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Update on the Office of Student Leadership Development

Contact:  [[aharse, Anne Arseneau]]


Engaging, Exploring, and Elevating Student Leadership Development

Full Description

In December 2013, the Office of Student Leadership Development submitted an update and progress report to Vice President Ambler on the initiatives and future direction of the Office of Student Leadership Development at William and Mary.  The Office of Student Leadership Development was created in July 2012 and merged with the office formerly known as Student Activities in December 2012.  This report provides an update on the initiatives of the Office and our future goals.  

In addition to the full report, a 1-page Executive Summary is also available for review.

As an Office, we are committed to engaging, exploring, and elevating student leadership development at the College. We are here to  support students in the practice field and exploration of their own leadership development.  It's critical for students to have opportunities to learn because the world needs more people who can do leadership.  We look to establish partnerships and increase the resources that will support the continued development of leadership skills, knowledge, and application for our students. We want all students to have the skills and abilities to do more for what they care about most.