people can experience community and grow in leadership.
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Campus IgniteInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of Campus Ignite at the College of William & Mary will be to gather and establish a Christ-centered missional community that is devoted to a lifestyle of prayer, worship, learning and discipleship, authentic relationships and caring works of justice. Our general goal will be to glorify and make know the name of Jesus Christ on the campus and lead people into a personal and deepening relationship with Him.
Email: [[e|campusignite]]

Campus Initiative for UNICEFCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|unicef]]
Purpose: To raise money and awareness for the United Children's Fund by incorporating local schools and educating the community
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Campus Kitchen at William & MaryInterest GroupEmail: [[e|campuskitchenwm]]
Purpose: To provide hunger-relief to the surrounding community while simultaneously helping to reduce food waste.
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Campus Ministries UnitedReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ministriesunited]]
Purpose: A voluntary interfaith coalition of campus ministers representing campus religious groups at William & Mary. Interfaith services of worship, opportunities for fellowship and recreation, and educational ventures comprise the nucleus of this organization.
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Campus Musician's UnionArtsEmail: [[e|musiciansunion]]
Purpose: A vehicle for campus bands to use school resources for events. Also provides a central listing of campus bands.

Canterbury AssociationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|canterbury]]
Purpose: Provide a witness to the Christian faith within the tradition of the Episcopal Church through spiritual, social and liturgical services; builds among the students, faculty, and administrators at the College, a community of sharing, support and prayer based on the Christian faith; and provides for the spiritual growth and nurturing of all persons within the College community.
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Casual MagicInterest GroupEmail: [[e|casualmagic]]
Purpose: To play the card game known as “Magic: The Gathering,” to provide the opportunity for free cards to members, to have regular magic tournaments, to build a friendly community of players.

Catan ClubInterest GroupPurpose: The Catan club exists so students interested in playing the board game “Settlers of Catan” can gather and play Catan. This should lead to camaraderie and fun.
Email: [[e|catan]]

Catholic Campus MinistryReligious OrganizationsPurpose: We are a Eucharistic community striving to be living witnesses of our faith as Christians within the Catholic tradition through our spiritual, social, and service traditions, coming together to provide an atmosphere whereby members of the William & Mary community may explore, celebrate, and proclaim their faith.
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Celtic Dance ClubInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|celticdance]]
Purpose: The purpose of the Celtic Dance club will be to educate the William & Mary community about Scottish and Irish dance, to promote physical fitness through Celtic dance, and to provide an outlet for dance performance for club members.

Chamber of CommerceInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chambercommerce]]
Purpose: The Student Chamber of Commerce is a student-run organization created with the intent of bridging the gap between the student community and the business community.

Chapel College FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|ccf]]
Purpose: We are a Christian organization committed to fellowship with other believers, outreach to students on campus, and service within the community.

Charity: Water at William & MaryCommunity ServicePurpose: The purpose of this organization is to work with Charity: Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to building water pumps in developing counties in order to provide clean and sustainable water for those in need of it. The organization will hold fundraisers each semester with the aim to raise enough money to build at least one well.
Email: [[e|charitywater]]

Chemistry ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|chemistryclub]]
Purpose: Serves as a social outlet for anyone interested in chemistry. Annual receptions are held every fall and spring for majors and talks are given at evening meetings on career opportunities. Fund raisers include test sales, t-shirt sales, and the annual spring magic show.
Advisor: John Poutsma

Chess ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chessclub]]
Purpose: To promote interest in the game of chess for fun and in preparation for competition

Chi Alpha Christian FellowshipReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|chialpha]]
Purpose: Promote the spiritual life of students by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, discipleship, prayer, service and witness which will accomplish this end.
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Chicas Latinas UnidasInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chicaslu]]
Purpose: The purpose of Chicas Latinas Unidas is to establish a Hispanic/Latina sorority on the college campus of William & Mary, attracting potential members, motivating and encouraging each member to stay motivated in execution of these goals.
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Children's Advocacy Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|cals]]
Purpose: To promote awareness and educate law students about the many aspects of law affecting children.
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China ImpressionInterest GroupPurpose: The China Impression is a quarterly student magazine which strives to bring in different perspectives on Sino-related topics and promote unlit-cultural communication and understanding. The magazine is to explore China in the eyes of both Chinese and Non-Chinese, so as to provide a comparison of views and create an opportunity for cross-cultural discussion and debate.
Email: [[e|chinaimpression]]

Chinese Student OrganizationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|cso]]
Purpose: To create create a social environment and supportive community which would serve the needs of students with a Chinese background and to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture and experience in a fashion enjoyable by the entire William & Mary community.
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Chinese Student Scholar AssociationInterest GroupEmail: [[e|chinesescholar]]
Purpose: To promote the exchange between American and Chinese students. The group also assista Chinese scholars in achieving their academic goals.
Website: {{}}

Chinese Undergraduate Students AssociationInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|cusa]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to 1. Provide necessary transitional support for newly arriving Chinese international Students. 2. Enhance the communication and understanding between Chinese students and American students. 3. Establish a communication platform for Chinese students to grow and branch out together. 4. Spread the name and the reputation of The College of William & Mary in mainland China. 5. Provide services and support for Chinese language learning program on campus.
Website:: {{}}

Chi OmegaSororityNickname: Chi-O
Chapter Name: Omicron Beta
National Founding: April 5, 1895
Founding School: University of Arkansas, AR

Chi Phi FraternityChapter Name: Nu Theta
National Founding: December 24, 1824
Founding School: Princeton University, NJ
Campus Founding: Spring 2007

Chi Sigma IotaHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|chisigmaiota]]
Purpose: Education Honor Society
Website: {{}}

ChoirArtsEmail: [[e|choir]]
Purpose: Enables students to further develop their musical ability and to represent the College through a series of choral presentations.
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Christian Campus MinistriesReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|campusministries]]
Purpose: A group whose goal is to create a Bible study with a focus on principles that relate to students’ lives. This organizations intent is to establish honest and open debate concerning Biblical principles and themes.

Christian Science OrganizationReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|christianscience]]
Purpose: An organization that provides a place and time for Christian Scientists and those interested in learning about Christian Science to meet and have fellowship. Meetings consist of readings from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, testimonies concerning Christian Science, and discussion of current issues on campus and throughout the world.

Christopher Wren SingersArtsPurpose: A 14 member student-directed, student-run chamber and madrigal choir which performs both on campus and in the community. Membership is open by audition to all interested members of the College community.
Email: [[e|wrensingers]]
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Facebook: {{}}

Circle KCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|circlek01]]
Purpose: To develop future leaders and active citizens concerned with improving the quality of life on earth. Through personal involvement on campus and in the community, members of Circle K develop valuable leadership and organizational skills that may be attained through actual experience.
Website: {{}}

Classical Studies ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|classicalstudies]]
Purpose: To encourage interest in the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome through organized activities.
Advisor: Georgia Irby-Massie
Website: {{}}

Classic Movies ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|classicmovies]]
Purpose: To encourage an appreciation of classic cinema and cultivates a knowledge and understanding of iconic films, directors and actors

CleftomaniacsArtsEmail: [[e|cleftomaniacs]]
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Facebook: {{}}

Coast Guard Auxiliary, Detachment of Flotilla 67Interest GroupEmail: [[e|detachment]]
Purpose: To provide all student members an opportunity to obtain valuable training, experience and mentorship from the United State Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

College Partnership for KidsCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|wmcpk]]
Purpose: To offer tutoring to school students in the Williamsburg area
Website: {{}}

College RepublicansInterest GroupEmail: [[e|wmrepublicans]]
Purpose: To develop all College Republicans on the campus into an intelligent, aggressive, and cooperative Republican group that promotes the platform and candidates of the Republican party.
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Facebook: {{}}

Colleges Against CancerInterest GroupEmail: [[e|cacancer]]
Purpose: To fight cancer, volunteering for the American Cancer Society, and improving college communities in instating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society

Collegiate ConservativesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|conservative]]
Purpose: To bring speakers to campus and provides conservative viewpoints to the campus on many issues facing the nation today

Collegiate ScholarsHonor SocietyEmail: [[e|scholars]]
Purpose: Honor society
Website: {{}}
Facebook: {{}}

Collegiate Tea Drinkers' Society of William & MaryInterest GroupEmail: [[e|teasociety]]
Purpose: The Collegiate Tea Drinkers’ Society of The College of William & Mary is a group dedicated to all aspects of tea and tea culture. The Society aspires to continue the glorious tradition of tea consumption that has been passed down through the ages. In addition to passionately loving tea, members of this organization attend regular tea events and wear appropriate attire – teawear.

Colonial EchoMediaEmail: [[e|colonialecho]]
Description: A prize-winning yearbook published by students
Website: {{}}

Color Me Stress FreeCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|cmsf]]
Purpose: An organization that tries to help students relieve stress through simple and fun arts and crafts projects. We hold weekly meetings for our members as well as other programs to the rest of the William & Mary community.

Common GroundArtsPurpose: A women's contemporary Christian a capella group which sings on and off campus.
Email: [[e|commonground]]

Common Sense Action at W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|csa]]
Purpose: Created by and for millennials, CSA brings youth voices to the policy making table to fight for generational fairness. The group is bipartisan and is open to anyone. This allows students to come together and see a common ground on issues that affect all college students. This can be a first effort to loosen the gridlock in our country and the government.

Commonwealth CoveredInterest GroupEmail: [[e|commonwealth]]
Purpose: We are mobilizing students across the state to help Virginians gain access to healthcare. By spreading awareness of affordable insurance options and assisting with enrollment, we will leverage the energy and drive of students to cover our Commonwealth. This is also a great opportunity to correctly inform interested students about the healthcare system and its' inner-workings.

Community Partnership for Adult LearnersCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|cpalearners]]
Purpose: CPALs is a student-run organization that offers free English classes for the local community. CPALs evolved from a Hispanic Studies freshman seminar taught by Jonathan Arries with support from the Sharpe Community Scholars Program. Classes meet at 7:30 every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Morton Hall during the Fall and Spring semesters. Volunteers are welcome to help during the one-on-one tutoring that follows large group instruction each night. For more information about volunteering contact CPALs.

Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal of The College of William & MaryMediaPurpose: The purpose of the Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal is to produce a publication that will provide an outlet for undergraduate students in the Humanities to have their work published. The W&M Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal is a student-run academic journal for undergraduate work at W&M in the Humanities. The papers presented will be in conversation with one or more of the following interdisciplinary academic fields: cultural studies, critical theory, comparative literature, gender studies, media studies, film studies, sociology, and English literature. Works that could be critically examined by authors include literature, film, television, video games, photography, and other cultural texts.
Email: [[E|comphumanjournal]]

Competitive Gaming ClubInterest GroupPurpose: For the betterment of gamers and gaming experience, and increasing pulic awareness of gaming and its' benefits and rewards.
Email: [[e|gaming]]

Composer's LeagueArtsEmail: [[e|composersleague]]
Purpose: To encourage and orchestrate performances of original works by student composers.
Website: {{}}

Conduct and Honor Advisor ProgramInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|chaps]]
Purpose: The purpose of CHAP shall be to provide student counsel for students charges with or accused of honor or conduct charges at the College.

Confectionary SocietyInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide an outlet for the baking population of students of William & Mary. Outside of this population, the group would also set up monthly, seasonal, and charity bake sales that allow for the general W&M community to have a source of freshly baked goods.
Email: [[e|confectionary]]

Craft Brewers AssociationInterest GroupEmail:
Purpose: The Craft Brewers Association seeks to promote the small, independent, and local breweries, and serve the needs of craft beer and brewing enthsusiasts within the community. The Craft Brewers Association is intended to provide a fourm for craft beer and homebrew enthsusiasts to engage in discussion and understanding of the brewing industry and its institutions.


CrewSports ClubPresident: [[e|embrown, Erin Brown]]
Email: [[rowing]]
Website: {{}}

Criminal Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|criminallaw]]
Purpose: To provide mstudents, faculty, and administration with advanced opportunities to foster growth and excellence in the field of criminal law

Culinary ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|culinary]]
Purpose: To spread the joy and curiosity of the culinary arts

Cupcakes for a CauseInterest GroupPurpose: The purpose of this organization will be to raise awareness and funds for the CancerCare for Kids program.
Email: [[e|cupcakesforacause]]


CyclingSports ClubPresident: [[e|jdroth, Jonathan Roth]]
Email: [[e| jdroth]]
Website: {{}}