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William & Mary Writing Resources Center

William & Mary's Writing Resources Center, located on the main floor of Swem Library, offers both writing and oral communication assistance to members of the university community at no charge.

Prof. Sharon Zuber, Director

Writing Resources Center, Swem Library, First Floor(757) 221-3925

William & Mary Graduate Center


The Conversation Partner Program is an opportunity for native and nonnative English speakers to meet informally and discuss topics of mutual interest.  For nonnative English speakers, CPP is an opportunity to meet Americans, learn more about American culture, and practice everyday spoken English.


The Graduate Center offers various college courses and workshops to help graduate students improve their English.  Some of the courses offered include “English Conversation and Pronunciation” and “Academic Writing.”

(Priority is given to Arts & Sciences graduate students)

M. Lee Alexander, ESL Program Manager

Arts & Sciences Graduate Center
(757) 221-1876

William & Mary Department of English

Marlene Davis from the Dept. of English offers one course per semester that is designed for international students.  Her classes emphasize writing, careful reading, research, and speaking.  In her classes, students read from an anthology of international writers and from various travel literature.

Marlene Davis, Lecturer

Department of English


W&M Tribe Tutor Zone

The Tribe TutorZone is a place where peer tutors provide low-fee tutoring services in many subjects.

Students who need assistance with the use of English in their courses can select “English 2nd Language” tutors.

A 55-minute tutoring session fee is $10.00, charged to your student account.

Swem Library, First Floor



Literacy For Life

Literacy for Life provides individualized, one-to-one tutoring for adults in reading, writing, and math, as well as English for speakers of other languages and GED instruction. Small groups, classes and an on-site computer lab are also available. All tutoring is offered at no charge.

Literacy For Life

The College of William and Mary
301 Monticello Avenue
Williamsburg, VA  23187
(757) 221-3325

Partnership for Adult Learners (CPALs)

CPALs is a William & Mary student-run organization that offers free English language classes for the local community.  Classes meet at 7:30p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Morton Hall, Room 202.

Williamsburg-James City Public Schools Adult Education Program

The Adult Education program offers free ESOL class.


Dr. Sue Mansfield
(757) 603-6532.



Suggested English & Communication courses

Fall 2013




Writing & Research American Style – ENGL-150W (Freshmen Seminar)

This course will serve as a bridge for international students who are skilled in the English language, but who have not studied in American schools. The focus of the course will be analytical reading, expository writing, and individual research with an emphasis on adapting existing skills to American university requirements, including examinations. Restricted to international students. Requires permission of instructor.

Marlene Davis, Lecturer

Department of English

Tales of Travelers – ENGL 150W (Freshmen Seminar)

Introduction to selected travel literature, including both fiction and non-fiction presenting the writer's experience of a new natural and social environment.

Marlene Davis, Lecturer

Department of English


Writers about Writing – ENGL 150W (Freshmen Seminar)

In this seminar students will explore writing across disciplines (literature to science) and genres (novels, essays, and poetry). In our discussions, we will explore what roles authorial intention, genre designation, and style play in our understanding of a text. Although the content of this course focuses on published authors, the sub-text of this writing-intensive course is the development of the class participants as writers. The underlying question that drives this seminar is, “What is good writing?”— Professionally and academically.

Prof. Sharon Zuber

Department of English

Fundamentals of Oral Communications – SPCH 102

An examination of oral communication within a variety of contexts, including interpersonal, small group, public and intercultural communication. The course will focus on techniques to achieve competency and on the development of other communication skills such as listening, participating in discussions and critical thinking.

Prof. Michele R. King, Instructor

Department of Theater, Speech & Dance


Public Speaking –

SPCH 201

Public Speaking. Understanding and application of the principles of public speaking. Analysis of speeches based on organization, content and delivery.

Barbara A. Bauer, Instructor

Department of Theater, Speech & Dance


Prof. Michele R. King, Instructor

Department of Theater, Speech & Dance

Gary Eckles, Instructor

Department of Theater, Speech & Dance