Diversity Committee

Student Affairs Division
Diversity Committee
Chair: Deb Boykin
Chair: Randy Williams

The Diversity Committee is established to identify and recommend strategies and programs to address issues of race and culture in the context of community at William and Mary. Specifically, the Committee is charged with the responsibility to be a source of ideas, assistance, leadership, and feedback for the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Student Affairs Division in its effort to create an environment within the community whihc is sensitive to the needs of other-race students and enhances a sense of belonging; which examines and confronts racial stereotyping; and which encourages an appreciation of cultural diversity and the contribution difference makes to the richness in the community. This year the Committee will:

  • Examine how issues of race and ethnicity are reflected in division-wide programs and services
  • Explore ways in which greater collaboration between and among departements can enhance the impact of our efforts with regard to race, ethnicity, and campus climate.

The goal is for all activities and developments to strengthen the sense of community among students so that it becomes a distinguishing feature of the student culture at The College of William and Mary.

Committee Members
Anne Arseneau
Student Activities
Dean Pidcock
Career Services
Becca Marcus Counseling Center
Jimmy Whited
Residence Life
Vernon Hurte Multicultural Affairs
Jobila Williams Academic Advising
Rich Thompson University Centers
Greg Henderson
Recreation Sports
John Kerr
Campus Ministers United
David Hindman Campus Ministers United
Jodi Fisler Student Affairs
Robert Reis Counseling Center