Clearance Procedures for Faculty Proposals to Corporation and Private Foundations


To:  All Faculty

From:  Gary A. Kreps, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Date:  September 1, 1998

Subject: Proposals to Foundations or Corporations

While the faculty have been very successful in seeking external funding for their projects, they should be aware of the procedure for submitting proposals to agencies other than federal, state, and local governments (i.e., foundations or corporations).

In some cases institutional endorsement is not required and a faculty member may submit the proposal as an individual. However, clearance is still needed for reasons specified in the attached informational sheet, "Clearance Procedures for Faculty Proposals to Corporation and Private Foundations."

I urge you to familiarize yourself with these procedures, and encourage you to use the services of the Office of Sponsored Programs (1-3965) as a starting point for seeking external funding.

At the direction of the President and Provost, the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations have established a clearance system for all approaches to corporations and private foundations. Multiple, blind approaches can oftentimes embarrass the College, and sometimes even lead to a loss in funding. This clearance system therefore helps the College develop and maintain excellent relationships with foundations and corporations--maximizing support for William and Mary's faculty and programs.

Clearance decisions are based on several factors:

  • the fit of the proposed program with the corporation's or foundation's interests
  • the organization's guidelines: some corporations and foundations will accept any number of proposals simultaneously, others will accept one per program area, and still others will accept only one at a time or within a specified time period
  • the priority of the project compared with other possible projects: in some cases, the President and Provost may consider one project to be of such a high priority that no other project may be pursued with the funding organization
  • existing relationships (such as current funding) between the funding organization and specific schools, department or faculty

We recognize that some faculty have long-standing relationships with certain foundations and corporations and realize the value of these connections. This clearance system will allow the Office of Sponsored Programs and Corporate and Foundation Relations to be more aware of these connections--allowing us to be fully informed in our own conversations with funders and to better advise other faculty who wish to submit proposals.

Clearance Procedures
  • Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs by phone or preferably by e-mail ([[cacorb,Cindy Corbett]] 1-3966) with the names of the foundation(s) or corporation(s) you would like to approach. Please include a concise description of your project, the amount of funds that you will be requesting and any other information which you think should be considered in the decision making process (relationships, giving histories, personal contacts). The Office of Sponsored Programs will forward this information to the Development Office for clearance, which will usually come within a few days.
  • Once cleared for a prospect, you must still complete a "Routing Form" and submit it, along with your proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs. This form is available online.
  • If you are not cleared for a prospect, we will provide you with the reason for which you were denied clearance. If you wish to discuss a clearance decision, you may contact the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations.
  • Not all organizations require clearance from the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. For your convenience, we have attached a list of foundations and corporations which require no clearance.

To ensure continued corporate and foundation support, the Office of Sponsored Programs and Development Office depend upon the help of all faculty. It is our hope that these simple procedures will maximize external support both for the College and for your research. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us.

Foundations and Corporations Requiring Clearance from the Development Office
Foundation and Corporations Requiring Clearance from the Development Office as of October 17, 2013

09/01/1998 (modified 4/4/05, 5/4/06, 1/19/07, 3/6/09, 6/14/10, 5/8/13,10/17/13)