Application and Registration FAQs

What if a student applies to go abroad, but hasn't been notified of their acceptance by the Global Education Office deadline?

Students intending to study abroad should register with the Global Education Office even if they have not yet been accepted to their program.  Should a registered student not be accepted into a non-W&M study abroad program or be prevented from studying abroad by other unavoidable circumstances, s/he may obtain a fee refund by submitting documentation of the reasons (e.g., the program rejection letter, medical documentation, etc).  Refunds are not available for students who simply change their mind about going abroad, nor for W&M program application fees.

Students are encouraged to pre-register for W&M classes in the upcoming semester, while they await acceptance into the study abroad program of their choice.  Once accepted to the study abroad program, the student should then promptly arrange to have all of the W&M classes dropped.

Why is this policy in place?

When a student studies abroad, there are many departments that need to know (financial aid, residence life, student accounts, the registrar, the dean of students, the mail room, the list goes on!).  The sooner these departments are notified, the easier things are for the student, and failure to notify them in a timely manner can result in a student's automatic withdrawal from the College.  We want everyone to have a great experience abroad, and this will help that process.

What if a student does not register with Global Education Office by the deadline?

The student will not be approved to go abroad.  If a student chooses to go abroad without registering, s/he will not be coded in Banner as "study away."  This would result in automatic withdrawal from the W&M since the student would not be registered for on-campus courses. A student who has been withdrawn must request readmission through the Dean of Students Office in order to continue studying at W&M and will not receive transfer credit for any courses taken during the period of study abroad.  Such student also will not be able to use W&M financial aid for the study abroad coursework and would be reported as "not enrolled" to insurance companies, student loan providers, and others who inquire.

What is needed for a student's registration to be considered complete?

For non W&M programs:

  • online registration through (including signing online forms & completion of online questionnaires)
  • $375 registration fee
  • Financial Aid Paperwork (Consortium Agreement, Disbursement Form): If these do not apply to the student, they must indicate this online.
  • Course Approval:

All courses should be pre-approved if possible prior to the student's departure from campus.  If a student does not know the exact courses s/he will take while abroad, s/he should still seek approval from the designated faculty member in each department for the courses s/he would like to take.  The signed course approvals should be returned to the Global Education Office  prior to the student's departure from campus.

For W&M programs:

  • By applying to their chosen program through, students going on W&M programs are automatically registered with the Global Education Office.

When should students register with the Global Education Office?

Here are some examples:

A student wishing to study with an ISA program this summer would need to register online by April 10.  A student who wants to study with USAC this fall needs to also register by April 10.  And a student wishing to study at the American Business School in Paris next spring needs to register with Reves by November 3.

Are late registrations possible?

Late registrations are only possible in the week following each deadline.  To apply for a late registration, students must complete and submit an Appeal to the Committee on Exceptions. Once the exception has been granted, the student must complete his/her online registration and pay a $100 late fee in addition to the standard $375 registration fee.