William and Mary

Directory of Clubs and Organizations


BadmintonSports ClubPresident: Naiwen Tian
Email: [[e|ntian]]

Ballroom DanceSports ClubPresident: [[e|vasavas, Victoriana Savas]]
Email: [[e|ballroomdance01]]
Website: {{}}
Purpose: Whether you're the next Fred Astaire or have two have two left feet, you're welcome at the WM Ballroom Dance Club! Come as often as little as you like (new members are welcome anytime). In addition to offering social dancing, regular practices, and free beginner lessons, our club also plans a variety of fun social events throughout the semester and travels to optional competitions together. For more information, check out our website!

BanaaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|banaa]]
Purpose: Provide a full, 4 year scholarship to a student from Sudan in an effort to prevent future conflict.

Bangladesh Relief Initiative for ChildrenCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bangladeshrelief]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of poverty, corruption, and the effects of natural disasters in Bangladesh, particularly as they relate to children. BRIC also aims to engage the community in non-profit work in the poverty relief sector by creating a service trip.
Website: {{}}

Bankruptcy Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|bankruptcylaw]]
Purpose: To promote knowledge and awareness of bankruptcy law issues and benefits the community through volunteerism and service

Baptist Collegiate MinistriesReligious OrganizationsEmail: [[e|baptist]]
Purpose: To grow in the Christian faith through Family Group Bible studies and larger group programs on Sunday evenings. "Stained Glass," a creative ministry of choir, drama and handbells, gives opportunities to use one's talents in worship services. Other opportunities are available to minister to the needs of others in the community through missions projects in the Williamsburg area.
Website: {{}}


BaseballSports ClubPresident: [[e|kclee, Kevin Lee]]
Email: [[baseballclub]]
Website: {{}}

Basketball-MenSports ClubPresident: [[e|sdmuldoon, Stephen Muldoon]]
Email: [[basketballclubm]]
Website: {{}}


Basketball-WomenSports ClubPresident: [[e|cnplunkett, Catherine Plunkett]]
Email: [[e|cnplunkett]]
Purpose: Women's Club Basketball is a step up from intramurals predominantly composed of old high school and AAU players. We play to represent the Tribe against other colleges in the region in the East Coast Women's Club Basketball League. Perhaps most importantly though, we’re here to keep up the love of the game and be able to continue to play the sport in college.
Website: {{}}

Bboy ClubArtsEmail: [[e|bboyclub]]
Purpose: To spread the hip hop culture through bboying, also known as breakdancing.

BelediArtsEmail: [[e|beledi]]
Purpose: To promote understanding and acceptance of Middle Eastern culture through the study and performance of Middle Eastern Dance, otherwise known as Bellydance.
Website: {{}}

Beta Theta PiFraternityChapter Name: Zeta Upsilon
National Founding: August 8, 1839
Founding School: Miami University, OH
Campus Founding: 2001

BhangraArtsEmail: [[e|bhangra]]
Purpose: A multicultural, co-ed dance group that seeks to represent the College by performing both on campus as well as intercollegiate competitions. The group also seeks to educate others about Bhangra and the culture of Punjab, India.

Big Brothers Big SistersCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bigbroandbigsis]]
Purpose: Helps young people in our community achieve their highest potential during their formative years by providing positive, caring mentor relationships.

Bill of Rights JournalMediaEmail: [[e|wmborj]]
Description: A law school journal with articles focusing on issues related to the Bill of Rights written by William & Mary law students and outside contributors.

Biology ClubAcademicEmail: [[e|biologyclub]]
Purpose: The purpose of the biology club is to advance awareness and appreciation of the biological sciences. Sponsoring lectures and interaction with faculty facilitates this objective. Also, recreational activities in ecological science such as hiking and kayaking are organized.
Website: {{}}

Bird Club of W&MInterest GroupEmail: [[e|birdclub]]
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to unite those with a passion, interest, or curiosity in the oberservation, study, or enjoyment of birds and to promote the opportunity to learn and experience these birds with a group of similarily motivated individuals.

Black CaucusInterest GroupEmail:: [[e|blackcaucus]]
Purpose: This organization is to serve as a vehicle through which traditionally underrepresented ethnic groups, clubs, and organizations can voice their concerns and opinions about conditions and decisions, which affect their existence at The College of William & Mary. The Black Caucus is committed to representing the concerns of these groups and to the enhancement of their social environment, political involvement and heightening cultural awareness for all students, faculty and staff at The College of William & Mary.

Black Law Student AssociationLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|blalaw]]
Purpose: To further the academic, social, and professional needs and goals of the black law students. BLSA members work together to foster a successful learning environment--focusing on building the skills and confidence of its members. BLSA members also participate in social activities and community service projects. Two of BLSA’s most significant accomplishments are its annually hosted events: Law Day and Oliver Hill Weekend. On Law Day, BLSA invites undergraduate minority college students to the law school to give them an introduction to the school and encourage graduate education. Oliver Hill weekend was established to honor an African-American man who has contributed greatly to the legal field. On this weekend, we celebrate our successes of the school year and give out awards.

Black Law Students Association College Student Division of William & MaryLaw SchoolPurpose: The Purpose of this organization shall be to : • Articulate and promote the academic, professional, and social needs and goals of prospective Black law students at the College of William & Mary. • Instill in Black law students a greater awareness of commitment to the needs of the Black community locally, regionally, nationally and abroad. • Provide a source of political, cultural, and social solidarity. • Be responsive to the needs, objectives, and agendas of the regional and national BLSA leadership. • Focus on the relationship of the Black law student and the Black attorney to the American legal structure. • Represent the views of Black students at the College of William & Mary. • Provide a forum for the discussion of local and national issues affecting both the Black law student community and the University as a whole.
Email: [[e|blsaprelaw]]

Blacksmithing GuildInterest GroupEmail: [[e|blacksmithing]]
Purpose: The Blacksmithing Guild is meant to provide a safe community and facility for those students interested in the art of blacksmithing. The guild will be open to people of all experience levels to introduce and hone their skills. Simple tools and art projects will be made for practice. Larger projects involving the entire guild will be directed towards philanthropy and art.

Black Student OrganizationInterest GroupEmail: [[E|bso]]
Description: An organization whose primary objective is to promote black thought and awareness at the College of William & Mary and throughout the College community.
Website: {{}}

Board GamesInterest GroupEmail: [[e|boardgame]]
Purpose: Board games are a wonderfu social and mental activity. The only problem with board games is it can be difficult to find the people needed to play these games on a regular basis. It is also difficult and expensive to try out new games. Board Game Club will attempt to solve both of these issues, by allowing students at William and Mary to meet other board game players, try out each other's games, and find the players needed to play games.

Bone Marrow DriveCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bonemarrowdrive]]
Purpose: To hold various events throughout the year to raise funds which allows people to enter the National Registry for bone marrow donors
Website: {{}}

Bosnia ProjectCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|bosniaproject]]
Purpose: A summer service trip focused on education and peace-building. It sends members to teach English in a 4-5 week summer camp.

Botany ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|botany]]
Description: A group whose purpose is to increase the academic and practical knowledge of the participants with regards to all forms of botanical life, to provide a forum for the discussion of and care for all manner of plants, and to assist the W&M community as well as the greater Williamsburg community with landscaping and other horticultural needs
Website: {{}}

Botetourt Chamber SingersArtsEmail: [[e|botetourtsingers]]
Purpose: Provides an outlet for the highest quality of musicianship in the form of a select chamber ensemble.
Website: {{}}

Botetourt Squat NewspaperMediaEmail: [[e|botetourtesquat]]
Purpose: This newspaper is designed to be a freshman alternative to the campus wide Flat Hat that will have a focus on freshmen related issues and activities.


Brazilian Jiu JitsuSports ClubPresident: [[e|saedemobi, Stefan Edemobi ]]
Email: [[e|saedemobi]]
Website: {{ }}

Bridge ClubInterest GroupEmail: [[e|bridgeclub]]
Purpose: Bridge club hosts casual weekly games open to anyone. All skill levels are welcome; most new members are new to the game. The club periodically attends tournaments in the Hampton Roads area.

Broken RecordInterest GroupPurpose: This organization serves to bring a fun, social, and safe way of expressing creativity to the school and community in the form of live action role playing. Its major goals are to allow people who enjoying LARPing together to discuss their interests and bring enjoyable, fair game on to campus so that students and guests may become involved.
Email: [[e|brokenrecordlarp]]

Building Tomorrow: Destination KampalaCommunity ServiceEmail: [[e|kampala]]
Purpose: To give students the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for infrastructure projects benefiting orphans impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Bullet QuarterlyMediaPurpose: This is a creative non-fiction testament to our individuality thought the written word and photography. Bullet brings honesty to the forefront. All pieces are anonymous so students can express themselves without being fettered by identity; instead identities are constructed by the content and the connect5ion made with the reader. Bullet gives students a medium to tell their stories on a safe but candid platform. Bullet publishes twice per semester.
Email: [[e|bulletquarterly]]

Business Law SocietyLaw SchoolEmail: [[e|businesslaw]]
Purpose: To promote awareness of business and corporate related legal issues within the law school community and provides members with opportunities to develop relationships in the business legal community
Website: {{}}