William and Mary


Multicultural Faculty


Dr. Michael Blakey, Anthropology
Dr. Berhanu Abegaz, Economics/Director, Africana Studies
Dr. Joanne Braxton, English
Dr. Hermine Pinson, English
Dr. Jacquelyn McLendon, English/Black Studies
Dr. Gayle Murchinson, Music/Black Studies
Dr. Ismail Abdalla, History
Dr. Monica Griffin, Sociology/SHARPE
Dr. Ronald Sims, Business
Dr. Herrington Bryce, Business
Dr. Erica Jackson, Kinesiology
Dr. Leah Glenn, Dance
Dr. Robert Vinson, History
Dr. Chon Abraham, Business
Dr. Martin Fusi, Theatre
Dr. Iyabo Osiapem, English (Visiting Professor)
Vivian Hamilton, Esq., Law
Angela Banks, Esq., Law
Dr. Tonya Boone, Business
Dr. Brenda Williams, Education
Dr. Sam Steen, Education
Dr. Anne Charity-Hudley, Linguistics
Dr. James Patton, Education
Alemante Gebre-Selassie, Esq., Law


Dr. Silvia Tandeciarz, Modern Languages
Dr. Beatriz Betancourt Hardy, History
Dr. Hector Guerrero, Business

Asian-American/Pacific Islander

Dr. Tomoko Hamada-Connolly, Anthropology
Dr. Sahar Akhtar, Philosophy
Dr. Gang Zhou, Computer Science
Dr. Paul Tian, Mathematics
Francis Tanglao-Aguas, M.F.A., Theatre
Dr. Weizhen Mao, Computer Science
Dr. Xiaodong Zhang, Computer Science
Dr. Arnab Basu, Economics
Dr. Walter Wenska, English
Dr. Tun-Jen Cheng, Government
Dr. Lopita Nath, History
Dr. Chitralekha Zutshi, History
Dr. Roy Mathias, Mathematics
Dr. Chi Kwong Li, Mathematics
Dr. Robert Lewis, Mathematics
Dr. Junping Shi, Mathematics
Dr. Tomoko Kato, Modern Languages
Dr. Yanfang Tang, Modern Languages
Dr. Xiaobin Jian, Modern Languages
Dr. Shiwei Zhang, Physics
Dr. Deenesh Sohoni, Sociology
Dr. Yi-Hsun Huang, Religion
Dr. Xinge Zhao, Business
Dr. Prabhu Aggarwal, Business
Dr. Aamer Sheikh, Business
Dr. Ramkumar Ganeshan, Business
Dr. Sanjeev Bordoloi, Business
Lan Cao, Esq., Law

American Indian/Alaskan Native

Dr. Michael Nichol, Psychology
Dr. John Gamber, American Studies

LBGTQ-Identifying Faculty

George Greenia, Ph.D., [[gxgree]]

Multicultural Professional Faculty

Enrollment Management: Earl Granger, [[etgran]]
EEO/Affirmative Action: Sharron Gatling
Admissions: Deborah Basket, [[dlbask]]
Admissions: Nettisha Lyte
Athletics, Men's Basketball: Jamion Christian, [[jachristian]]
Athletics, Women's Basketball: Jewonda Bright, [[jbright]]
Athletics, Football: David Corley, [[dacorley]]
Athletics, Administration: Jason Simms, [[jlsimms]]
Center for Student Diversity: Vernon J. Hurte, Ph.D. [[vjhurt]]
Counseling Center: Felicia Brown-Anderson, Ph.D., [[fxbrow]]
Counseling Center: Patrick Hudgins, Ph.D., [[pdhudg]]
Counseling Center: Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser, Ph.D., [[cxsuda]]
Mason School of Business, Professional Resource Center: Charlotte Brown,
Residence Life: Jennifer Garcia, [[jmgarc]]
Residence Life: Shylan Scott, [[sesco2]]
President's Office: Fanchon Glover, Ed.D., [[wfglov]]
School of Business: Rosanna Koppelmann,
School of Business: Carlane Pittman Hampton, Ph.D.,
Student Health Center: Virginia Wells, M.D., [[vdwell]]
Student Activities: Jenny Leung, [[jaleung]]
Economic Development: Leonard Sledge, [[llsled]]
Academic Advising: Jobila Williams, [[jlwill]]
Financial Aid: Ginia Anderson, [[gjanderson]]
Community Engagement & Scholarship: Monica Griffin, Ph.D., [[mdgrif]]
SWEM Library/Lecturer: Bea Hardy, [[bbhard]]