Step 4: Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

Before you can make an individual appointment with a peer advisor or a staff advisor at the Global Education Office at  Reves Center, you must attend either a 101 or 201 Study Abroad Workshop;

  • 101 workshops are designed for students who are uncertain about where or when to study abroad.    
  • 201 workshops are designed for students who have chosen their program 

**If you have chosen a program, you do not need to attend a 101 workshop

**201 workshops are required for everyone

You may sign up for an individual appointment with an advisor if you have additional questions or concerns after attending a workshop. Individual appointments are NOT required.

How to make an appointment:

  • Make an appointment after attending a workshop (no same day appointments are permitted)
  • Stop by the Global Education Office at the Reves Center anytime between 11 am and 5 pm.
  • It is best to make an appointment in person because you will be able to see what times are available that work for both you and the advisor's schedule
  •  Fill out an online appointment request. A staff member will either confirm the advisor’s availability to meet at your requested time or offer alternative appointment slots.

Peer advisors and staff advisors have scheduled advising times. They each specialize in certain regions/countries and W&M programs. Both peer and staff advisors can advise on non W&M programs in their regions/countries.We recommend meeting with the advisor that best matches your study abroad interests or needs. 

Peer advisors are William & Mary students like you that have studied, lived, and volunteered abroad. Our trained peer advisors can answer most of your questions, especially those about local culture, academics abroad, applying/registering on-line, required procedures, applying for a visa or passport and special tips on how to make the most of an abroad expereince.

Staff Advisors can assist with questions or concerns about specific programs and W&M polices or procedures for studying abroad.

Questions or make an appointment?  Email a Peer Advisor

Questions regarding study-abroad programs? Want more information about requirements and past-student experiences? Email the Reves Center Peer Advisors at: . Please include information regarding the programs, countries for which you have questions or peer advisor name in the subject line  so the appropriate advisor can respond to your inquiry.