Student Advocacy

Professional staff are available to provide information and advice on personal and social matters, to make  referrals to other campus and community resources as appropriate, to monitor academic progress and recommend strategies for improving academic performances, and to serve as a catalyst if you feel you have been offended or the victim of discrimination.

Diversity Training

Break down the barriers, challenge the stereotypes, and strive to learn from differences in people, cultures, and the global community. The staff of the Center for Student Diversity is available to provide interactive training on topics for faculty and staff, student organizations, departments, or residence halls. Topics include, but are not limited to, building community through target/non-target group exercises, stand and declare, and a cultural simulations. To arrange a training session, please call 221-2300 three weeks before the proposed date of event.

Spring Orientation And Renewal (SOAR)

SOAR was created to facilitate a one day conference for newly elected student organization leaders to experience and learn of various resources on campus. A sample of workshops: "Scheduling and You", "What's New with Student Activities","Toughness Training-Stressbusters", "Fundraising Brainstorming", "Prepare your Engines-Riding the Information Superhighway", "Facing the Finance Committee-Treasurer's Workshop", and many more.


Center staff work closely with the Office of Admission and the Hulon Willis Association on related recruitment and admission efforts.

Diversity Resources

Various resources are available for check-out through the Center for Student Diversity. Examples of resources include magazines, videos, books, banquet accessories, and much more. All items must be returned within two (2) days of check-out.

Resource Information

Information is maintained on external fellowships and scholarships, graduate school options, as well as publications such as: Black Issues in Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education, Hispanic Magazine, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, and Black Collegian.

If you would like to join the Center for Student Diversity Listserv, please email [[vjhurt]].