Guidelines for Proposal Authors

Proposals for Jeffress Research Grants should include the following items:

1. a covering letter from the official authorized to commit theorganization in business and financial affairs, indicating the approval of the organization for the proposed project;

2. a statement of the problem to be investigated;

3. a review of the literature placing the problem in context and revealing its significance;

4. a description of experimental procedures contemplated and interpretation of results;

5. a detailed budget including justification for equipment requested;

6. current, anticipated or requested support of the principal investigator from other sources, including institutional support, and a description of the relationship, if any, to the proposed project;

7. a biographical sketch of the principal investigator and any other senior scientists involved in the project, including a list of publications during the past five years only;

8. the names and addresses of five persons knowledgeable in the field of the proposed project who are possible referees, three of whom are not known personally to the applicant, identifying these.

Authors are requested to limit the scientific text to a maximum of fifteen double-spaced pages in no less than 12-point type printed on one side of the paper only. [The text can be less than fifteen pages .] The original and five copies of a proposal should be submitted. Please do not include manuscripts, preprints, or reprints of articles submitted for publication or published in reasonably available journals as an appendix. Such items will be removed before the proposal is submitted to reviewers, unless there are compelling reasons to include them.

[Proposals submitted to the September 1 deadline should indicate a one-year project period of January 1 -December 31. Proposals submitted to the March 1 deadline should indicate a one-year project period of July 1 - June 30.]