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International Freshmen Advantage Program



William & Mary has a new freshmen summer program specifically for international students.

Full Description

International Freshmen Advantage Program

Congratulations on your admission to W&M!

You have spent your school career preparing for univer­sity and now you are here! Beginning your study at a U.S. university is a great step forward and it is important that you are well prepared for it.

As a new university student in the U.S., a place with a very different educational system, you will encounter many challenges, including navigating in a foreign language and adjusting to the different expectations of American professors. Other challenges include learning new styles of teaching in the classroom and issues with cross-cultural communication. In order to help prepare you to navigate these challenges, William & Mary has developed a new freshmen summer program specifically for international students.

The Freshmen Advantage Program will give you a great advantage as you start your study at William & Mary by giving you a head start in developing new skills required by your new environment. Through the program, you will have an opportunity to receive training in important elements of the American educational system that are often not emphasized in classrooms in other countries.

Take this unique opportunity to learn what you need to succeed at the College of William & Mary. Space is limited to only 20 students. First come, first served!

The International Freshmen Advantage Program sets you on the road to success at W&M with:

  • Early arrival: Arrive almost one month before the semester starts and become familiar with your new surroundings!
  • Daily, small group ESL classes: Better prepare your spoken English and presentation skills to get ready for classroom participation!
  • Training in academic writing to help you succeed in your college courses!
  • Classes in cross-cultural communication that will help you better communicate with American professors and students!
  • A guided research project to teach you how to do research - a must for success at American university!
  • Meet faculty and learn about academic services and programs at W&M before anyone else!
  • Opportunities to get to know American students in a person-to-person setting!
  • Excursions: Trips to regional sites, Washington, D.C., and local cultural outings!


The International Freshmen Advantage Program also includes:

  • Pick up from the Richmond International Airport
  • Accommodations on campus in a university residence hall
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the university dining hall
  • Health insurance coverage with the W&M health insurance plan from the first day of the program


Program Details

Dates: July 31 - August 18, 2014
Location: College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
Program fee: $3600. This fee is inclusive of all of the above (flight not included).
Registration: Click here to complete the Online Interest Form

For more information on this program, please contact the Office of International Students, Scholars, and Programs at