W&M Summer Grants

Summer Grant Internal Deadline: November 14, 2013 by 4:00 pm to wosp@wm.edu

Full Description

Research, in a broad sense of the term, is an essential activity of the scholarly teacher. Here,
"research" is considered to consist of the discovery, creation, invention, or creative synthesis of
new knowledge. The purpose of the summer research grant program is to encourage and support
the development of members of the faculty as scholarly teachers. Since the distinction between
research and other essential activities of the scholarly teacher is not always evident to
nonspecialists in the field, an applicant's proposal should explain clearly how the proposed
activity fits the definition of research used here. The proposed research should also hold promise
of leading to a meaningful contribution in its field. Publication, in the broad sense of submission
of results to inspection and criticism by peers, ought to be the ultimate aim of the project.

Due to the current economic environment, it is likely funding for this program may be restricted thus
making the W&M Summer Grant Program highly competitive.



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