Apply for a Peer Mentor

Wondering how you will find your way at William & Mary?  Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal navigator who has been down the same path? 
Having a SPAN mentor gives you a personal connection to someone who can answer questions and offer tips to get off to a great start at the College . The program includes group activities for fun and to introduce you to resources that will help you be successful at William and Mary.

Selection and Matching Process:Study Buddies

  • Applications will be accepted until early in the fall semester.
  • Once you apply, you will receive a welcome message. We will contact you using your William & Mary email address.
  • In the fall, you will be able to review online profiles of the SPAN Program mentors.
  • All mentors and proteges (first-year participants) will be invited to our kick-off event early in the fall semester.  At this event, we'll have some fun, and first-year students will engage in "speed conversations" with potential mentors.  Based on those you meet and your review of the mentor profiles, you will list your top preferences for a match.

Expectations for Participants

While the SPAN Program is intended to be a support for you, participating in the program does include some basic expectations and responsibilities on your part:SPAN Mentor and Protege

  •  Provide the Center for Student Diversity with your current contact information and update the Center with any changes. While your mentor may use any means you agree upon to communicate with you, all official program communication will use your W & M email address.
  • Be responsive to your mentor and reply to their messages and inquiries. Respect the time they have committed to you by responding to their communication with you.
  • Maintain weekly contact with your mentor during the first 6 weeks of the program and maintain regular contact thereafter
  • Attend all scheduled SPAN events and activities with your mentor, including the Fall Kick-Off and Matching Event, and periodic Team Meetings
  • Make at least one visit to the Center for Student Diversity with your mentor in the fall semester
  • Schedule at least one meeting with the SPAN Coordinator each semester.
  • Inform the SPAN coordinator of any concerns or problems, including inability to make contact or poor communication with your mentor
  • Complete an evaluation about your experiences in the SPAN Program, including feedback and suggestions for the SPAN program

Ready to Apply?

If you have any questions about the SPAN Program, you may contact the Program Coordinator, Jaymi Thomas, at [[jcthomas01,]].