Rules & Regulations for the Campus and Sadler Centers

The following rules and regulations are in place to help you have a safe and successful event. Any questions you may have on the following can be directed to the Sadler Center Associate Director for Operations at 221-3432 unless otherwise noted.


We need to know if you are planning to have either a DJ or live entertainment for your event. It is especially important if your entertainment has requirements that will need advance set-up. Please be able to provide a copy of your contract or technical rider for your entertainment when you meet with the Associate Director for Operations 7 working days prior your event. Remember that bands may have specific electrical requirements that may need advance preparations.


If you are having either a DJ or band for your event, we assume that you will want a stage.  DJs can typically be accommodated by a 12'x8  stage that is 16-18" high with two 6' rectangular tables.  For a band, the stage size varies.  Please be prepared to discuss the size of the stage at your meeting with the Associate Director of Operations.


These arrangements are made through the Office of Student Leadership Development.


For most dances and parties, the important factors regarding set-up are the stage, tables for food and beverages, space for dancing and tables for sitting and relaxing. Typically, a dance or party will include a stage, three or four food/beverage rectangular tables and several round tables with chairs. Sometimes extra chairs around the walls are a good idea, especially if there is not a seat for everyone at the round tables. This is another item to be discussed with the Associate Director for Operations 7 days prior to your event.


The Chesapeake Rooms,  Tidewater Rooms and the Commonwealth Auditorium of the Sadler Center are equipped with fully dimmable lighting systems which can be preprogrammed to the specific needs of an event. However, the Sadler Centers staff requires prior notice of a minimum of 24 hours (Mon-Fri) to provide this service. Without prior notice, the lights will be set at 100% light or totally dark. For more information, contact Robin DeSantis (1355). OPEN CANDLES ARE NOT PERMITTED WITHOUT A PERMIT (see "DECORATIONS" below).


If alcohol will be available at your event, you must make these arrangements through the Office of Student Leadership Development as far in advance as possible.


You may be requested to assist in the clean-up of the space you use, which would include taking out all items that you bring into the room. You should meet with the building supervisor on duty upon arriving for your event. He/she will make clear to you his/her expectations regarding clean-up at the end of the event. Your group will be held responsible for the cost of removing decorations or other items and cleaning that is beyond the normal cleaning of the room. The building manager will determine when the room is in satisfactory condition.


Please keep in mind that you and your group are not permitted to tack, tape or otherwise affix anything to the walls in any of the rooms in the Campus or Sadler Centers. Also, helium balloons are not permitted and the use of candles must be approved by the Fire Safety Personnel of the college.  Please contact Bradley Miers at (757)221-1745 for approval. Your group will be billed for damages or labor resulting from failure to adhere to this policy.


Standard classroom audio and visual equipment to be used in the Sadler/Campus Centers can be ordered on line. Equipment is limited and is on a first come-first serve basis. Any A/V changes must be arranged directly with Robin DeSantis. In the event that equipment is not available, every effort will be made to reach the contact person so that they may arrange equipment through other sources. Changes made less than 48 hours in advance may not be guaranteed.


The Commonwealth Auditorium has extensive sound and light capabilities but is not "user friendly". A brief description of the event should be turned in to the Scheduling Office at the time the reservation is made. A/V requests should be arranged through Robin DeSantis.

  • We do not skirt or cover tables.  Dining Services can provide table clothes and skirts (for a charge), or you can provide your own. The round tables are 5' in diameter, and the rectangular tables are 6' x 3'.
  • Kitchen facilities are not available.
  • We are not able to provide storage space for your event.
  • If you need decoration time before your event, please remember to reserve this time through the Scheduling Office. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you will be able to "get in early" to decorate.
  • Important Reminder , if for whatever reason, you need to cancel your event, you need to contact the Scheduling Office as soon as possible.
  • We are not able to provide storage space for your event.