Payment & Accountability

For approved applications, funds will be forwarded to the recipient organization as stated in the award letter. A report of the use of the funds and the status of the project must be made no later than one year after the payment of a grant. For multi-year grants, installment payments will be made after receipt of an annual report on the progress of the program and a statement of funds ex-pended or committed. Final reports must be received no later than three months from the completion date of the grant.  [Forms for annual and final reports: Word]

[All correspondence between Jeffress and the institution should be signed by the principal investiator and the authrorized institutional official.]

[From the award letter to institutions from Jeffress: "Since the outcome of research is unpredictable, the principal investigator should feel free to make changes in the emphasis or direction of the work as it progresses. If major changes are contemplated, prior approval is to be obtained from the Advisor to the Trust. In general, the funds should be used substantially in accordance with the budget submitted with the application. Any funds not expended or committed for the purposes of the grant within the period stated [in the award letter] must be returned to the Trust."]