William and Mary

Diversity Peer Educators

Each year, we recruit a team of 25-30 Diversity Peer Educators who serve as facilitators of diversity workshops for new students during Extended Orientation each fall. Diversity Peer Educators

This is a prestigious role, as the Diversity Peer Educators lead workshops for ALL incoming freshmen and help set the tone of community that is the hallmark of W&M.

If you are interested in issues of diversity, community, and social justice, this is a chance to join the Center for Student Diversity in building awareness and understanding of diverse cultures and identities, and the inter-connected relationships among all of us. The Center for Student Diversity strives to create a climate on campus that is inclusive and welcoming to all students.  The Diversity Peer Educator role is a volunteer position for rising sophomore, junior, or senior students.

Applicants should have an understanding of the goals of the program and the expectations outlined below.

Goals of the Program

The Extended Orientation Diversity workshop is designed to:

  1. Support students' understanding of how diversity is relevant to their lives/is personally connected to their lives
  2. Prompt students to reflect on their perceptions of others
  3. Encourage students to establish common expectations about how to respectfully interact with others
  4. Motivate students to explore diversity as part of their college experience

Is this position right for you?

These questions may help you consider whether facilitating discussions about diversity is a good fit for you:

  • Have I thought about and reflected on how my identity, culture and background have influenced my life?  Am I able to explain to someone else how my identities have shaped my experience?
  • What are my perceptions of people with identities similar to mine? What are my perceptions of people with identities different than mine? How knowledgeable am I about different identities? Am I willing to learn and can I discuss diverse identities with other students?
  • How comfortable am I in talking about sensitive or difficult topics? How comfortable am I in talking with people who disagree with me? How comfortable am I with conflict in general?
  • What other commitments do I have? Will they conflict with the training times or facilitation responsibilities (outlined below)?

Expectations for Diversity Peer Educators:

If you are selected to be a Diversity Peer Educator, you will need to be able to meet the following expectations:

  1. Attend a MANDATORY Acceptance Brunch and Training Workshop on Saturday, March 29, from 9 am to Noon.
  2. Attend a MANDATORY Training Workshop on Sunday, April 13, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.
  3. Attend a MANDATORY 1:1 meeting with the program supervisor after training in the spring semester.
  4. Maintain contact with program coordinators periodically over the summer to receive and provide information.
  5. Read resource materials provided over the summer in preparation for the fall
  6. Participate in MANDATORY 4 hours of training near beginning of fall semester
  7. Co-Facilitate 5 to 6 one-hour Extended Orientation sessions for new students in the first half of the fall semester (Sessions are held on Sunday through Thursday evenings before fall break; you MUST be available between the hours of 5 pm and 10 pm Sunday through Thursday on at least 7-8 dates)
  8. Attend a MANDATORY 1:1 meeting with the program supervisor after the workshops before the end of fall semester
  9. Use your WM email address for ALL communication related to this program
  10. Inform the program coordinator of any concerns or problems, including logistical problems with scheduling or rooms, or significant issues that arise during discussions.
  11. Assist with evaluation of workshops
  12. Provide feedback about your experiences as a facilitator for the improvement of the program
  13. Represent the Center for Student Diversity in a professional and appropriate manner.
  14. Maintain confidentiality regarding any personal or sensitive information shared with you in your role by students, other program staff, and program coordinators.

Application Process:

  • Complete and submit the online application by Friday, March 14 at Noon
  • Participate in an interview between March 17 and March 21
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Selected applicants MUST attend an Acceptance Brunch and a Training Workshop at the following times:

Saturday, March 29, 9 am to Noon
Sunday, April 13, 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

We recommend that you reserve these times on your calendar at the time of your application in the event that you are selected.

Please direct any questions to Margie Cook, Assistant Director, Center for Student Diversity, 757-221-2155 or [[mmcook, mmcook]]